Gathering Data

Sorry everyone who ordered Phoebe, it’s taking more time than anticipated. I want to finish the blog page with the installation instructions first and there’s a lot of double-checking going on. For now I’m almost done with the Saturn details page, give it a read.

Now, as you see I’ve introduced a concept of “Saturn type” – this was necessary because the so-called model wasn’t telling people anything except what kind of case it is, and VA numbers seem to be too confusing (to me as well). I don’t intend or expect this type thing to become popular or anything, it’s just something you should figure out using the provided photos and report to me when ordering Phoebe. Nothing more.

Future Phoebe users should note that what I call Type-2 has the original flat cable twisted and later types do not. This is becuase SEGA (apparently) put the connector in rotated wrong at first, and then changed that on later motherboards. Since I had Type-2 as a test subject for Phoebe development I figured I’d fix that by making sure the cable goes straight now – except back then I didn’t realize that later model already have this fix by default. So what it ended as is this: When the Saturn has a twisted cable by default Phoebe uses a straight one, and when the Saturn has a straight cable then you need to twist it for Phoebe. Such a great fix, isn’t it.

Well, the first Phoebes will come with a spare cable so you can shape that one as you need, we’ll see how that works out and what to do next about it. I really don’t want to redesign the PCB as I’ve came up with a pretty clean routing and rotating the connector is going to mess everything. Personally, I blame SEGA.

The Type-2 comes in as Model 1 and Model 2, and the difference is important as the later Model 2 don’t have the CD LED, so the flat cable is wired in a bit different way. I’m still debating on whether to split it into 2A and 2B or not. I need that extra info but it’d be again confusing if I just made a whole extra type just for that small detail. Saying “Type-2, Model 1” works as well but then the whole type thing was to do away with models and VA numbers…