A new FW for GDEMU is now available, get it in the UPDATING FIRMWARE section. The changelog might not reflect that but there are many internal changes, most of the code is now shared with Rhea – this will save me some work in future.

I didn’t have time to test it as well as I would like so just in case I left a link to 5.7.0 in the changelog (should anyone need to downgrade).

Folder limit is now set to 9999, but to avoid having to rename everything it works like this:

  • for 1-9 put 0 in front to make it 01-09 (*)
  • for 10-99 use 2 digits (*)
  • for 100-999 use 3 digits
  • for 1000+ use 4 digits

(*) – same as it was until now

Simple, right? There is no folder prescan anymore so you can’t have gaps in numbering. Also, DOWN key (for those that have it) will now stop at 1 instead of wrapping around to the highest available image. The official maximum SD card size is still 32GB, so don’t bother me with reports of anything bigger not working right. You will be ignored.

SD high speed mode is an experimental feature. While it does double the card transfer rate, that alone has little impact on Dreamcast games – most will be limited by their own internal processing anyway. It will not work well, if at all, with extenders, and not all cards will behave properly – therefore it’s disabled by default. It’s mostly for people with problematic Class 10 cards, might just make them work. Do not report issues with high speed mode enabled.

EDIT: Seems I broke the button API needed by menu software, sorry for that. 5.8.1 is up and should have it fixed.

17 thoughts on “999999

  1. Nice! Any point upgrading if I have no interest in using more than 64 folders?

    • I’ve fixed a few bugs but these were very unlikely to manifest themselves. And obviously I could have made some new ones 🙂

  2. I think you’ve answered your own question Chromium.

    Looks like we may need GDmenu V0.4….v.3 just cycles back to the menu screen after the game is selected…..at least it does for me.

  3. […] Deunan ha appena aggiornato il firmware del suo ode per dreamcast rimuovendo il limite di 64 cartelle, e quindi giochi, per ogni scheda; portandolo il limite a 999999!! Anche se alcuni sono riusciti ad usare sd da 128GB la dimensione ufficialmente supportata rimane ancora di 32 GB.. 999999 | GDEMU […]

  4. Small issues with the new firmware and gdmenu:
    1) Pressing UP (wrapping from the first to the last game) is not supported by the new HW anymore, but gdmenu assumes so. Therefore, if you do it, the selection on screen and the actual selected image will go out of sync.
    2) Option “reset_goto = N” will break gdmenu, because it resets the console to launch the game, and GDEMU will put the image N back. It should break Gameshark launch too (not tested!), but should work fine with Codebreaker (not tested!).

    I’m writing this here instead sending Deunan an e-mail because they are not actually GDEMU bugs…

    • Small correction: UP works, DOWN doesn’t – last to first wraps, first to last does not. Nothing I can do about it, I did say removing prescan will have side effects.
      Funny thing, I’ve added the jump on reset for the menu people… I didn’t know it uses reset to launch the titles. Well, it’s optional so at least one might just not use it.

    • Sorry about that, the reason for the mistake is that directions are inverted in gdmenu (D-Pad down = next game = GDEMU up).

      Anyway, I will notify neuroacid about the issues, maybe he would like to update gdmenu somehow.

  5. thx deunan,you still keep improving it is top.
    i have gdmenu v0.3,and its working fine here.

  6. indeed,if you go down the game list and then goes back to up,its the wrong game.
    gdmenu needs update.

  7. Strange “bug” or “feature”

    When I edit gdemu.ini settings , reset_goto = 01 (01 is the folder for gdmenu v0.3)
    None of the games will load , after mounting a image with gdmenu , the system resets as usual.
    And returns me to gdmenu ?
    I expected , this parameter will allow me to load game images as usual.
    And when I want to reset the system , with a joystick button combo ,
    it will bring me back to the dreamcast menu , “auto” mounting folder 01
    In game holding a,b,x,y , then pressing start will bring games back to their start menu.
    Still holding a,b,x,y and pressing start again (at in game start menu),
    “resets” the dreamcast to the dreamcast menu.
    Using this button combo without reset_goto = 01 brings me back to the initial mounted game.
    It would be nice if gdmenu would load after a “combo” reset , so I won’t need to power down/up.
    For what and how is this parameter used ?
    Hard / soft / in game / button combo / GDROM drive reset ?
    Didn’t I RTFM correctly or what ? (me stupid , you genius?) 😉

    Anyway , enjoying my Dreamcast , still after all these years thanks to GDemu 🙂
    Thank you Deunan. 🙂

    • Short explanation: Do not use reset_goto with GDEMU until it’s author changes the game loading method (so it does not reset the console).

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