Instant Crush

There’s a new piece of software by neuroacid in the Links section: an on-screen menu for Rhea and Phoebe devices. There’s a readme.txt in the ZIP package, it explains how to properly use it.

Before someone gets this bright idea: Do not touch (modify, rename, move, etc.) any of the files in the RMENU folder.

Also, on the subject of Rhea/Phoebe: Very sorry but after some deliberation I will take no more orders for these in 2015. I didn’t plan around December with GDEMU only to have that time filled with manufacture of other devices. Plus I need to order more PCBs so I can’t ship anything right now anyway, and I found (time and time again) that long wait while already on the list makes people not pay when requested and stop responding to emails. If you’re going to change your mind please do it before you place the order, it’s easier for me and better for everybody else as the queue can move along faster.

Seriously people, impulse buyers are maybe not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but they make the delays at the end of each list grow exponentially. I’m to blame for most of the delays, yes, but the really bad ones are actually not my fault but a result of the cumulative time wasted for payments that are not going to happen. If you’re not going to pay then at least have the decency to email me and cancel your order.