There’s a new firmware available for GDEMU that fixes the slightly muted sound issue that some Dreamcasts had. I took this opportunity to introduce some more code changes so please report any regressions and/or new bugs.

Several Rheas have already been delivered and these are very common questions:

  • 50/60 Hz auto-switch

There is a solder point on the PCB marked “Hz“, and a solder jumper marked “Select“. You need to route a wire between the Saturn’s chip lifted pin and the Hz point, plus solder the jumper to select the default setting. This however is not yet working (the current FW doesn’t even support it) so leave it be for now. It’s coming soon, I need to test this first to make sure it works as expected.

  • Region patcher

Rhea is region free as is GDEMU – in the sense that it doesn’t care about regions at all. The lockout is enforced by BIOS, not the drive. You can however either patch the images yourself (there are tools for that) or have Rhea do it for you during game detection/loading. To enable that you need to tell it what region your console is – create ASCII text file named “Rhea.ini” in the root folder of the card, then place the following entry in it:

auto_region = N

where N is the code for your console region, or -1 to disable the patcher (the default setting). The codes are:


Email me if you find a game that’s not working when patched.

82 thoughts on “Go-Go-Gadget

  1. All good now, the 5v I was using wasn’t actually 5v at all as it turns out. Found a proper 5v and it’s working great πŸ™‚ It’s a shame the Saturn doesn’t show the name of the game when you insert a disc, it’s a bit hard to find the right game when cycling through them with the button. Hopefully we get a menu some day πŸ™‚

  2. Hmm, tried Daytona Championship Edition cue/bin and I get no CDDA and I tried a ccd/img/sub and it wouldn’t even detect the disc. I tried the old Daytona as a ccd/img/sub and that worked fine and had music.

    Is CDI the recommended format for this? What’s the best tool to convert?

  3. Ok, I tried converting some games to cdi by mounting the bin/cue in daemon tools and then creating a cdi image in DiscJuggler. None of them are working with Rhea. The original bin/cues are working, although some don’t seem to have audio, which is why I was hoping converting to cdi would fix that.

  4. One more thing πŸ™‚ Tried using ultra iso to convert to ccd/img/sub but that didn’t boot either, the Saturn won’t detect. I have some other ccd/img/sub that I didn’t convert from something else that work though.

  5. OK, used the settings in DiscJuggler posted earlier and now I can create perfectly .cdi files and with working CDDA!

    Sorry for all the posts, only had my Rhea working for a couple of hours πŸ™‚

  6. Help! The saturn recognizes the image as a music cd, I can play the music and its from the game but how can I get it to boot as a game?converted with discjuggler advanced:scan gaps/indexes – r-w (cd+g) – pq – raw read.
    All games I get to cdi format are recognized as a music cd,shows the number of music tracks and I can play the music and its from the game but how can I get it to boot?

    mds/mdf work without any problems

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