The good news is I’m almost done assembling half of the GDEMUs preordered. I still have to test and pack them though.

The bad is PayPal is still locking me out of every payment for 21 days. For my own good apparently. This will continue for 60 days.
The plan was to pay for the production of the first units upfront and then streamline the assembly with the money received. No such luck, I’m afraid, and I’m pretty much at the spending limit I’ve imposed on myself. Anything more and I’d have to stop the shipping as well, which would be counterproductive.

So, I have no other choice but to make a short break untill PayPal releases at least some of the money from the very first payments. I will also not do any EMS shipping for now as this easily eats away funds for a couple of registered letters. Please don’t blame me for that, there’s nothing I can do to speed this up. I hate PayPal with burning passion but I had no choice but to agree to their terms – bank transfers from outside EU are really costly. Still, some people were nice enough to pay via bank transfer so thanks to them I got as far as I did.

Please stop asking when your unit will be ready – if you’re on the list you’ll get it in due time. This is a one man show. I’m pretty sure you’d rather get your unit a bit later but properly tested.

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  1. Glad to hear things are still going well, albeit a slight hold up no thanks to PayPal. Take your time sir- I’ll play my GD-Roms in the mean time. I’m still very much looking forward to this as I’m on the list. But I’d rather wait extra time and have quality or expediting something like this and it mess up or something. Thanks for the heads up in regards to your post!

  2. Have you looked into using an alternative to Paypal such as Amazon Payments (no fees)?

    • I looked into several alternatives but PayPal is the most widely accepted solution. So, when in Rome…
      I blame the banks. If bankers weren’t so greedy and charge arm & leg for what is essentially a simple electronic transaction, we wouldn’t even need PayPal.

      • This is why we now call bankers “banksters”.

        BTW, you said you had a menu in preparation. It will be done when it will be done, but do you plan on the fly VGA patching (ie. allowing a non-VGA game to play in VGA mode)? I know that won’t work with some games (Bangai-รด, alas), but it works with some other.

      • Well, in menu it could be done without too much trouble. Possibly also region lockout removal for imports.

      • Some of us can’t use Paypal. Which is where an alternative comes in handy.

  3. That’s why hopefully bitcoin will kill paypal. You should open an account with bitpay, accepting payments in bitcoins and getting the cash in your bank account minus a 1% fee

    • Haha, no, nobody will treat BTC seriously anymore after all the latest “thefts” and the value changing tenfold within days. No serious business can cope with that. Same goes for altcoins, except it’s even worse as each new coin is basically get-rich-quick system for the creator and friends.

      • The beauty of Bitpay is that as the business owner you never see the bitcoins. The customer pays with bitcoins and you the business owner get a deposit into your bank account.

  4. I was playing with my 10$ garage sale dreamcast and I was worried that I was going to touch the board to much,so I installed a toggle switch for the up and down buttons and a sd extender, it works but i don’t know if it me but it seems to be a sec slower on loading screens( but still a lot better then disc)

    heres a pic.
    and i know the dreamcast is mess-up buts its my spare and thats how I bought it

    • Thank you. I was planning to do almost the exact same thing (wasn’t going to use a toggle switch, but rather look for some tiny buttons or maybe a rocker switch), it’s good to know that my plan will work.

    • Also, with the sd extender it seems to be very picky on sd adapters.. Most work fine directly but with the extender only the brand name ones work

  5. I’m wondering if it would be possible to reverse engineering also other CD-ROM controller.One of this could be the one from FM-TOWNS computers.It’s well known that his built-in CD-ROM will fail sooner or later and no replacement exists so you won’t be able to boot any software from this system making it useless at all.

    • Well, I was asked to look into Saturn and PC Engine drive replacements. Both are still quite popular in some countries and getting a working unit is hard (and sometimes also expensive).

      But first things first, I need to finish this GDEMU run.

      • Yes, sure, GDEMU for Dreamcast has priority.Anyway laser pickup for Sega Saturn is not so rare , I made a couple of replacement in the past, model is OPTIMA-6S from JVC.Regarding PC Engine I had no experience since I don’t own this system.FM-TOWNS instead, is quit popular now also in Europe.It uses a custom CD-ROM controller controlled by a HD64180 MCU with internal code (the predecessor of Z180, I presume).I drawn partial schematics of the built-in CD-ROM interface so , if you want them, feel free to ask, as well as I can provide you hardware if you want.

  6. I’m a little mad that I somehow missed this. $140+shipping is a small price to pay for the portable Dreamcast of my dreams. Pun not intended.

    Alas, that isn’t your fault at all and I’m not blaming you. Keep up the good work, and keep exploring those options. Plenty of people like me out there willing to part with stupid amounts of dosh for this stuff.

      • Thank you. I very well remember Metagames and some other forums, when I told them that the inability of the PS2 to play dual-layer backups was because the direction of the burning; everyone laughed at me and then, some monthes later, some team released a fix to their modchip following to the letter my statements. But I never got any apologies, only remained the insults and injuries.

  7. It’s okay Deunan, no one is going to blame you for something that is obviously Paypal’s fault. Personally, I’ve been waiting more than 10 years for something like this to come out, so a few more months is no big deal. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have you considered taking payments in Bitcoins? I know they can be a hassle to deal with, but if you set yourself up with a service like bitpay it makes things a lot easier.

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