High Hopes

In a world of magnets and miracles:

Theia v1

It’s internal codename is Phoebe but I’m probably going to name the final product Theia. And in case you’re still confused – it’s a 21-pin ODE for SEGA Saturn.

It’s not perfect though – you won’t be able to play CD+G discs. Well, audio will play but that’s it. Shouldn’t be a problem as those discs are rare and proper dumps even more so, but it’s a pity as I was able to get it working on Rhea. On the bright side I did get as close as possible with it and the results are very promising for PCE, which uses a very similar subcode protocol.

Before you start asking – it’s not for sale yet. There are several variants of the 21-pin drive and the device must be first tested with each one. That’ll take time.

Never Miss a Beat

First of all there is a small update in the Links section, a guide to making a simple but effective tray for Rhea has been added. That tray goes under Rhea and prevents dropped SD cards from going deep into Saturn internals, so quite handy.

Now as for promised preorders, I’m about to open them now but as I explained I might have to close soon after if I’m swamped with emails. But fear not, this should actually prevent situations like before where you had to wait more than a month for your unit. I know many of you won’t like this on/off thing but I have to manage the production somehow and the last two ideas for that were not so good after all.

Unfortunately I’m very busy again but I’m planning to test something this weekend, hopefully it’ll work and I’ll have something new to show in few days.

EDIT: Apparently even after all this time it’s still unclear so: DO NOT SEND ME ANY MONEY IN ADVANCE! You will be asked to pay via PayPal once your order is ready to be shipped, it’s all explained on the ordering pages.

If you send anything via PayPal to the gmail address I will not be able to claim it (or refuse it) and it will just sit there for 30 days before PayPal returns it to you. And there’s nothing I can do to speed it up. For security reasons this email is not and will not be ever tied to a PayPal account.