Any color you like

Spot the differences:


Black PCB will be available soon. I’m sorry but there is no choice of what you’ll get – unless you ordered 2 units and received only 1 so far, but in that case you got my mail and decided already. Other than PCB mask color the units are identical, all v5.3 models.

I’ve resumed shipping but after this unplanned pause people stopped checking their mail and/or PayPal account and respond only after a few days – which means I’m sitting on a bunch of units but can’t sell to another person until a week passes, since obviously I need to give the original buyer some time to act. This is partly my fault to begin with so again, I apologise. I’m about 50% done but I’ve ordered some more PCBs and parts to try and cover all the backup list entries.

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      • Can you put me on the backup list too? I’ve missed out twice so far 🙂

      • I sent you an email asking to be put on the wait list. If you end up with multiple extras I’d love to get more than one since I have multiple Dreamcast systems.

      • I also sent you an email from my personal account, I’d love to get on that list, been waiting for these for a while now. Love the black pcb, though for me green is tradition ;).

    • I have Saturn prototype PCB assembled and no time to test it 😦 This is just to test if MCU-only approach is feasible on 20-pin models. Hopefully it will work as intended.

      As for PCE – I bought some broken stuff (drive, i/f unit) for the connectors which are impossible to source otherwise, and I wanted to try another “no wires” approach. Now I need to come up with a proto PCB with 5V to 3V3 level shifters.

      • Very interested in the PCE. I’m nearly finished writing a FAT filesystem driver ( for the Everdrive flash card that allows you to read and write to the FAT32 filesystem from the PC-Engine side (ultimately to allow read and write of backup ram, develop games with resources on SD card that wouldn’t fit in ROM/RAM, etc).

        Hand in hand with the Everdrive, an optical drive emulator would be the icing on the cake for the PCE!

    • Please dont, i could do without the snobbism and elitism of that place; its quite horrible.

      Anyway you made me check my inbox and spambox twice; i guess im in the latter 50% because no mail 😉

  1. looks good, i myself like the black coloring. can’t wait to get mine, i try checking my inbox twice a day if i can.

  2. I’d like to be on the back up list, but I’m not sure what E-mail address to send my request too.

  3. Oooh black! Fancy!

    I must be way back in the queue since I still have no email. :/

    • Mr. Deunan, if you’d implement some sort of listing/selection that neuroacid can use (reading/writing some sectors our of GD range…? Just guessing, I’m dumb), this menu would transform GDEMU in even more useful tool.

    • Hahah I love how calm and polite he is in the video, then out of nowhere “Stay tuned bitches” 🙂
      Why can’t the d-pad or other buttons be mapped?
      If only A works, then maybe one could do like this:
      A (tap) -> Next game
      A+A (tap) -> Previous game
      A (long hold) -> Start game

      • I think only Deunan has the ability to acces “up”/”down” buttons by software.
        The existing GUI works outside the GDEMU, it counts when lid is open/closed (one button pressed) and reading info from images. You could use this GUI with normal GD-ROM and it should will give the same result but you will need to manually change discs 🙂

  4. Dudes, this is absolutely astounding. Like mindblowingly awesome. The Dreamcast has needed something like this for so long, and I really feel like it can catch on.

    From what I’ve heard, you aren’t sure about mass producing this, or you have no plans to do so? I’m the lead engine and toolkit developer of the Elysian Shadows project, and we just got successfully funded on Kickstarter for $150k. With our media and press attention right now, I can totally help raise awareness of this epic project and hopefully make enough noise to make batch production financially feasible.

    Either way, we love your work. Please don’t stop being a badass. –Team Elysian Shadows.

    • Look at this, an EPIC PERSON posting in the blog of an EPIC PROJECT.

      I love Dreamcast community so much xD

  5. Does the v5.3 refer to the board version or the firmware it ship with by default? Just wondering if these will need the 5.4 when they arrive.

      • I just want to say THANK YOU for making this product! I received mine last week and got around to installing it yesterday. I absolutely love it and can’t wait for your next projects!

  6. Hello friend, I’m interested in buying a gdemu. Follow your site for a while and have not found open for applications. There is a forecast for new orders?

  7. Bonjour, est il encore possible d’acheter ce gdemu? Je suis très intéressé. Comment faire? Merci.

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