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A lot of people asked to see a video of GDEMU running, so here it is, courtesy of a tester:

GDEMU v4 demo

Note that this is a v4 unit so it has a “remote” attached with a flat cable. The v5 will only have one button on the main PCB and no remote – but will also feature solder points for additional up/down buttons should anyone want to mod their Dreamcast case and add those on their own.

As you can see GDEMU is very easy to install and use, doesn’t need any BIOS mods. You just swap out your GD-ROM drive and put the unit in it’s place. Having said that, my testers asked if it’d be possible to boot a simple menu for choosing the image to load – the answer is yes, I’m working on it, but it’s not a high priority task right now.

6 thoughts on “Prototype demo

  1. Glad to see you are releasing this! I read your “Technical Details” page and there are methods to make an SDXC card be formatted/read as an SDHC. (It’s only a software issue). This means there’s a good chance that using a 128gb or bigger card on GDEMU will work. I noticed you said folders will have to be “01 to 40” so I assume that means GDEMU will support up to 40 images on one card. Would you consider making that limit higher? Thanks for this fantastic project!


    • Using big cards has no advantage whatsoever. The FAT structure grows big and gets slower to navigate. The cards are expensive, and not really faster with GDEMU. There are more poor quality counterfeits in that price range. Having to track what game is in what folder is quickly becoming problematic with 16 games, so 40 is already a pretty high value.

      Please understand that GDEMU is not a PC with gigabytes of RAM for caching data. Having some hard limits imposed made it fast and reliable – it’s not impossible to try and improve that but I will not add any new features that could compromise what is already tested and working well.

      • Going by the limitations you’ve mentioned. Are you going to make it so the SD slot can be mounted somewhere to the side of the case? Like many have done with the serial internal SD card mods? This means the case could be at least put back together again, and swapping cards would be easier?!

      • I wanted to make a “no soldering required” solution, and it works well. What I learned with GDEMU v4 is cables make everyone unhappy. Me because it’s a lot more work, users because they have to figure out where to put them. What about users who don’t want to mod the case, they would have to leave it dangling inside where it could short out. Also, the SD card mod for Dreamcast uses slow 1-bit protocol so it doesn’t care much about quality of the wiring and soldering. GDEMU is much faster and needs proper signal integrity.

        All in all, while it is a good idea, it’s difficult to do it properly. So, no.

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