Circuit Breaker

I’m busy with stuff so not much to report. I had to restart Rhea PCB design as I’ve decided to try a different MCU – it’s a bit more expensive but has more RAM and smaller package, both of which are useful for this project.

This is Rhea V1.5, it’s not pretty but works great so far:

Rhea V1.5

Obviously it was never intended to be permanently installed inside Saturn (though I guess it could be with some glue gun help).

There have been some questions about that so let me make this clear: Rhea is not going to be faster than original Saturn drive. Maybe a bit due to almost instantaneous media seeking but that’s it. Unlike Dreamcast where data bus is faster than drive, Saturn is limited by its serial protocol – which is set to exactly 2x speed and that can’t be changed.

36 thoughts on “Circuit Breaker

  1. You write waay to much. Your account number is all I need.
    (Shut up and take my money)

    PS. I got some money here that i want to send, sooo…

  2. nice stuff deunan,hope its works as nice as your gdemu.
    instant buy for me.
    keep up the good work.

  3. I agree with fille1976. Instant buy for me too. I have your gdemu and it works great.

  4. I’ve bought a new (well… old) 20pin Saturn, just to use that beauty. =]

  5. Hi Deunan, I can’t see what IC you put on top of the MCU.Is ot a TTL or something related to serial communication?

  6. Loving the progress as always – I am like many others really looking forward to this and will buy as soon as available 🙂

  7. Even if it’s not so speedy as GDEMU, any way, it will work just like the official cd drive, right ?

    • Oh, it is pretty fast, except it can’t transfer the data to Saturn any faster than original drive would.
      And yes, it works like the real thing, except that it can also change the region of the disc on-the-fly if you want.

      • So, it’s fast enough hehe.
        By this Halloween night, i’ll be lurking for your Rhea !

  8. “Saturn is limited by its serial protocol – which is set to exactly 2x speed and that can’t be changed.”

    • I don’t find this a real limitation if you survived to it until now 🙂
      On the contrary, Rhea will be a perfect replacement for CD-ROM emulating also its original speed! 🙂

  9. eh, not like Saturn loading times were a massive issue to begin with.

  10. As others have said, if it will work as well as the GDemu then I’m in!

    The fact that GDemu has faster loading times was just a bonus!

    Keep up the great work, I’ll be buying 🙂

  11. off topic…..but I wanted to know if I missed the preorders for the 3rd Gdemu run?

  12. Hi Denuan!
    I just read something that made me angry.
    Its your interaction with the awful “team”people.
    What a fucking asshole!
    The picture the teamleader uses says it all I think.
    I know its hard when people are mean but realy, You should take it as a compliment as they are just jealous because the do not shine as bright as you do.
    Keep up the good work and don´t mind hte haters!

    Back on topic. Do you think you will be able to emulate other CDs as well?
    I am mostly thinking Gamecube and PS1 here but PS4 and XBone also comes to mind.

    • I wonder the same. Is it possible to emulate newer disks as well?
      And I total agree about the atari moron.

      • I suppose it’d be possible but I’m just one guy doing everything. First I need to finish the 20-pin Rhea, then test my PCE solution.
        I do keep an eye on other consoles though, might tinker a bit with something to see how it goes.

      • A gamecube solution with full support for audio streaming games would be awesome!

      • The closest thing for GameCube would be the MEGAdrive from but i don’t think it has full audio streaming but with WODE it can be used with a hdd.

  13. PS1 and Gamecube would be awesome. Probably PS1 would be my preference as the majority of Gamecube games can be played on Wii from external HD or SD card already with softmod.

    I hope your hobby is paying well Deunan, you have given my Dreamcast a whole new lease of life and I cant wait to try out Rhea(if I’m lucky enough to get my hands on one)

  14. [off topic ]your future ode for pc engine will be for cdrom² addon only or it will compatible with pcengine duo , duo r(x) and Super-CD-Rom² unit?

    • For now CD-ROM2 addon only – though as I understand the Super version is just a 3.0 card, so that obviously will work as well as it’s card-agnostic.
      As for the combined units, it’s technically compatible too but you’d need to solder some 30 wires to the motherboard… but then again, I really don’t see how else it could be done at the moment.

  15. I’m looking for some saturn to buy, can someone help to figure out wich models have a 20 pin ribbon?

  16. thank you very much! so the best way to have a 20 pin saturn is the model v1.1 or v1.2 but as far as i read the v1.2 has a problem with the power supply

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