Take two

Alright, preorders are open once again. This is a second production run and will probably be smaller than the first one, though that will depend on how much interest there still is in the device. Please note that if I’m again flooded with too many preorders I will have to make another waiting list. This worked well enough the first time around, just that the people near the end of the list will have to wait a few weeks.

All the units in this run will be the screw mounted ones. I still have a few remote PCBs left, without parts, I can send them along GDEMUs free of charge if you want to solder one on your own. If you don’t know what this remote is for, you don’t need it.

Please read the Ordering page (and all the other pages I’ve prepared) before asking me questions directly. In most cases the total price (unit, packaging, shipping, PP fees) is 110 Euro, if you’re fine with that please state that in your order. This will save me a round of emails, I’ll just send you a request to pay as soon as I have GDEMU unit to send. Less hassle for everybody that way. Assuming you give me your PayPal email address that is.

UPDATE: Well, so much for not flooding my email. List is full, preorders are closed again.

48 thoughts on “Take two

  1. Really appreciate this second run after missing the first.

    Email sent.

    Thank you

  2. Email sent.I really appreciate your work and your time! Thank you!!

  3. Fantastic! My e-mail’s in your in box. Can’t wait to get one of these!

  4. GDEMU request

    Mail sent

    Shipping to France

    Thank you very much for your work on GDEMU

  5. Hi, I want to order one of these units but the ordering page just brings up terms and conditions, how do I actually place an order??

  6. You got my email in your inbox. The second run is greatly appreciated.

  7. Damn appear pre-order are all full, will you be doing another run at all??

  8. Oh noes,
    I guessed it would be open for preodering again today, but it is allready closed again…

    Any chance in a new run or jump onto the list? Would love to have one.

  9. I’m going to send a mail for backup list if thats ok.

    I dont mind waiting a year if I have too:) Even if this is your last run and I miss out great to see guys like yourself keeping the Dreamcast scene alive hope you make a few bucks out of it

  10. It’s awesome to see this much interest in the product. Out of curiosity, how many have you sold so far and how many more you plan to make? Thanks for being able to offer this product to the DC enthusiasts!

    • I keep the numbers to myself because people have unreasonable ideas – about my costs, the amount of work I need to put in, or that I have a life, and job, in general.
      GDEMU is what it is, I never claimed otherwise, and it’s here today but might not be tomorrow.

  11. List is full again? As someone who raised his interest many weeks ago that feels like a bad joke.

    • Eh, let’s be frank here, your interest wasn’t all that high if you couldn’t be bothered to check this blog once a week.

    • Mail me. Just keep in mind I do not guarantee there will be a unit for you even after long waiting time.

      • If possible, I would also like to join the backup list. I am really fascinated by this project and the amazing work you’ve done so far. I would be really happy if I could get my hands on one of these 🙂

  12. Oh man I’ve been following this since it was on the other Blog… checked in after a few months (well a year!) and WOW! You’re actually shipping these! (last I had checked in was 2013 and you were debating not ever putting these up). I’d love to get on a backup list and have cash in hand ready to go given the word.

  13. Hello. I wanna buy one of them. What is your mail. And i couldn’t find any information about of the price. please inform me about it.
    Im from Turkey

    • Price is in the very blog post you’re commenting on. And I’m sorry but preorders are closed now, no more units for sale.

  14. @gdemu
    Big thanks for doing a second run! Missed out on the first one.
    Just received my GDEMU and I’m amazed. Installation and preparation of the SD-card was done in under 10 minutes. Everything works just perfectly.
    I don’t even want to add the two extra (external) buttons and SD-card-extension anymore, because it’s absolutely no hassle to change the SD-card and/or reach the button. AND I can keep my DC-case in its original state.

  15. You can see there is a lot of demand tor these. Maybe he will do a another run of these in the future. I hope. 🙂

  16. Any chance of a 3rd batch? Or can you squeeze me in your backup list ?

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