Gluttons for punishment

There’s another guy dissapointed in me – I mean, not only he made a detailed list of my shortcomings, he was nice enough to mail me directly to present it, along with “offer of help”:

Seriously people, some of you don’t like me. I get that. I can assure you the feeling is mutual. But do I go out of my way to mail you with my incoherent rambling? No, I don’t. Is it really too much to ask of you not to spam my mailbox?

I could understand if these guys were my clients and felt cheated out of their money – but they are not. GDEMU is what it is, perhaps not perfect for everybody, but I don’t force it on anyone. You don’t like it? Don’t buy it. You think you can make a better one? Prove it. Words are cheap.

On the subject of making GDEMU, to avoid what happened last time, that is people missing the preordering window, I’m going to plan it this time. The preorders will open on 1st of July. Hopefully the rush hour has ended and I will be able to keep it open for some time. I was seriously not expecting that level of interest and as such it has taken so long to finish the first run. In other words, I did everything according to plan, except my plan did not account for selling everything in less than two days. Also, I’m imposing a limit of maximum one unit per person, this is because bigger orders are a real PITA for me. Two is possible as well but you’ll get two separate shipments – the first as soon as I can make it and the second sometime later. You only pay for one unit each time so you can always just cancel the second one if you don’t want it anymore.

22 thoughts on “Gluttons for punishment

  1. Yes! Thanks for the pre-order date! Definitely will not be missing out this time around 🙂

  2. I’m buying!! Thanks dude.
    Don’t pay attention to jerks. Thanks again for your time.

  3. Meh, you shouldn’t pay much attention to those people. Anyway, thanks for the preorder date! At last we, boquetipo and me, will get one for our DCs!

  4. Great news on the pre order date.

    I too won’t be missing this one.

    Thanks 🙂

  5. I honestly don’t know why you listen to these morons, you are clearly more intelligent than them. This is the internet, any chimp in front of a keyboard can start banging keys!

    Your product rocks and no one listens to them anyway 😉

  6. Seriously i laughed out loud a bunch reading this. Thank you for that and the perorders opening up soon!

  7. Count me in on a pre-order! Hopefully they don’t run out before I hop online. :/

  8. You should probably state specific hour for the start of new preorders, otherwise there might be a lot of confusion.

  9. Now i hope my internet works that day, darn satellite. Thanks for the date on the preorders.

  10. I am curious about a time as well. Midnight at what time zone? Or 8am or something? I just don’t wanna miss out like I did last time.

  11. Look forward to hopefully securing one on July 1st.

    Best not to get embroiled in the drama and politics of forum users, especially when it comes to the Dreamcast. These kinds of disputes have been going on for over a decade now and the anger is almost always directed squarely at the people who are producing a product or service to the benefit of Dreamcast fans, indirectly or otherwise!

    • I couldn’t care less about what people write about me on forums. Most of it is pure BS. But I do take action when someone decides to publish details from private email exchange.

  12. got mine today,working perfekt,only have to fix gdi images,ask for deunans help,cdi files working great.
    deunan,well done projekt for me,only hoping for a menu to load your games,its a bit easyer.
    for the rest great gadget in my eyes for the dc.
    there always people complaining about

  13. Let me know if you want any help on making the game-selection software.

  14. Thanks for not letting those few e-mails stop this fantastic project! Your efforts here are greatly appreciated and I’m looking forward to getting in a pre-order tomorrow!

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