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I’ve received a lot of emails asking about GDEMU so I can confirm now: There will be a 3rd production run. Now, I’ve mentioned Xmas before but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait until December. That’s just a deadline of sorts. I hope to have the preorders reopened in 4-6 weeks.

So, in other words, watch this space. Especially if you’re also interested in Saturn and PCE.

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  1. Great news dude!! I’m itching to get my hands on one of your products. Thing is I don’t have your email and I imagine a lot of people already do, so I hope when your 3rd production run opens up I have time to secure one as others have a head start having kept your email from previous runs is imagine.

    Believe me this thing is taking off in a huge way, if you decided to assemble a team and produce quicker. They’d fly off the shelves.

    Keep us posted 😊

  2. I really need to put my name in teh third-batch list.
    And in the first-batch for my beloved Saturn.

  3. thanks cuz i don’t look at the site at least 2-3 times a day!!! can’t wait for saturn or pce!!!!

  4. must have the sega saturn and pce mod,i have a gdemu and i love it,working perfekt.
    its a top product.

  5. Defo be wanting the Saturn device and probably pick up the PCE one as well, be rude not to

  6. For the PCE, is this something that’s going to be connected to the EXP port of a PCE/TG-16?

    • There might be a few versions, I have to think about it, but the first one will only replace the CD-ROM2 unit. In other words, you still need the I/F unit.
      That might actually also work for Duo model but would require soldering ~30 wires. Well, Duo’s are fully integrated so there’s little one can do about it…

      • That’s cool. I hope it progresses into eliminating the costly drive & interface itself. You could probably incorporate multiple A/V options with an EXP port model as the pinouts are there as well. I’ll definitely follow along with your progress.

      • I imagine you aren’t fully replacing the unit so would it sit between the two on the bus?

        I’d think there are more Duos out there and would be a bigger market even if it was a more difficult mod.

      • The pass-through is quite a neat idea but difficult to implement. Also, people want it but nobody is willing to pay extra for what they see as secondary feature. And this partictular feature actually does make the project more complicated and expensive…

      • (In replace to posters above) The problem with replacing the entire CD-ROM interface is that the IFU interface (just like the Duo, the Super-CDROM2, etc) contains extra ram that most games use, as well as the additional sound hardware (an additioanl adpcm channel). It’s a tricky one!

  7. I’ve had my GDEMU for a couple of months now and love this thing 🙂
    So now I watch this space every day for news / updates (especially since you announced a Saturn project)
    I am wondering though – on your Saturn project will you be connecting via ribbon cables (and support both the 20 pin and 21 pin versions) Only asking in case I’ll need to pick up a different model Saturn to the one I have.

  8. I love my gdemu, digging the black coloring on mine. 1 very top notch product, very well done. Keep up the good work and looking forward to the Saturn emu.

  9. I’ll for sure be interested in a Saturn ODE, maybe even a second GDEMU if the first one works as well as I think it will 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  10. I’m really interested in the Saturn one, and I hope to get in the list of the GDemu, are they any other methods of payment besides paypal?
    And for the spammer that keesp posting the comparison video all over the retroforums
    you forgot to add that the IDe + dreamshell CDDA isn’t supported yet…And the compatibility isn’t the best from what I’ve seen.
    And the GDemu is accurate perfect and have zero problems.
    that video is biased.

    • He’s not a spammer, he makes nice videos and publish them in appropriate places :p

      The only down side is the voice… #missingbatman

  11. yes 3 run i will get this and i want the pc engine and the saturn too

    continue your great works

  12. I have 10 dreamcast wich are waiting gdemu, I hope I can have one in the new batch

  13. hello ^^
    how i will preorder the gdemu on the 3rd run please?
    in this website?
    thank you

  14. Hello Deunan,

    Really nice news. I’m checking your website everyday.
    I missed the previous run and still need your fantastic tool in order to finalize my translation project.

    Thank you for your great products.
    I think Saturn and PCE units will be really nice stuffs as well.


  15. I missed the 2 previous preorders, for a few hours.
    I hope i won’t miss this one, specially with the Saturn model !

  16. Is there a specific model of Sega Saturn that you’re targeting to support? I’d like to keep my current Saturn stock, so I’ll likely pick up a new system to use with your drive replacement.

