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Still waiting for the parts to arrive but I haven’t got an email telling me the date has been moved so I might just get them this week. In the meantime I figured I might do some cleaning – I have some leftover PCBs that I could sell if there is interest. What’s in the box:

  • 3x GDEMU PCBs that are green with gold finish. These are the latest v5.4 models that I ordered as a test for the gold plating plus possibly to replace my own v4 testing unit. The color combination is unique and if someone wants them I could sell 2 out of 3 for the usual price.
  • 3x gold/black GDEMUs that suffered some minor accidents. There’s nothing wrong with them except might be slightly scratched or have places where the solder spilled over gold. So basically cosmetic defects. I thought I would keep them in case I need to quickly ship a spare but I haven’t had a case like that yet so…
  • 1x silver/black GDEMU that had to be reworked. Works perfectly now but suffered a bit in the process, so again it’s a cosmetic defect and shouldn’t actually be noticable once inside console.
  • 1x v3 Rhea, that is the one that needs power wires soldered. There was a last minute cancel so it stayed with me and then I forgot all about it. This is the last of its kind.


I might just be persuaded to lower the price on the blemished units ever so slightly. The other good thing is I will sell those out turn, on first come first served basis. Do note I still need to actually finish assembling the green ones though, but that shouldn’t take more than a week.

In other news, I feel it’s unfair that I only get paid once and you keep playing with the ODE forever. So starting with next FW I will introduce Pay-to-Play system which will limit the active time of the devices to a certain number of hours. Once the time runs out the device will stop working until new FW is flashed. The unlocking FW will be available for a small charge, I’m targeting 1 USD for 25 hours but it’s not set in stone yet.
I’m also thinking of making some of the features like the ability to have more than 20 images on the card an extra, paid for separately. Features will not time out except maybe after a year or so.
Lastly there will also be a weekly lottery, anyone who writes a positive review or makes a flattering YT movie will be able to participate in it. Winners will get a free unlock for 100 hours of play. Possibly more if you can score more than one win in a row.

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  1. I’m guessing there won’t be too many people updating their FW in the near future ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Love your products dude, have both GDEMU & Rhea.. However I’m not so sure this decision is the correct one, if I am understanding what you wrote correctly.. Limiting & Charging for usage on said devices would be a turn off Id imagine & no one who currently has a device will update their FW as to avoid these costs. Could you elaborate into other benefits that the additional costs would justify the customer paying?

    Also I need some advise from you more seasoned users. I am having issues when burning/creating disc images from Saturn Cue/Bin files with multiple audio tracks. Once I have made a CDI image using discjuggler from said Disc images, all play perfectly but with no background music, there are sound effects but no music. Now I experienced similar things with some of my Dreamcast Rips.. However they typically had audio file type converters, Audio inject Executables & ReadMe’s grouped with each game which seemed to work. The audio files that are in the Saturn game folders are currently in Wave format, I have my suspicions that it is either the programme/method I am doing to burn these or it is a matter of converting the audio track file types.. But multiple google searches haven’t answered my questions properly.. So please people in the know help me out… Thank you !!!

    • Well that’s exactly why converting the old CUE dumps is not recommended, there are many problems with them plus the conversion is not always one-click easy.
      Rip your own discs or get proper new redumps ๐Ÿ™‚

    • (Rhea) Settings I use in DiscJuggler after mounting a CUE file in Deamon Tools lite. In the Advanced tab, check, scan gaps/indexes, R-W (CD+G), PQ and RAW read. Set Read/verify speed to ร—8. Make sure you mount the image before opening DiscJuggler or you won’t be able to choose the applicable drive in the source drop down menu.

      I hope this helps, Thanks.

  3. Great April Fools Joke ๐Ÿ˜‰ Had me going there for a minute.

    I’d be interested in a second GDEMU for the collection, but would probably be looking to buy Next Week (splurged a bit this past month), assuming you’ve still got one laying around by then. How blemished are the Black and Gold ones? (any pictures?) for the right price I’d be interested in one, otherwise I wouldn’t mind paying “the usual” Green and Gold would be an interesting contrast to the all Black v5 I’ve got (anything different beyond the PCB color?).

    That being said its a little unfair of me to buy a second one if people are still waiting for their first, I’ll check back on Monday to see if they’ve all been spoken for.

  4. Please, I want one gdemu Dreamcast unit. Please. Tell me when i have to pay to you. Thanks

  5. Green with Gold sounds cool. DIBS! ๐Ÿ™‚ Although if the other ones are cheaper i might be more willing to pick one of those up depending on how cheap.

    Pay-To-Play FTW!!

  6. The last part is a stroke of genius ^_^
    I’m too late to fetch any of this clearance.

    When will it be possible to get in line for a new wave of Reah?

  7. If you still have one of the green/gold GDEMU’s I’d love to take one off your hands! Otherwise I’m fine with patiently waiting until the preorders reopen. Unless that whole post was an April Fools, if so hah!

  8. I’d love to order a GDemu even if it’s not the prettiest. Where can I sign up ?

  9. I’d love to have a GDemu even if it’s not the prettiest. Where do I sign up ?

  10. Hehe, i must admit that, as you’re sometime a bit “straight talker” (sorry for an even bad translation) ; i run in your joke for the few first words ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. If you really have those gold/black GDEMUs, I’d like to order one.

  12. Not sure if all of this is an April fool or just the time based firmware – however I REALLY want a GDEMU unit, so please consider this a serious request to be considered to buy one of the cosmetically blemished units (if they truly are available).

    • Had me for a minute. When I read the post it wasn’t April 1st yet in my area of the world.

  13. I’d like to order any GDemu left. please, send me email(or comment) thanks.

    • I only have the silver/black one one left and people already asked about it. But drop me a mail if you want, you can find it in the ordering Rhea section.

      • That was fast. I guess requests weren’t to be made via this method. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Yeah, I guess not. Just have to go back to waiting.
        I guess I thought it would be too impolite, lol.

  14. When GDEMU will be available again? is there a pre-order before? Prevision for new Pre-Orders? Thank U

  15. I’d love to order a gdemu if it’s not an April fools. Would be interested in prices. Fingers crossed.

  16. Dude, seriously kick-start a campaign. That way you make economy of scale and we get our stuff. Plus you make a bag load of money.

    • In theory. In reality KS is well suited for US citizens but not really anyone else. Plus, while it wasn’t and isn’t my goal, every one of my devices does make software piracy easier. So…

      • Well you could just use the idea. For example accept pre-payments for a month let’s say. then with the sum you could see if you could have some leverage on batch prices. The only setback is that People would have to trust you on this.

  17. Pre-ordered back in December and still waiting, but I’m sure it will be worth it. Can’t wait to hear from you. Take my money!!!!

  18. HI !
    It seems there is a problem again with CDDA in .CDI files especially(example Last HOPE Pink Bulltes, Gunlord(a little far in the game)). Sometimes the music start well, sometimes not…It’s randomly.
    Maybe some games have again this problem.
    My Firmware is 5.10(i have trying all the firmwares before and same issue).
    There would be an update in preparation ?

  19. Hey i desperate for one of these GDEMU boards as my GDROM has gone gonna cost me ยฃ25-30 to replace and still have same issues later down the line when it decides to give up the ghost …so paying alittle extra for this board is worth the wait in gold…

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