See You There

GDEMU orders are accepted again. A quick reminder:

  • There will be no more GDEMU production until January 2016
  • Therefore first orders will ship in January 2016 at earliest
  • Leftovers (if any) might ship earlier but I make no guarantees

Rhea (and Phoebe) will have to wait until GDEMU rush dies down or the waiting list is full.

EDIT: I’ve redirected the requests to my personal email because gmail made a mess out of it already by grouping everything into one thread. But that should make it easier actually, you should get a reply and PayPal request from the same email now.

EDIT2: GDEMU waiting list is full so I’m not taking any more orders until Februrary 2016 or so. I had hoped there would be less interest this time but apparently not – which is bad for anyone waiting for Saturn ODEs as I will be busy making GDEMUs first. I need to think about it a bit but chances are I won’t be able to deliver any Rheas earlier than February…

For a Small Stipend

New FW for all devices – there was a silly bug which made ISO images pretty much unusable, that’s fixed now. Turns out nobody really uses homebrew much or someone would’ve spotted it earlier.

On GDEMU side NBA Hoopz should now work, though that took quite a few code changes due to discovery of a strange DMA timing issue. I hope I didn’t break anything else fixing that 🙂

Rhea/Phoebe got new MDS/MDF parser code I already introduced to GDEMU earlier, plus there are some internal changes that you all might want to have real soon. Just saying 🙂

EDIT: Oh, and I forgot to mention that apparently Rhea can be used as the CD-ROM drive substitute for those STV arcade boards that used it. Tested and found to be working.

EDIT2: If your Phoebe doesn’t work with the latest FW re-download it again, I’ve updated it just now.

Those of you still waiting for their GDEMU – all devices should ship this week, so please watch your PayPal and pay in timely fashion.

Vault of the Future

New FW for Phoebe ODE owners, this one should hopefully fix the region patching issue. Make sure you’ve named the INI file correctly – some devices tried to open and parse Rhea.ini, this was a silly regression on my part and is not an intended behaviour.

USPS shipment tracking  stopped working some time ago – I don’t know why but there’s nothing I can do about it. Same thing happened in 2014 for a month or two but then fixed itself. Might be a bug in their system, might be permanent. You’ll have to be patient I guess, it usually takes 2-3 weeks for the package to arrive.

Regarding future preorders: I will reopen at the end of this month but do note that I most likely won’t be able to deliver anything before January 2016. December is a bad time for shipping anyway. I will use that time to get some rest, finally finish the next proto PCB for PCE, and play Fallout 4.

If there are no more FW issues I will consider Phoebe mature enough for open sale, though unlike Rhea I only have a few more PCBs left and need to order more first. That means longer waiting time. And speaking of that, I almost got all Rheas done on time but GDEMU list still suffered, there’s always something that derails my schedule and once it happens it quickly escalates. With possibly 3 different ODEs it might get even worse. Because of that I’m trying to find a balance between how frequently I can accept orders and how much at once. I know this causes some of you to miss the window but it’s either that or the list waiting time counted in months. There’s only so much I can do, apparently my devices are quite popular. Maybe the price is too low 😛