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I open Rhea preorders and it all turns into complete clusterfuck in mere hours. So, I’ve closed them again. Apparently nobody reads the pages I’ve prepared and/or there are some serious language barriers. To combat that I’ve prepared a short itemized list:

  • Rhea and Phoebe are not the same thing
  • I don’t sell Phoebes yet
  • I only have a small number of unsold Rheas at this time

First of all, if are ordering make sure you are asking for the right ODE. You’re supposed to identify your Saturn type using the guide I’ve prepared, it clearly says so on the ordering pages. It’s bad enough that people can’t tell what kind of Phoebe they want, now they even confuse the two ODEs and I have to ask for confirmation. You should already know these things BEFORE you mail me.

In fact from now on every order email I get that doesn’t clearly state the Saturn type you have, be it for Rhea or Phoebe, will be ignored. In the same way every order that doesn’t clearly state your PayPal email will be ignored. Lastly if you don’t state your country for shipping cost calculation your email will be ignored. I’m not wasting any more of my time sending several emails to everyone asking about things that should’ve been communicated to me in the very first one, when you place the order.

Lastly, in a very related subject, I’ve had more devices returned to me during the last 4 weeks than I had all year before. If I get one more return, for any reason whatsoever, I’m not going to offer that option for another 6 months.

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  1. You are absolutely right Deunan.
    In the last orders I did not inserted the PayPal address and the country, but you rembered what they are, I’ll be more carefull in the next orders 😀

    • Probably because they were dumb and ordered the wrong version for their console. I have ordered a GDEMU and RHEA the past few months working fine.

    • It must be identifying if Saturn is 21 or 20 pins and this “twist cable if original is straight” & “straight cable if original is twisted”. Any other issue could be pornographic 😉

      Can’t be that easy on Sega Saturn.. Especially when skipping some reading.

  2. This surprises me. Everyting you need to know you can find here. People just need to read carefully. It’s very well explained.

  3. Now I feel guilty that you had to ask for my paypal address not once, but both times I ordered. T_T
    But then again, I really think you should add that information on the “Ordering GDEMU/Rhea” page. Something like: “Put “GDEMU request” in the topic, and specify your country of origin and paypal email address (for payment and shipping).” People may not follow the blog as closely or just forget stuff that was posted before.
    On a related note I think a section about trouble shooting might be helpful to some people. For example: In the beginning I had some problems with my GDEMU unit, but didn’t want to bother you about it, since I know you’re a busy person. So with some googling I found that my Transcend class 10 card was incompatible. But switching to a Samsung Evo card didn’t solve the problem. I then found a post you made on some forum about bad PSU connections causing problems and voila, that was my problem. After cleaning up the connectors the GDEMU works perfectly. It would really be helpful if this kind of information could be found on a dedicated page here, instead of being scattered across various forums and blog pages from month ago. Just my 2 cents. Keep up the good work!

  4. If you order the wrong model Rhea, just go on eBay and buy a matching Saturn with a broken cdrom for 20$

  5. I am beginning to understand what you meant about your devices needing to be kept simple for the users.

    I’ve also seen a bunch of people lately who are looking for Saturns to use with their Rhea. As in they got the ODE but don’t even have a Saturn yet.

  6. Dang, I apparently wasn’t paying enough attention. Hope to still get a Rhea on of these days for my VA0 Victor Saturn.

  7. Now I feel like an asshole! I really didn’t expect my JP Saturn to not turn on, but I am glad I tried it. Thanks for your patience with me.

  8. I would like to register interest to buy either Rhea or Phoebe, whichever Is available first. I cant find an email to properly register as it seems I am late to the party. If anyting is still available or coming up, please message me.


  9. I honestly cannot believe the issues regarding this post are actual issues altogether. Everything regarding on how to order any of these 3 units has been in black and white- figuratively and literally. I fear, that eventually, the stupid questions and inquiries will make this man cease future productions all together due to hundreds of order requests backed by thousands of half-assed and half-educated questions to stuff that is plainly there for anyone to read with 15minutes, a couple clicks and a few scrolls. Hell- these things come with a return address- how about we send a thank you card- or Christmas card to this fellow- I haven’t yet myself, but I will be doing this once I receive my GDEMU and have his address again as I cannot find the envelope my Phoebe (that I ordered and received because I paid attention to the posts) came in at the moment.

