Doin’ it Right

I open Rhea preorders and it all turns into complete clusterfuck in mere hours. So, I’ve closed them again. Apparently nobody reads the pages I’ve prepared and/or there are some serious language barriers. To combat that I’ve prepared a short itemized list:

  • Rhea and Phoebe are not the same thing
  • I don’t sell Phoebes yet
  • I only have a small number of unsold Rheas at this time

First of all, if are ordering make sure you are asking for the right ODE. You’re supposed to identify your Saturn type using the guide I’ve prepared, it clearly says so on the ordering pages. It’s bad enough that people can’t tell what kind of Phoebe they want, now they even confuse the two ODEs and I have to ask for confirmation. You should already know these things BEFORE you mail me.

In fact from now on every order email I get that doesn’t clearly state the Saturn type you have, be it for Rhea or Phoebe, will be ignored. In the same way every order that doesn’t clearly state your PayPal email will be ignored. Lastly if you don’t state your country for shipping cost calculation your email will be ignored. I’m not wasting any more of my time sending several emails to everyone asking about things that should’ve been communicated to me in the very first one, when you place the order.

Lastly, in a very related subject, I’ve had more devices returned to me during the last 4 weeks than I had all year before. If I get one more return, for any reason whatsoever, I’m not going to offer that option for another 6 months.

Tomorrow Is Already Here

I’m almost done shipping Rheas and the early Phoebes, just a few entires left on the list. In fact I will end up with some leftovers for both these ODEs so I might reopen again soon just to sell them.

GDEMU list is in much worse shape though, while I have been slowly advancing through it I can already tell you there will be delays. Hopefully not the usual 2 months ones but up to 3 weeks probably. I’m working on a bunch of devices right now but the very end of the list will suffer most – sorry.

This brings me to a somewhat difficult choice – what to do about the reminder of 2015 now. Last year showed that neither manufacture nor timely shipping is really possible in December, plus I could use a break. I might take new preorders but most (if not all) of these would be delivered in January 2016 at earliest. I know people like getting Xmas presents on the actual day but I’m not exactly Amazon here you know 🙂

Also, I ended up with 3 more green PCBs for Rhea and decided to assemble them as well. So there will be 3 unique units for sale (usual price) soon. Plus I have another 3 units where I tried… things. These are not fully funcional yet (need some FW tweaks) and I don’t want to sell them as the differences might prove problematic in future but otherwise I don’t need all of them. I could, maybe, donate 2 of those to some cause. So in other words someone would get those free and working as-is but with very little assurance. Any suggestions? Just remember I’m looking for something more than “I poor free itemz plz!”.