  17. Awesome news on the confirmation of the 3rd run. Now just to get lucky monitoring the site for the preorders before the get rushed like last time. Fingers crossed.

  18. Stupid question regarding the Saturn emu board. Will it “take care” of the region, or the console has to be modded anyway?

    Also, what are the chances of a similar device appearing for cartridge based Neo Geo AES and MVS systems?

    Thank you!

    • the region of the saturn is controlled by jumpers on the board, or do you mean patch the game on the fly? the latter is possible but it will mean if going from PAL to NTSC or NTSC to PAL there will be issues as the console will not be in the correct mode 60hz / 50hz unless this solution also sets this on the fly.

      I would check out the excellent mod by seb which covers region and display mode all in a switchless design.

      but of course as a saturn fan you already have all that sorted 🙂

  19. I was not lucky the first and second time. Or not fast enough. Hope next time I can be quick for Gdemu.

  20. Hi Dknute, just wanted to let you know that over at assemblergames, we have tested alot of different SD cards including SDXC cards (formatted as FAT32, not the default exfat) and it works perfect.

    The only thing to be done now is to exceed the number of folders allowed by the firmware so that we can have enough folders/games to fill the space 🙂

  21. Thats fantastic will probably get an SDXC card when my SDHC fills up. Just got my GDEMU and its a brilliant idiot proof piece of hardware.

    Compatibility is great, load speed incredible and it’s still cheaper than a lot of flashcarts out there. I was considering this and MNEMOs USB GD-Rom drive, I’m glad I opted for GDEMU. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the Saturn!

  22. this is great news! i am in! please let me know how to order, i would like to send my payment as soon as possible so i don’t miss the next batch. i am also VERY VERY VERY interested in the PC ENGINE CD Emulator. everytime i use mine i wonder how much longer it has left in it.

  23. Hello here.
    This must have been discussed many time, but, what are the improvements of 5.3 version over 5.0 version ? (i own the v5.0, the one without the screw holes).
    Thank you very much !

    • All v4 and v5 models are identical. The (lack of) screw hole and PCB color are the only changes.

  24. Thank you 🙂
    So i’ll just have to wait for the Saturn model, hehe.
    I hope this time, i’ll be on the starting blocks !

  25. it’s possible to pay in advance?
    the dreamcast is one of my favorite system and the gdemu is very nice,i need this ^^
    it’s just a question ^^
    thank you ^^

  26. Every so often I’ll pop in at this site and at your other site to see what the latest info is. GDEMU is a wonderful project – too bad I don’t own my dreamcast any more (and I regret it too). However, I am still using test 12/5 of Makaron. I love playing Armada as yours is the only good one to run that WinCE game well, and Soul Calibur, two games that I’ve missed dearly along with my dreamcast. I was wondering, is there any hope that an updated Makaron version will be released in the future? Thank you for your great work.

    • Every now and then I do want to return to Makaron but in the end I don’t have enough free time for that. Basically at this point I’d like to scrap most of the old code and try something fresh. I never fully finished DX11 renderer, maybe when Mantle has a public release I’ll look into it. No promises though.

  27. This is fantastic! I’m sorry you’ve had to put up with so much BS, but dealing with the public usually ends up being a real pain. I’m hoping to get one of these from you soon – I’m glad that you did it, and I appreciate your work. I’ve been repairing consoles for years now, and I knew it was just a matter of time until these cranky optical drives were replaced. Good riddance!

  28. Awesome. I have a NAOMI 2 – do you think it could work on that one also ? It’s GD-Rom can be removed very easily and as far as I know NAOMI is just a *better* dreamcast.

    Also when can we expect a new batch ? I would love to get my hands on one to review it!

    Keep up the good work, we have our eyes on ya!


    • You could use a net dimm setup to load ROMs directly into the NAOMI’s RAM. I use this with my NAOMI 1 and works perfectly for most games.

  29. I’ll be hosting a DC marathon around Xmas then! You sir, are a hero.

  30. I would love to get i your 3rd run but I dont see an email to write to you. I can pay with paypal right away. Please let me know how to get in your list. I would also love to get one for my saturn and Turbo duo when ready . Thank you
    Ps. I do see the ordering part but it says close, did I miss the 3rd run? I can pay today.

  31. PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 SD/USB-2-CD emu device PLEASE!!! That would be AWESOME!!

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