    Thank you Deunan (Mr. R. B.)

    Phoebe works beautifully by the way Deunan- just like the Rhea does that I bought my buddy last year.

    • Because people are thick as two short planks at the best of times and so ignorant and lazy to read simple instructions, yet always have to shift the blame to someone else when things go tits up their end.

      I’am very grateful to own D’s work and think they are fantastic pieces of hardware and will become rare as time goes on. I myself, have thought the exact same thing of him getting fed up with stupid enquires, blah, blah, which could force him to retire from any future productions.

      Again, some might forget that this is a hobby and not a business, which he could end it tomorrow regardless of anything and watch all the butt hurt occur then:)

      It’s painful to watch and hear these updates on issues like this for something so simple and precious to own that may get ruined because of Billy and Johnny not doing their research.

  10. Wait, so people were actually sending the Rhea and/or Phoebe units BACK !?!
    Yeah, I would just find a system it DOES work for even if you were sent the wrong one. These things are amazing and too elusive to pass up once it’s finally in your possession.
    I will admit that my 1st e-mail lacked my paypal address, due to a misunderstanding (I wrongly assumed that you had to reserve the preorder 1st and that you only worried about payment info AFTER you were notified of being on the list)…
    I get it now (and am VERY happy with my RHEA and GDEMU purchases), but I do think there was a little room for confusion even after reading everything several times.
    If I could make a suggestion: on the ordering page(s), specify a uniform format/ “fill in the blanks” for everybody to use with all the information needed (no more, no less, aside from maybe a space for comments). That should idiot proof at least half of the e-mails. Ignore anything else not conforming.

    • I agree with this completely. The info needed in the request to pre-order email is explained on the ordering pages. I followed the instructions to the letter but did also not specify my paypal email in initial email for same reason above. I assumed you would ask for it later when confirming a unit was ready to purchase and ship.
      Just out of curiosity, can a paypal payment request (invoice) be sent to the customer’s email address they used to pre-order from you regardless if it is linked to their paypal account? For example, the customer opens the invoice and then is redirected to paypal to login. Confirmation of payment is then auto sent to whichever email account they have linked.
      Anyway, performing a little research beforehand into the required revision and specs for your console is not too difficult thanks to the info posted here.

      On a side note for GDEMU, identifying a Japanese Dreamcast mobo revision is not so easy from the outside. They don’t have the little circle with numer 1 on the bottom. But if you match the serial number and manufacture date and location, you have a good chance it will be VA01. Here’s a blog explaining things with pictures in Japanese. Just use google translate to get the gist of it. I used this method here in Japan to find a compatible dreamcast.

    • Problem is the Ordering page is a separate page and there’s also Ordering Rhea and Ordering GDEMU, which assume you’ve read the main one. This (otherwise nice and clean) page layout doesn’t work that well so I’ll have to rewrite the pages to always include the info.

      • Yikes! I thought the main “Ordering” page was just a heading for the ODE pages and not an actual link. I do feel a bit dense now, but that explains why I missed that bit of info.

        But yes, adding a link back to the main ordering page and/or the Paypal blurb on the individual ordering pages would definitely help matters.

      • Excuse me sir. When will you be taking orders for the rhea again? I have been checking your page every day for a month for your email. I think I missed it just one day and that was when you opened it, go figure. 😛

        I have all relevant information ready, take my money please. 😀

  11. I, foolishly, missed your paypal money request for the GDEMU, it was definitely my bad, and I don’t expect any special treatment, I just want to make sure I’m not blacklisted from trying to order again the next time you open it up?

  12. Any ideas when you’ll be opening pre orders again mate for the GDEMU?


  13. I am also in for a GDEMU. My beloved whitey has definitely died, I have spent many many hours trying to recalibrate its lense. I will get one the moment I see preorders taken, and I don’t mind waiting some time to get it. BR

  14. I hope everything if going good with the GDEMU manufacturing. Also I hope I didn’t mess up with my preorder for mine x.x

  15. Any idea when will Phoebe boards will be available for pre-order? Thanks.

  16. Blast, I just missed this, or I would definitely have bought a Rhea (I know what model of Saturn I have and everything! :P). Do you have any idea when more will be available / if there will be more?

