Xmas gift factory

As some of you already noticed preorders for GDEMU are open again. I did it quietly this time to not have my mailbox overloaded. I still have more units coming but be aware that the waiting time is already about 4-5 weeks by now so you’re unlikely to get it before Xmas. That being said, the early bird gets the worm so get ’em while supply lasts πŸ™‚

Rhea on the other hand is running a bit late, the MCU change means I need to rewrite some code and do a lot of testing. Still not sure if v2 will be good enough for sale but keep your fingers crossed. Oh, and I recently purchased a VCD/MPEG addon card to test compatibility – I know it’s not exactly frequently used and I don’t expect problems, but I’d like to be sure.

PCE is also deep in the woods, I had to restart proto PCB design on this project as well due to lessons learned from Saturn. In fact I’m going to do a simplified version first that will plug into a dev board (which in turn is getting upgraded from ARM7TDMI to CortexM4 next week) – it’ll be easier to work with, I don’t need it to be very portable yet.

Lastly I’m also getting a Mega Drive / Genesis + CD addon to look at the internals. This is completly on-the-side project with next to zero time assigned to it so please don’t expect any results soon. I won’t lie though, I like playing with new toys more than soldering all those GDEMUs πŸ˜› This is something to keep me busy during December holidays, assuming I won’t be swamped with other work.

To sum up, you better hope I can keep my resolve not to play Civ:BE πŸ™‚

25 thoughts on “Xmas gift factory

  1. I just wanted to say thanks a lot for my GD EMU, I spotted you slipped your email back on the ordering page & am so glad I check your page daily as it has lead me to bring a whole new lease of life to my Dreamcast and enabling me to have the entire English language game libary on my 10 SD cards. Well made product, fast, well packaged delivery & efficient service. If you haven’t ordered yourself one then get to it.

  2. My Man’ just got to installing my GDEMU and the black board goes so good with my Sega sports edition Dreamcast! Thank you Again! Get one people! Sega CD?!?! Mind Blown…

  3. Good to see more GDemu units being made.

    Looking forward to Rhea – will be ordering if/when it becomes available.

    Hope you have a good Xmas!

  4. I had a quick question Deunan sir if I may ask. Considering the outstanding work you’ve done with GDEMU, the upcoming Rhea, PCE etc- Have you considered doing anything POSSIBLY for the PlayStation 1 (PSX)? I know that the PSIO project is up and coming but I really like your method of updates, trial and error reports as well as the matter of fact approach you take towards the business end of things. I know you have a heck of a lot going on right now so don’t take this as a pressured or fan-boy-esque request. Thanks for your time and I’m looking forward to the GDEMU unit I was able to snag a pre-order spot on. I’m ready for your PayPal request (haha). Take care.

    • For info the PSIO Project is at 85%, but we don’t know the price and the disponibility…
      I hope Deunan will do it before 2016 πŸ˜€

  5. Yeah ! I finally could get in the order list, hehe :]
    Just have to wait the invoice… and Rhea.
    It’s a good new you’re looking at the SegaCD, indeed. I hope it’ll lead to some beautiful Deunan hardware.

  6. Guys can I ask? I may sound like a noobie but I have a Dreamcast game image in .ccd format and it won’t play on the gd emu. I have read up on converting to cdi/gd I but can’t find sufficient info. I have got Img Burn, Alcohol 120% and power ISO. I’m still stuck at converting if possible.. Will someone in the knowledge help me plz?

    • Also one other thing cab I ask? Would it be possible with an update to the firmware for the dreamcasts soft reset could be programmed to auto load up the 1st image on the SD card? Taking you back to the GDmenu without having to power off your console every time? Just an idea if this hadn’t been though of before?

      • Excellent if that could be made as an option Im sure it would be very well received. Thanks dude

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