Tomorrow Is Already Here

I’m almost done shipping Rheas and the early Phoebes, just a few entires left on the list. In fact I will end up with some leftovers for both these ODEs so I might reopen again soon just to sell them.

GDEMU list is in much worse shape though, while I have been slowly advancing through it I can already tell you there will be delays. Hopefully not the usual 2 months ones but up to 3 weeks probably. I’m working on a bunch of devices right now but the very end of the list will suffer most – sorry.

This brings me to a somewhat difficult choice – what to do about the reminder of 2015 now. Last year showed that neither manufacture nor timely shipping is really possible in December, plus I could use a break. I might take new preorders but most (if not all) of these would be delivered in January 2016 at earliest. I know people like getting Xmas presents on the actual day but I’m not exactly Amazon here you know šŸ™‚

Also, I ended up with 3 more green PCBs for Rhea and decided to assemble them as well. So there will be 3 unique units for sale (usual price) soon. Plus I have another 3 units where I tried… things. These are not fully funcional yet (need some FW tweaks) and I don’t want to sell them as the differences might prove problematic in future but otherwise I don’t need all of them. I could, maybe, donate 2 of those to some cause. So in other words someone would get those free and working as-is but with very little assurance. Any suggestions? Just remember I’m looking for something more than “I poor free itemz plz!”.

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    • I am in medical school, just started my third year. Don’t have allot of free time, but when I have it I attempt to play video games. I just but a dreamcast, and on my next free day (6 weeks?) planing on buying a Saturn. This would be great to have, don’t know how long it will take tell I get a chance to install it, if it doesn’t work it’s okay as I only get to play games here and there but when I do it’s a great way to relax.



  1. As we talked about in email, I’m building an archive/compatibility list for both Rhea and Pseudo Saturn. It would be nice to be able to move faster with the Rhea verifications by providing one of my staff with a Rhea to work with, assuming these will have the same compatibility as the current Rhea does.

    either way, awesome of you to offer!

  2. Give the freebie to the person who will create a (yet another) menu for Rhea.
    The more menu choices people have, the better.

    Simply choose somebody who has interest and has a proven trackrecord of doing this type of coding.

  3. Thanks for the update, much appreciated! I missed a previous pre-order slot because I was visiting Cuba so had no internet (seriously). I’m happy to wait as long as it takes to jump on again though and appreciate the awesome work for the Sega retro community! šŸ™‚

  4. I love to collect all your products, but I think I’m lucky enough having 2 gdemu a rhea and a Phoebe, just hope to be in the first batch of pce ode in the future..
    Nice work Deunan!

  5. I’m entering this competition!
    I am … your most northerly entrant (Norway).

  6. I can has CheeseEMU?

    But seriously, I would like to get on the preorder list for GDEMU. I have nearly all consoles and would be happy to test items out for you. I live in the USA though, so shipping test items would get very costly, I imagine. Anyway, I’m OK with receiving my GDEMU in January. Obviously, the sooner the better because instant gratification and all that. But I can wait a little while. šŸ™‚

    • Different MCU, same family but less Flash and RAM. Tested in case the one I use gets expensive or hard to find.

  7. Concerning GDEMU preorders:
    I don’t mind to have to wait a couple of months,
    but having to check the website regularly to have a tiny chance to find the preorder window is far from ideal…

  8. I would greatly appreciate one of the donation Rhea’s. I’m living off of one income and supporting my wife and child and I don’t have much money to spend on peripherals on systems unfortunately šŸ˜¦ I saved up so I could order the gdemu which is part of this delayed batch. Thank god I got most of these things before bills started to hit me over the head. If you want any tests done with it I will gladly record the tests over my phone and send them to you.

  9. I very poor pliz send free items address is street de la calle, 101, golden paved avenue, 1234-ABC NIGERIA thank you i very poor and i go starve now but i videogames money i have thank you

    Man, take your time. About the extra pcb’s I’m sure someone on de dev community would give you a fair price for those. Plus they’re usually knowledge people who can manage shit on their own. but yeah, i veryy poor send money ploz, internetzlol

  10. Like everyone else, I would love a free Rhea, but honestly I could afford it (maybe not when preorders go on sale and in time to actually lock in a preorder but overall I could purchase one)

    My suggestion would be a donation to a gaming museum. There is a travelling museum in the US, that seems to go to Midwest Gaming Classic in Wisconsin every year.

    Which is potentially 1000’s of people benefiting from your work.

  11. Definitely don’t mind waiting for GDEMU in January. Rather have it perfect and finely crafted.

  12. I live in a country (Lebanon) that doesn’t have Paypal and money transfer through a bank can get very expensive but I still don’t mind waiting for one of those “Rhea” boards as I’ve been checking this website on a daily basis to check for its availability.
    I’ll have my friend from the US order a “Rhea” for me then ship it all the way here, (this might take a couple of extra weeks) but what the hell, it’s absolutely worth the wait, right? So I hope pre-orders will be opening again really soon.

  13. Will keep refreshing in hopes of snagging a Rhea or Phoebe! I won’t miss it this time!

  14. Another RHEA revision/proto? Very interesting. Whoever it/they go to, I would be very curious to hear feedback on how compatibility fares and compares to the regular units.

    On the GDEMUfront, does anyone else have issues with Virtua Fighter 3tb? The game freezes/resets whenever I try to highlight Jeffrey. I can play against the computer Jeffery, but he’s not selectable on the user end.

    • Problem is you’re end with VF. Try a different rip/SD card.

      I have every GDI dump from Tosec and Trurip releases and the only game that does not work at all is NBA Hoopz (Black Screen) and the CDI rip has distorted audio.

      • NBA Hoopz needs region matched console to work I think. The rip might have that hacked but then the audio desyncs anyway.

      • Thanks for the input. The GDI I have should be good (verified Tosec), but I’ll try a different SD card sometime. For now, I can live without one fighter (he’s not a favorite anyways). It’s the only trouble I’ve had so far with GDEMU.

  15. Tried all versions, even my own region console (US) on a NTSC/U console and on another console with a region free bios with same results. There is a thread over at with other users having the same issue with the game.

  16. I noticed there’s no “ordering Phoebe” section, so how to order one when you reopen?

    • Read the ordering process and site updates. It’s clearly mentioned on what to do.

      • An actual answer would have been more useful, as I did look around (not well enough, it seems) before asking…

  17. I got my Rhea last week. It works flawlessly with mdf+mds files but it’s incompatible with bin+cue files. The majority of my sega saturn backups are bin+cue format and I have spent hours trying to convert them into a format that the rhea will recognize; to no avail. If anyone has a solution please let me know.

    • If you change the bin/ cue rips to a .cdi file it should work. Mount the cue file and create a cdi disc image from it. If you need more assistance feel free to message me on assembler and I will try my best.

  18. Hi Mr Deunan I solved my paying problem but the receipt expire I send you an email explainig sorry for inconvenience.

  19. Just got my GDEMU installed and tested out with 12 games on a 32gb PNY sdhc.

    Evertything works great. really happy, dreamcast rocks!

    thanks so much Deunan

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