To boot or not to boot

I though I should explain that you can prevent Dreamcast from auto-booting GD images the moment you select them by changing the appropriate option in Dreamcast settings menu. There are two choices there, ON and OFF:

  • ON will make the console boot the disc as soon as it detects it, which can be annoying if you have more than one on your SD card. AFAIK this only affects GD-ROM images and not CD-ROM ones.
  • OFF will require that you manually select the controller icon to boot the game once the disc is recognized, which is probably more in line with what most people would want.

The default setting for Dreamcast is ON, and keep in mind that even set to OFF it will boot the disc it finds at power-on. So to avoid that leave folder 01 empty, as it is explained in Operation section.

I am still waiting for the pads to arrive. Got some but not all I need to stack them to correct height. I realize this looks very unprofessional but this particular delay is really not my fault, it’s all very Apollo 13 like at this point. That means shipping of the latest GDEMU units will probably happen on this Saturday and not earlier. On the bright side I am making sure this particular problem will not happen again with the next batch.

10 thoughts on “To boot or not to boot

    • Of course, why not? You keep pressing the button until you select the image you want. Then you boot it.
      That’s why I said the menu software will be a nice touch but is not strictly required for GDEMU operation.

      • I did not understand that bit about the menu correctly. Sounds awesome then as it is, even if it could do with a little software refinement. It’s not essential as you have already said. I can’t believe that it only has trouble loading cracked Bleemcast! games – they are buggy even on original hardware

      • Would there be any reason why the button could not be extended? I’m wondering (if and when I eventually get a gdemu…) if an extension could be built in to a modified DC extension cord and retro-fitted to a controller, so that the disc change buttons were integrated into the controller itself.

      • I can be extended, see Installation section. Though the idea was to have it mounted somewhere on the case, not the controller. But that should still work.

  1. Deunan, what about the 4 additional soldering spots that was used on prototype remote that had 4 LEDs? Can we use them for something?

    • Those are still used for LEDs, however some people wanted a small LCD screen so the status of those is “reserverd for future use”. Frankly though I doubt there will be an LCD add-on, it’s too big and too costly.
      You can solder wires and 4 LEDs there but you also need to add current-limiting resistor of 330ohm for each line. The fifth one is +3V3, common for all LEDs.

      • Exactly that, it’s a simple binary display. LEDs indicate the selected image, blink on data read, and stay off for empty folders or broken images.
        Since with 4 LEDs you can only go 1-15 (zero is all off) it’s not of that much help for 32GB cards, as the image number will likely exceed 15 and the display will “wrap around”.

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