Just a quick status update – there are some delays already due to bad weather. The chemicals I use to clean the PCBs are not good for one’s health in the long run so I try to run the cleaning operation outside. This actually works quite well but only if it’s not constantly raining πŸ™‚

Since the final inspection and testing (and obviously packaging) comes after cleaning I don’t have anything ready to ship at the moment. But I do have a box of assembled PCBs so the delay shouldn’t be big. Do keep in mind there’s only so much I can do in one afternoon even if the rain stops – I will need at least a few days to catch up. But I am assembling more PCBs in the meantime so it’s not a complete waste of time.

48 thoughts on “Raindown

  1. No big deal. Take your time and take care!
    It’s not like our machine have not been waiting for such an upgrade for many years.

  2. Can not wait for the next batch, I want rhea and gdemu, pcengine if it ready or out

  3. I just stumbled upon this wonderful bit of tech and I see preorders are closed, so how may I go about getting a GDEMU? Are you waiting to get your current orders out before you open yourself to more?

    • Yes, that’s how his new order system is setup. Once he’s done with the the current orders, I’m sure he’ll open orders again. Once they’re open, you can check the links for ordering them under the “Ordering” menu at the top of the site. There you will find ordering instructions.

  4. No rush. I think we all prefer a well polished version a little late over a half bad version on time. πŸ˜‰

  5. Hey there,

    as you might guess I’m writing you because I’m looking for a GDEMU unit.
    I know that preorders are closed, but maybe there will be some backorders, or cancellations, so you can get me back in line. Perhaps also you could write me when preorders will open again, since I don’t know when and if ever that’ll happen.

    I’d be happy hear from you.

    • I will reopen preorders in few weeks, right now I’m swamped and can’t even timely push out the existing preorders due to storm/heatwave cycles. So I’m not accepting any new ones until I’m almost done with current list.

      • hey gdemu, excellent job you’re doing here. We are lucky to have you, you are the only in the world doing this.

        When you reopen pre orders, how much will you take for gdemu ? 100 ? More ? Less ? Thanks πŸ™‚

  6. Hello here,
    i may have found a problem with a game, so i report this here in order that other Rhea users can check.

    The game is Earthworm Jim 2, my game comes from a TOSEC set.
    The game boots fine, but once in-game, at first move, the character disappear, and so the OSD. You can still move, kill or be hurt by anything else. It’s just that you’re invisible, like OSD.
    This issue seems weird enough so it may no come from the game format/file itself.

    Please anyone let me know about your tests.

    Thank you

      • Yes, i think so. I’ll have to dig in my cupboard to find those few CDs left.
        Damn, i can’t remember the last time i burnt a CD !
        And i’ll have to recover my chipped Saturn.

  7. So i converted the game file (ISO + WAV + CUE) in a CDI format, then i burnt a CD (it’s been years since the last time i burnt a disc).
    I tested it on another console with a chip, and i had the exact same issue.
    Can it be some kind of anti-piracy system ?

    • Maybe, but I would also suspect the image quality. There is a reason I don’t support CUE files you know πŸ™‚

  8. Is there anyway I can be included in these next batch? I’m willing to pay 200e for one! I’m a big dc fan but recently my GD drive died but I kinda grown attached to this console!

  9. Do you have a rough estimate of how long a unit might take to ship from Poland to the western coast of the United States? I’m not looking for an exact quote, just a ballpark figure.

    • Depends. If all goes well it’s about 2 weeks door to door. But if the postal service messes up and ships it via sea rather than airmail it can take up to 7 weeks.
      Plus in big cities the mail sorting on US side alone can take a week. But at least it’s trackable during that time.

      • Excellent, thank you.

        The only previous experience I have had with international shipments were NGPC games from Play Asia years ago, and I think four to five weeks was what I had to wait for back then, so if it was as short as two weeks that would be a nice surprise.

