Well that’s stupid

I received a few reports that Stupid Invaders, both EU and USA region versions, doesn’t work on GDEMU. It took a whole evening but I figured out what hangs it. I still have no idea why though. The “solution” for now would be to break an otherwise functional piece of code, which is simply unacceptable – so the actual issue must be something else. Perhaps it’s another timing problem, maybe GDEMU is returning data too fast and that confuses the game. It is Ubisoft title after all…

I’m going to investigate further, if I can’t find a proper solution soon I can always do that dirty fix. It shouldn’t affect other games, it’s not exactly a core functionality that needs to be changed.

In other news: Seems like US Postal Service gave me the middle finger – they no longer track my shipments. It might be a system glitch as they don’t show tracking for the codes that worked earlier, but the result is the same nonetheless – it’s broken, has been for days now, and doesn’t look like it’s going to be fixed soon.

On the bright side Australian post decided to stop being the odd one and now they do track international registered mail it seems. Or maybe it’s some sort of baton that got passed to USA now. Well done, except you could’ve picked somewhat less frequent shipping target maybe?

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  1. As I understand it, Stupid Invaders had pretty heavy copy protection–perhaps that is what is causing this problem.

  2. I got my hands on CD-based rips and these hang as well – so it can’t be just that. I’m puzzled as to why breaking the code to return invalid data makes it go futher…

  3. Hello,it’s me who report this bug in forum assemblergame,and i’ve test these:

    Kiss psycho circus pal and us black screen
    MTV skateboarding pal and us black screen
    Bang!Gunship elite pal and us black screen
    Bleem Tekken 3,GT 2,Metal gear freeze at legal stuff screen

    i continue my test!

    • All the dreamcast games listed work fine for me using 1:1 GDI rips on a PAL dreamcast, make sure you are using official peripherals etc (As if you remember one of your issues was with using a wireless ps2 pad through an adapter which caused tomb raider not to run – and may affect other WinCE games too)
      Bleem has known issues so I haven’t tried it.

      • Retail Bleems do NOT work (and are not going to, at least that was my impression reading to Deunan’s posts).

        Bleemcast Beta works.

      • Nightbreed is 100% correct, 3 out of the 4 games I was having issues was resolved by using the official Dreamcast controller, I too use a wireless ps2 pad via adaptor. These 3 were 4×4 evolution, Bang Gunship Elite & Championship Pro Surfer. However I still am having issues with Centipede, I have tried the Gdi and Cdi versions available on the net & neither get past the Sega screen. Upon this screen the whole picture drops down 50% then freezes & after 30 seconds resets. Could someone test this out to confirm it isn’t just me. Thanks

      • Centipede (cdi) works fine here on 5.7.0 on PAL DC with composite cable.

  4. Sorry,i forgot to notify that:
    test with gdi,cdi on pal console,vga and rgb,with trurip release and with my rip,thanks!!

  5. my bang gunship elite works fine,is ntsc version,made it region free.
    works fine here.
    try hyperspin 1.5 final,its on usenet.

  6. its the full gdi and its ntsc,but i have a pal dreamcast,so made it region free with gdemu_sd.
    you better take full rips.

  7. Just as a heads up Deunan- when I first tried tracking my parcel from you it was giving me the “Alert- Can’t track parcels from Poland” all the way through yesterday evening. Late last night when I put the tracking number in again it was different as in “Origin Post is Preparing Shipment”. So what I’m thinking- at least in my case is that until it arrives stateside and scanned into US Customs it probably gives that Alert notice. I just wanted to bring this to your attention that the tracking number(s) may not be totally untrackable once they leave Warsaw. I’ll follow through once it says anything different and shoot you an e-mail once I recieve the GDEMU. I’d imagine sometime like the middle of next week. Take Care!!!

    • Above post is in regards to the US Postal Service by the way. I noticed I didn’t make a direct reference besides US Customs. My bad=D

  8. It’s very strange,what is the best card brand,i use microsd with adaptator brand sandisk,transcend,perhaps it’s the problem?Thanks!

  9. http://www.assemblergames.com/forums/showthread.php?39733-quot-Let-s-make-GD-ROM-emulation-happen-quot-Facebook-group/page111

    those games works well deunan,only bleem maybe.
    first try other images guys before you post that they not working,maybe bad rip or rip damaged.
    try other sources,cdi rips best from scene groups maybe.
    i had it also with games that i burned to cd,ripped them with img burn or discjuggler,and they did not worked,download the scene release and voila,worked.
    for now i ripped my originals,all working fine.
    after all its work for nothing if they worked by other people for deunan.

    • ImgBurn is far from ideal tool as far as older consoles are concerned – and it’s a pity because I like it and I use it for data backups.

      In DiscJuggler it’s important to always tick the “scan pregaps” option when ripping, without it DJ will assume default pregap rules and lenghts.

  10. I’m sorry so much for me, kiss psycho and bang! works well(us not pal for me), sorry for the mistake, I mixed my games in gdmenu!!

  11. “It is Ubisoft title after allโ€ฆ”

    So in the span of one month, Ubisoft shat out the mess that was AC Unity, unleashed the beginning of the end of the 3DS with Cubic Ninja and now poses a technical problem to GDEmu with Stupid Invaders. Geez, they’re really trying to hate everyone on all levels and every system.

  12. today also put a fan in to my dc,take the fan of my hd dvd rom from xb360,psu is much cooler now.
    can feel it on the outside of the console,its much more cooler now then before.
    also connected today via vga and must say,picture quality much better as via rgb.
    and games runs perfekt.
    keep up the good work deunan and up to my rhea.

  13. Well this was strange.

    Well first of all , thank you (Deunan) for bringing us all , GDEmu , you GENIUS !!
    Thanks for all the time and effort !!
    Idea , prototyping , writing software , lots of time , work and what more , and eventually.
    Working GDEmu’s.

    After a update from 5.7.0 to 5.9.0 almost non of my .GDI and .CDI images worked.
    On 5.7.0 everything ran fine , but on 5.9.0 , troubles …….
    Some games would not boot anymore , or I would get read errors at different (load)times on different (read)locations , from one and the same SDHC card (genuine Verbatim 32GB FAT32)
    Games worked fine on 5.7.0 on a factory formatted SDHC card.
    Updated to 5.9.0 , a lot of read errors , from one and the same SDHC.
    Read error , yellow led comes on , goes back to Dreamcast menu, like there is no “disc”.
    I have to reset the Dreamcast.
    Downgrade back to 5.7.0 , did not help.


    But hold on , is “this” the solution ?
    I copied all the data from the (factory formatted) SDHC Cards to a hard disk.
    Formatted the SDHC with SD Formatter. (link on the technical details page).
    Format type , full (overwrite),no format size adjustment.
    (not sure if fast format will help/work)
    Wrote the “original” data back to the SDHC Card , from the hard disk , to the freshly formatted SDHC card.

    And guess what , everything runs fine again. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I had such problems years ago , on a different platform.
    Nintendo DS , with a backup storage device (R4, M3 and others).
    Sometimes games would not load anymore.
    Had to copy the data from the micro sd , format the micro sd.
    And put the “original” data back on the freshly formatted micro sd card.
    Then everything would run fine for the time being.
    The read errors on the Nintendo DS R4 micro sd card , would reoccur every so often.
    It was not a problem of “bad/fake ” micros cards.
    But some kind of “corruption” of the micro sd card , not the data on it.

    So I hope , for other people with this problem , this solution will work also.

    Enjoy your Sega Dreamcast with GDEmu ๐Ÿ™‚
    I do , a LOT ๐Ÿ™‚
    Once again , thanks Deunan.

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