You Will Be Perfect

The green/gold GDEMUs turned out really nice, I like them even more than the black ones. Here’s a photo but it really doesn’t do them any justice:

Green-Gold GDEMU

It’s been a year since I’ve started making GDEMUs so I dub these 3 units Anniversary Edition ones. They will now undergo extended testing and should ship early next week.

And before you ask – I’m not planning on making any more green/gold units for now, but might try again sometime in future.

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  1. You got me really excited there, as I would have bought one of these straight away. Hopefully the next run of “ordinary one” is not too far behind.

  2. This is my first reply so hello everyone. I opened the page and saw that photo and also got excited. I personally love the look of the black/gold units myself. I realize it is only aesthetics. I still cannot wait to be able to order one of these, and the RHEA both. I have dreamed about something like this for my consoles. In fact, when I first found an article and read about them, I thought someone was playing a joke. I only wish I were talented enough to have accomplished this. Anyway, thanks for the AWESOME work and thank you for your contribution. These are truly revolutionary and absolutely amazing!

  3. Looks great. …!! still enjoying my gdemu…… and waiting for pce!!!

  4. And Happy Anniversary for your GDemu production and that you do this too all fans of DC šŸ™‚

  5. Hello !
    Now i’s been a year, would you make us some kind of statement of all your work ?
    How many GDEMU you’ve built/sold ?
    How many Rhea ?
    And maybe, kinda summary of your WIPs ?
    Thanks for you work.

    • Love to know this too, love my gdemu but have two 21pin Saturns so am eager to get my hands on the 21pin Rhea..

  6. Looks awesome! Congrats on the 1 year!

    I agree with what another poster said, you should tally up all your orders and maybe post some statistics.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Happy “Birthday”.
    Keep up the good job and good luck with the projects which are on.

  8. hello , please help me, i am new with dreamcast world . when i read about gdemu,i just loved , how i can buy ? i live in Brazil is possible to delivery here.

  9. Read posts – thus you will learn EVERYTHING.
    Wait untill the preorder gonna open.
    Be patient (as all of us are).

  10. This is really awesome! I was just thinking about getting another dreamcast and getting a saturn and this would be perfect! My Dreamcast is still going strong but I have heard horror stories of them being prone to failing so this is a nice alternative to have…….hopefully more get made!

    • neuroacid said over on assembler a week or two ago he hasn’t had much time to work on it yet but some time soon.

      • Actually since Assember forum is down for the foreseeable future, any idea where neuroacid posts updates if at all?

  11. yes i have see her message ^^
    he said the menu is readyyyy but need some test ^^
    i am very hurry,this is the only thing miss for rhea…

  12. Hello friend, I live in Brazil and I have much interest in acquiring a Gdemu, as many who attend the site. I admire your work and was wondering if it is possible to place an order. Thank you.

  13. Hello!
    Please accept my apologies for the off-topic.
    (But since i’ve read that months ago, can’t stop thinking about boosting my Duo)

    How is the PC Engine CD-ROM ODE going? No major troubles so far like the Saturn?

    Do you have plans for Mega CD 1 & 2 ODE in a distant future?

    Thank you šŸ™‚

    • PCE is progressing, though slowly, I need to be careful not to damage my hardware which is hard to come by in these parts. MegaCD is a future project, I looked at it and it won’t be easy I’m afraid.

      • hello deunan,
        can you please tell me what will be the first hardware revision supported?
        So if I don’t have that revision yet I’ll buy it exclusively for your ode that I hope to buy in the firdt batch
        thank you in advance

      • PCE? The first model (Core/white unit + IF + CD-ROM). Problem is, the CDROM connector is impossible to buy. I got one set by dismantling a broken CDROM and IF units for parts, but that’s not going to work for users…

      • For the PCE Briefcase (Core/white unit + IF + CD-ROM) is a connector necessary? Would it be possible to manufacture a suitably thick PCB with connector pins that would just slot in the IFU connector?

      • Well that’s an idea, but the tolerances are really small so it might be difficult. PCBs are only made in several thickness grades and that’s it. I’ll look into it.

        Chances of finding an old stock somewhere in China’s warehouses are small, it’s ’89 tech. Manufacture would probably be expensive as hell. Soldering 30 wires is not a trivial task, and desoldering the connector without damaging it is even more difficult.

        At least there is a connector. The Duo units have everything on one PCB šŸ˜›

      • Thank you for the feedback!

        Had the crazy hope Duo system was just a PC Engine with integrated interface unit so the ODE could be adapted with different soldering points. Things are never that easy ^^’
        With connectors missing, i guess we should expect soldering anyway.

      • No, that approach is possible, but the soldering points you speak of will most likely be on the QFP chip so PITA to solder, plus a trace or two might need cutting to disable the original electronics from responding. So, doable but not trivial.

      • By the way if you need some tests in more models just let me buy one of your prototypes when they will be ready and I’ll be very pleased to test the compatibility in my different models. I’ve got 4 different models of pce+cd-rom and the IF+CDrom2 is one the go :).

      • Well nothing definitive, but a pcb from OSH Park is the perfect thickness to fit inside the IFU CD connector… Of course, sizing traces correctly is another matter entirely…

      • Traces can be done pretty much to perfection, but the two issues I have is making sure it’s a snug fit so the PCB doesn’t move sideways in the socket – or else it might not connect properly (and there’s over 9V present there on the PS pins). PCB cutouts usually don’t have tight enough tolerances to assure this. Plus if the PCB is even a little bit too thick it will make contact, sure, but it will eventually bend the contacts in the connector and the original drive might no longer make proper connection…

      • Very valid. Like I mentioned, the thickness felt nigh on perfect, but the width issue… Best of luck šŸ˜‰

  14. OK thank you forma the answer, I’ve got only a duo and a duo Rx, in the meanwhile I’ll look for a if (that I will mod rgb) and a CDROM unit!
    Thank you again ad good work!

  15. I’m glad to read that you’ve MegaCD in your mind.
    Please, why does it seems to you to be a bit hard ? You’ve successfully done Saturn and Dreamcast, what’s the tricky part in MegaCD ?
    Thank you !

    • Drive electronics is integrated with the expansion board so there’s no easy way to emulate just that. Well, unless I go low-level optical pickup emulation, I am aiming for that but that will take a lot of time to develop.

      • The killer is probably the multiple expansion boards/pickups Sega used. 2 for MegaCD1, and 2 or 3 for MegaCD2…. Let’s not talk about Wondermega and 3rd parties.. ^^’

        I can only imagine the time, complexity of the task, but i sincerely hope you’ll succeed, so our failing pickups can rest at peace šŸ˜‰

  16. I just want to say that you are a saint for undertaking the emulation of all these optical drives. I just heard about this and will be keeping an eye out for the next pre-order.

  17. About PC-Engine CD-ROM, why not just emulate optical part. Keep CD-ROM mobo, and emulate laser lens and mechanical part. Tricky but possible ?
    Finally, your device replaces the optical part and it plugs directly on ribbon cable connector on the CD-ROM motherboard.

  18. The PCB etching is beautiful on these boards. I love the contrast of the the green solder mask with the gold color. Are you still tinning the solder pads?

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