  10. Use Darkwater rips of games. I bought a RHEA for my friend but played around with it for a few days and it worked no problems with Earthworm Jim 2 (NTSC-U). The only games that I’ve had issues with are the “BUG” games. Everything else works beautifully. I’ve bought around 4 GDEMUS for friends and a few RHEAS too. I’m looking forward to preorders again becasue I’m finally getting me a RHEA and GDEMU. About time- especially given these things aren’t the cheapest lol.

      • Hey my friend, where ca we find darkwater’s rip of Dreamcast games ? Thanks πŸ™‚

      • To locate Darkwater rips just google it. I don’t want to give site-specific information and a page that offers devices such as these. This is for safety’s sake. Sorry Antoine.

      • EDIT: I don’t want to give site-specific information ON a page that offers devices such as these.

      • No problem πŸ™‚ but just for information, does Darkwater do RIP of DC games or only Saturn ? I’ll try to find their work (btw, i’m in France, and in France we can have copy of games if we do have the original. And i have all originals sealed, that’s why i’m looking for good rips πŸ˜‰ )

      • No- Darkwater does not do rips of DC titles. to my knowledge. They did stuff like 3DO, Amiga, Sega CD and Saturn. Just search Dreamcast GDI’s yet again on google. You should find a wealth of information that way. Pretty easy to com across via that method. Glad to be of assistance:)

  11. is there any other way to identify whether the Saturn is a 20-pin drive model or not without disassembling it ?… I would to buy a console through e-bay … and there is no way for me to check it …

    • General rule of thumb (which is accurate 90% of the time) is if you have a Saturn with the oval power/ reset buttons- that’s your 20 pin model- the launch model Saturn. If you have the Model 2 with the circular power/ reset button that’s your 21 pin model. MOST model 2’s are the 21 pin while MOST model one’s are the 20 pin (Rhea compatible variant). If I’m wrong to anyone reading this please correct me- but I’ve used this method and it’s been correct every time.

  12. Good morning, do not know if this is the correct place to post this, bought a GD-EMU in November last year, and just used it since then, one day in February called the game and all right until suddenly the game crashes, hung up and called the DC several times and nothing, the LED GD-Emu is flashing so, I’ve tried recaregar the firmware and it does not load. no longer know what to do, I’m electronic technician, but I have no idea where to start, do an update via J-tag can solve, What should I do?

    • It’s a classic problem of poor connection between Dreamcast PSU and motherboard that plagues all older consoles. Solution is simple, remove PSU and clean the pins and contact springs in the connector.

      • I do not think this is because I have more than 10 currently Dreamcast and opened some to test them and nothing. I believe he fried or brick. I did not get to use it even for five hours, only called a few times to test. I was thinking of buying a large lot for resale here in Brazil, but now I’m really in doubt, my model is 5.4ve not simply the work led flashes intermittently, bought in November came in December and February no longer worked, I discouraged enough, I’m accompanied to buy more but does no other channel to be able to talk to you, maybe send you the GD, so you can analyze, maybe this will help you with future problems or whatever. I would pay the repair because buy another and somewhat expensive, the money gives to buy a dreamcast in the box here in Brazil. Can you help me?

      • Your device stopped working in February but it took you until August to report it? You never emailed me about it but you say there is no contact? And you post a huge complaint here, in comments section? Did you even try the solution I mentioned?
        I am willing to help any of my customers but only if they report the problem properly and you don’t make any sense so far.

      • As you also stray too busy, I have no interest in generating discussion about it, just solve the problem.You not have to believe it or not, and just say when and where can I send a video and etc. I was last year around waiting to buy one and simply not used. yes it was in February, though to tell another lie but given what I get out of it. just tell me how I can solve. Grateful!
        A very important detail as I am using the google translator can seem rude is not my intention.

      • Please contact me through email – comments section is not a suitable place for tech support. It’s dknute at gmail dot com in case you forgot.

  13. Hi there, I’m just wondering if you could give any estimate for when preorders will be opening for the Rhea? I’m refreshing like crazy!

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