Busy Earnin’

Sorry people but the remaining GDEMU orders (which is about 1/3 of them) will slip into February with some probably quite a lot. There is no crisis of any kind this time, I just overestimated how much free time I’ll have this month – turns out it was way more busy than expected.

Also, rule change, from now on if you’re too late with payment but want me to restore your order I will put you back in at the end of the queue. There has to be some penalty because frankly this is getting out of hand. It’s also a lesson for me not to open new orders too early as there’s way to many impulse buyers out there with attention span of a month-old puppy.

All this should not affect Rhea orders much, if at all, as I’ve planned this production better and buyers also seem to pay more attention to their PayPal.

For those waiting for Phoebe: The problem with some Type-4 Saturns has not been resolved yet. If I can’t figure out anything on the software side soon I might plan a batch but for types 2 and 3 only using existing hardware. It seems to work fine with those models.

Iceberg Ahead

Just a small update to tell you that I’ve messed up and ordered wrong pegs for GDEMU. More specifically I’ve ordered Rhea pegs twice instead and only realized that a few days ago when I run out. And now the ones I need are out of stock and earliest I can get them is March…

Well, I found a replacement that should be good enough although not a perfect match (~0.5mm difference in height) so I’m going to use that until I have the ones I prefer – there won’t be a huge delay. That however also means I won’t start taking more GDEMU orders until I have the correct pegs on my desk as I want to be sure I have all the parts.

Since I now have a bag of pegs I probably won’t ever use I’m thinking about adding one of those to each GDEMUs shipped with the substitute. If any of you are unhappy with the different peg you can cut that Rhea one down to size (12mm) on your own if you wish.

Back On A Mission

Rhea orders are open. Please do not abuse the system – any attempts to order other devices via Rhea page will be ignored.

Speaking of ignored, make double sure you’ve put in correct email. I’ve had some cases where I could not answer because the supplied email was either wrong or blocking me. So, if you don’t get any answer from me for days, try a different email. That being said I can’t always reply right away so keep that in mind too.

I expect Rheas to ship in February but I will have a bunch of PCBs ready earlier, so these will be sent ASAP. I also have one or two green/gold units left and decided to sell them.

Also, dear Germans, it seems your postal service got really lousy lately. Once I ship your order and update your PayPal with tracking number please keep an eye on that daily. If you see the status change to “undelivered” go claim it at the nearest post office. If you’re quick you can still get it before it gets shipped back to me. Not only is that a waste of time for everybody, I actually have to pay for the returned mail and shipping it again. If the situation gets any worse I will have to ask for additional payments to cover that.


Happy New Year everybody.

I didn’t get to play FO4 at all except the last few days – my Corsair PSU died after only 8 months and the old/backup one didn’t have 8-pin plugs to power the Fury X. So I had to swap in older GPU as well while I waited for Corsair to get repaired. In the end I got a new one instead – and actually I like it better as it’s dead silent while the previous wasn’t. I mean it wasn’t very noisy but since it’s a semi-passive PSU – in otherwise pretty quiet PC – I could hear the buzzing in idle and it was mildly annoying.

I’ve started shipping ordered GDEMUs but I have a terrible case of running nose now and can’t really assemble more PCBs – so it’s going to be very slow at first. Plus after all those holidays my work place got busy again, so I have very little free time and motivation to do anything more.

Rhea orders will open soon but not Phoebe – there is an issue with some Type-4 Saturns that needs further investigation and quite possible another PCB revision. While it doesn’t seem to affect other models I don’t want to make more devices that I know are flawed. Again I blame Sega and the multitude of mainboard models they’ve gone through. And the funny thing is there isn’t a specific VA mobo that doesn’t work, it seems to be more subtle than that. I will know more once I get my hands on one of the affected consoles.

On PCE front it’s a bit more quiet but at least I have a better idea of what I want now. So far each first ODE prototype was having major issues (altohugh would work with some HW mods). For Saturn I actually started with a dev board but the MCU I had in there (old ARM7) was just not good enough, so I ended up making a replacement sub-PCB with much newer and faster MCU but not before I built a stand-alone V1 ODE. This time I need more I/O pins so I’ll have to use yet another different MCU but I’ll make a new dev board of sorts and a separate PCB for the PCE stuff. This way I can both make HW changes and reuse the dev board later for other purposes. Usually too many wires are bad idea as the first GDEMU showed but PCE is much slower, 8-bit synchronous bus so I expect way less problems. Almost 2 years after it was started but this project is finally getting done 🙂

In related news I’ve also designed and ordered a new interface PCB for Saturn, so that I can finally run some more tests on the drive itself. Plus I bought that Bug! game and I have to say the original disc takes way, way more time to load the levels than ODE, which is probably why it hangs. Once I have the setup assembled I’ll try to compare drive and ODE data dumps side by side to see if it’s something I messed up or indeed a timing issue.