Bring Me to Life

Good news for a change, this is the final straight for current GDEMU run, I can see the end of the list now 🙂 Because of this I have started planning for the next one – which is currently scheduled to begin on the second week of June. This might still be moved a bit if necessary but it’s the time window I’m aiming for.

Anyway, I think we call all agree the current run was not very well executed, and some of it is my fault. So I’m going to try yet another approach – I’ll be sort of turning the preordering page on/off to manage both the inflow of mails and total queue length. If you happen to miss your chance to place an order just wait a bit (hopefully days and not weeks) for another one. As usual I will do my best to answer all emails but if I see that people are abusing the system by trying to place orders when I’m closed, I will start ignoring those. I’m a human being too and my patience is not unlimited (quite the opposite actually).

Dear Japanese customers:

You can order and buy GDEMU (and Rhea) via Sangatsu-Usagi shops in Akihabara:

Store: Sangatsu-Usagi No.2
Takara-Building 1F 1-5-7, Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Store: Sangatsu-Usagi No.3
3-11-3, Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo