Leftovers cont’d

Apparently I didn’t make myself clear enough, so let me rephrase it: Yes, there will be a few units left for sale once I’m done sending the preordered ones. Some of those will go to people on the backup list.

After that, if there are any left, I will reopen the ordering page again. I’m very happy to see there is still interest in the project but I do not take preorders via comments, sorry.

I can already tell you there are more people interested than I will have leftover units – but for those that can’t get them now I’m trying to organize another production run. This time without me having to solder everything by myself. This is still being planned though, I should have some more information for you within a month or so. Please be patient.

In related news, since someone asked, Bleemcast doesn’t work on GDEMU right now due to lack of proper support for MODE2 images, and a few minor issues in the code as well. I have already developed a new version of firmware that does run Bleemcast beta, though the cracked per-game versions still hang at the legal notice. This has to so with the disc image being a bit tricky, I’m not sure if it’s worth fixing the problem if it slows down GDEMU too much. I’m still looking into it.

6 thoughts on “Leftovers cont’d

  1. Cool! I’m impatient (as everyone else) to try this and save my Dreamcast from certain death. Nice touch, trying to support Bleemcast.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thx for clarification and good to see you will “industrialize” the production so all of use can get it sooner or later.

    For inpatients, just think since how many years you are waiting for such Mod .. then a few additional months should not be a drama 😛

  3. I’ll w8 for one. This is the first good news of the day. I will be so impatient to buy one of them hehe.

  4. “This time without me having to solder everything by myself”
    This is an great idea! I think many people like me would love to buy an ‘assembly kit’ for less cost. Keep it up buddy!

  5. Good luck with your project 😀
    I’ll be waiting patiently :3

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