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Good news for a change, this is the final straight for current GDEMU run, I can see the end of the list now 🙂 Because of this I have started planning for the next one – which is currently scheduled to begin on the second week of June. This might still be moved a bit if necessary but it’s the time window I’m aiming for.

Anyway, I think we call all agree the current run was not very well executed, and some of it is my fault. So I’m going to try yet another approach – I’ll be sort of turning the preordering page on/off to manage both the inflow of mails and total queue length. If you happen to miss your chance to place an order just wait a bit (hopefully days and not weeks) for another one. As usual I will do my best to answer all emails but if I see that people are abusing the system by trying to place orders when I’m closed, I will start ignoring those. I’m a human being too and my patience is not unlimited (quite the opposite actually).

Dear Japanese customers:

You can order and buy GDEMU (and Rhea) via Sangatsu-Usagi shops in Akihabara:

Store: Sangatsu-Usagi No.2
Takara-Building 1F 1-5-7, Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Store: Sangatsu-Usagi No.3
3-11-3, Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

44 thoughts on “Bring Me to Life

  1. Hurray!! Super excited for the preorders to open back up! Thank you for all your hard work!!

  2. Ready to order from the USA? Have had my dreamcast gdrom out in preparation.

  3. I want a Rhea badly. Just waiting for neuroacid to finish up his Rhea menu. and i need to save some $.

  4. Hey there and thanks for all you do to help us dreamcast fans. I am wanting to purchase a gdemu as a dreamcast present. I have been checking the link for almost a month but it always says preorders closed. Any way you could email me when they go back up? I see patients all day and can’t really check the site during the day and don’t want to keep missing out.
    Thanks again,

  5. Ive had my gdemu for about half a year now and I’m still so happy with it. Waiting for pre orders to open now for a Rhea!

    You remind me a lot of NWavguy 😉

  6. mockylock is right, dont post your email address in forums. wait until the preorder opens.

    • Hey all, I apologize for my ignorance. I don’t have very much experience posting in forums. My bad for being out of line. I’m happy to wait just like everyone else until the preorder opens. On a sidenote if anyone knows how I can remove my email from those posts feel free to shoot me a message at that email.

  7. Hi some advice plz..

    I have had my GDEMU for about 7-8 months now & just decided to update it last night to the lost recent firmware. This was to mainly play with the reset_goto = feature. I have been playing with this for ages and cannot seem to get it to do what it was designed to do..? All I hoped when I saw this feature was implemented was that you could soft reset the console and by doing so twice it would auto boot back to the selected image. My selected image is 01 (which is GDMenu) and it just seems to cycle back to the default DC dashboard. Am I doing something wrong or is this feature not yet comparable with the menu or something??

    I have looked over previous posts and there was a similar question left in answered so please if someone could enlighten me it would be really appreciated. Thanks

    • Whoops couple of typo’s there on my previous post. I meant:
      1. Most recent firmware.
      2. Feature not yet compatible with GDMenu
      3. Question left unanswered.

      Sorry couldn’t edit my previous post.

  8. Deunan – Stone Age Gamer might be a good U.S. distributor for this. They sell all kinds of stuff like this including krikzz’s flashcarts and some kind of 3d0 usb hdd adapter.

  9. A few words to let the happy GDEMu owners that a new version of GDmenu is available at ASSEMbler.
    Rhea’s one should come soon too 🙂

  10. I Had problem with my computer the 2 last weeks, hopefully no preorders have opened in this time..

  11. My GDemu has just arrived and it’s working great (Samsung 32GB EVO SD Card) – thanks for all the effort you put in it.
    I guess I have to get a RHEA as well 😉

  12. I would love to see an ode for the Sega Cd model 1. Every one i run across has a broken drive.

  13. tell me about it marshall. You fix them and they break again. Scd2 was definately an big improvement,
    although the Model 1 has that Coolness factor to it. It just looks awesome with a Genesis 1.

  14. i have a region modded sega mega cd1 with new laser working perfekt.
    but also like to have an ode in it.
    recently buyed core grafx,only need cdrom for pce ode.
    rhea and gdemu still running fine

    • As it says in this very post, a new GDemu run is due to start the 2nd week in June (i.e. this coming week). You have to check this website regularly, and go to the ‘Ordering’ page.

  15. I have never seen pre-orders on the page yet. I hope they will last at least 24 hours.

  16. Got my gd-emu today! So easy to install I freakin love it!!!! Thank you deunan and all involved!

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