Strange customs

I’ve sent out first few units to have some feedback. However, doing it this way is rather inefficient – I need to prepare a batch and send them all at once. Which is what I’m aiming for after this weekend.

I’m going with the list but so far I’ve only picked EU orders as it’s usually less hassle – no customs, no additional taxes, cheaper postage too. Next week I’m going to try USA and Canada to see how it works out. Basically there is a lot of confusion as to whether or not I need to have CN22 sticked to the envelope. It’s so small and light it gets sent as letter, so technically no need for CN22. On the other hand it does contain “goods” and not documents…

Problem with CN22 is I can’t put 100 Euro on it as value anyway or you will have to pay import duties. So it needs lower value, probably also be marked as a gift, but then why bother with CN22 at all, customs might decide to inspect it anyway. I’ve heard small envelopes like these tend to get by witout CN22 just fine, and it’s less paperwork for me so I’m going to try that way first.

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  1. Hi,

    just a question:

    Would it be possible, to use some sort of ribbon-cable (like for example the Saturn modchip) between the GD-ROM unit and the GDEMU and use a switch to select between the two ?

      • Nooooo 😦 I was one of the first asking for a unit in your comment section (jacobsson), am I inlcuded in this list or is it a new list? I’m inaide EU (Sweden). /Niclas

      • Ok, that’s very sad to hear.
        Is it possible to sign up for an eventual “2nd release list”?
        If so I’d like to be first to sign, and
        thanks all of your hard work!

  2. Is it still possible to be added to the order list ? If yes, how to process ?

  3. hi.
    I lives in Japan. Can GDEMU send to Japan?
    And,Can GDEMU be used by Dreamcast of Japanese?

    • Sure, I can send to Japan. In fact I already did send some there 🙂 But there are no more units to be sold for now, all are preordered.

      As for working with Japanese Dreamcast, as long as it’s VA1 model it will work. I have JP region DC and tested it myself so I’m sure.
      If there is no number in circle on the back sticker then the only way to tell if this is VA1 model is to read the text on the DC motherboard.

      • If that can help, I finally had the time to open my Sakura Taisen Dreamcast and it’s a VA1 board inside. ^o^

  4. HI, I would like to know if there’s a chance get one/ buy in order to make a review of your GDEMU

  5. Only just found out about this, I know the list is full with extras but when more become avalible I’d like to get one if possible please.

  6. Any news on your progress in sending units to the USA and Canada? I’m on the pre-order list, so it would be nice to have a rough estimate of when my unit will be ready the ship.

    • I’ve sent a few already. If you’re on the list, just wait, you’ll get your turn eventually.
      Also, watch this blog, I will post status update in few days.

  7. I just received it (USA) and its working Great!!.I seems to really cut down on loading. Great product!! The only thing I would say is we need a menu!!!
    I tried to use Dreamshell (in hopes) but nothing. I know its going to take a bit longer for you to start a menu

  8. I finally had the opportunity to try mine.
    I use it in a Sakura Taisen Dreamcast. Console itself was heavily modified: BIOS was flashed for a debug one (region free, Mil-CD, debug intro), a VGA port was added through a USB3 plug, of course with added scanlines, and a European PSU for direct 220V.
    The console itself was a REV1 with a Samsung drive, nothing fancy. I easily opened the console, extracted the old drive, inserted the GDEMU, and I was done.
    As for the SD card, I used a Sandisk 4GB SDHC, which I directly inserted into my computer. I transfered some games into directories, put the card into the console, powered it and I was greeted with Crazy Taxi. Then I tried Dead or Alive 2 LE. Both working perfectly.
    I am very happy with GDEMU so far, it does the trick so nicely that I don’t really see the need to a firmware update, although I am happy that can be done if necessary.
    All my gratitude to the author. 🙂

  9. Deunan, congratulations on an *OUTSTANDING* piece of work! I’ve been following your progress with the GDEMU in your other blog, it is a dream for Dreamcaster users, and I wish you all the success on this and your future projects! 😀

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