  17. I would really like to pre order a GDEMU any eta for when you will be allowing them again?


  18. Actually, if they were returned because they ordered the wrong thing, they may be ready to be shipped again to people with the right model. If that is the case, I am in 🙂

  19. Just got my RHEA today! Faster than I anticipated. Thank you for your awesome product. I really hope I catch the GDEMU preorder window next time.

    • Me too! but it is sitting in the post office, and they’re closed 😦
      thanks Deunan! can’t wait to use it. I have a Windows XP tablet that I will specifically use to transfer a game from HD to SD card lol

  20. I have a question…

    I received a paypal payment request for the 110 euro, but the email address is coming from does not match the one I sent my preorder request to.

    Anyone who has done this, did you get the Paypal request through a different email address?

    I’ve emailed the original address to confirm, but other confirmations are welcome!

    • He has often posted that he has a separate e-mail from his paypal address. This is on purpose. I’m not sure if this tidbit of info is on his ordering pages (I don’t see it at least). You can do your own digging through past posts if you wish. But rest assured, the request is from a different name.

    • Yes, it’s normal. Deunan’s pre-order email is not linked to the paypal account he uses. That is the reason for the other email address requesting payment. Don’t delay, pay today!

    • Thanks everyone, yes he did confirm to me that the request is legit

  21. He has often posted that he has a separate e-mail from his paypal address. This is on purpose. I’m not sure if this tidbit of info is on his ordering pages (I don’t see it at least). You can do your own digging through past posts if you wish. But rest assured, the request is from a different name.

  22. So did orders re-open for something? I havent seen anything open and I check back daily

    • I don’t think so. It just means my device is ready from the last preorder round. YAY!

  23. Is there any ETA on that firmware update for Phoebe? I’d love to test out the auto-region-patching capabilities once it gets working!

    • Wait for preorders to open on the rhea ordering page make sure you have the right Saturn for the rhea on Saturn details page first. When ordering make sure to include your PayPal address (even if it’s the same email address you email him from), your type of Saturn, also country you live in, in the ordering email to the email address provided on the rhea ordering page when preorders are open. Asking when preorders are open/going to open won’t make it come faster. If you want a rhea just keep checking the order page daily until it shows his email, place your order, then later on he will send you a PayPal request. Don’t keep emailing him afterwards he is very busy, he hasn’t forgotten you or about your order. This man is making dreams come true and the last thing we want to do is keep him from his thing.

  24. Does anybody know if the AUX holes on the Phoebe boards can be used for anything? Or how to use them?

  25. @gdemu: first, it’s your own fault. second, use a simple FORM for the preorders. You can make all fields mandatory so no user leaves out important information. WordPress can do that easily, so please stop whining about it.

    • Not without plugins it doesn’t. Plus the lack of info I could tolerate but it was the wrong choice of ODE and frequent requests for a return/refund that set me off. How do you propose I fix that?

      • @gdemu, It’s simple:

        Plugin (free, Most popular)

        As for the ODE – simply don’t offer to accept returns. This way people actually read the information before preordering. Placing the information directly on the form page should help.

        Just want to help here.

      • Work around it by using Google Forms, perhaps? You can build a nice registration form with that to help you weed out the mistakes people make. Considering you use a gmail account in the process already, it’d be trivial to implement and help you keep track of things without the headaches you describe here.

        I’d be happy to help out with that, just let me know 🙂

    • Not really. Is asking for the information that is needed to give everyone the right ODE. It’s not his fault if people order a rhea and then try to return it because of it not being the right Saturn that fits the Rhea. This is his page he can do whatever he feels like on it. He could also just call it quits (which would really be bad for the people who want one of his ODEs, and see some more cool projects he might have in the future). With everyone giving him these much issues it’s probably stressing him out so back off a bit okay?

  26. i ordered in november 2014 rhea and everything went well.
    people must learn to read and take time to see what there doing.
    its not just order and done,they must check their console revision,and thats not gdemu’s task.
    and second,they must have patience,this is not some factory crafted board,he’s alone.
    so is it that difficult to do that 2 tasks?

    • Exactly. It takes time to do what he does. Let him do his thing and stop rushing him people.

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