Back On A Mission

Rhea orders are open. Please do not abuse the system – any attempts to order other devices via Rhea page will be ignored.

Speaking of ignored, make double sure you’ve put in correct email. I’ve had some cases where I could not answer because the supplied email was either wrong or blocking me. So, if you don’t get any answer from me for days, try a different email. That being said I can’t always reply right away so keep that in mind too.

I expect Rheas to ship in February but I will have a bunch of PCBs ready earlier, so these will be sent ASAP. I also have one or two green/gold units left and decided to sell them.

Also, dear Germans, it seems your postal service got really lousy lately. Once I ship your order and update your PayPal with tracking number please keep an eye on that daily. If you see the status change to “undelivered” go claim it at the nearest post office. If you’re quick you can still get it before it gets shipped back to me. Not only is that a waste of time for everybody, I actually have to pay for the returned mail and shipping it again. If the situation gets any worse I will have to ask for additional payments to cover that.

46 thoughts on “Back On A Mission

  1. Awesome I am happy for everyone who’s been waiting to order one. I’m looking forward to the Gdemu’s coming back!

  2. I was wondering if you have gone through the GdEmu order list. I’m on it and I haven’t received a payment request…

    • Not yet, again there are people who are taking their time to pay so I expect it’ll take up until February or so. Assuming no disaster strikes 🙂

  3. Nice! I hope you solve the Phoebe problem asap. I want to order mine but I have type 4 board…

  4. So happy to catch the preorder window! Can’t wait to get a rhea for my jp saturn! Happy day. Now i must be hyper vigilant for gdemu window. The future is bringing great things 🙂

  5. Painfully ignorant and away from my Saturn for a few days for identification. I’m willing to buy a new Saturn if mine doesn’t match the Rhea board. How important is the distinction between VA0 and VA1? Just a difference in a length of a cable? Safer to get the VA0 if doing so blindly?

  6. Are we still expecting gdemu emails from the last batch? I got one last year confirming you got my details but none to send payment yet.

    • Ahh just saw your response to someone else on this topic above, no need to reply 😉

    • Oops looks like you were waiting payment from me, all done, paypal never sent email to warn I had a payment request (or spam filter got it), so I suggest people waiting payment requests check their paypal accounts.

  7. Hi. How long will it be, approximately, from the time we send you our information until we hear back from you? Thanks a lot, looking forward to my Rhea.

  8. Checked my Paypal – no hidden request for my GDEMU, so still waiting patiently 🙂

  9. Since I never used Paypal (created an account just now) can I expect some help, on what to do, for when I order a GDemu?

    • PayPal uses the email you gave them as username and this is what I need to ask for money. Not to be confused with the password which is your secret. Once I send the payment request you will see it in your PP account and can pay, you should also get a notification from them but that sometimes doesn’t come.

  10. Checking every day my PayPal Account for a payment request… 🙂

  11. I’ll be installing my Rhea in a Japanese Saturn (HST-3200), and using it in the United States. Will there be any issues with Rhea’s power supply (or use of power) with my setup? Just curious if there are set “rules” when using Rhea in a system from a different region. Thanks.

  12. I can’t find good information about which size SD card is supported, and which brands, speeds, etc. are recommended. Can anyone help? Thanks.

      • yes,its working fine with the menu,i have now 115 dirs on the sdcard.
        all working fine,gona fill more up this day.

    • Wow.. I was about to buy a 32gb SDHC for Rhea, playing it safe as SDXC is unsupported. Glad to hear everything works fine with this one!

      Gonna order this card, thanks a lot for the info, Fille1976. 🙂

  13. I have received a request for payment for GDEMU, I can play in good condition my version of Shenmue UNDUB now, I would pass an order for ODE PC-Engine Duo R 😀

  14. A question about “heat issues”.
    I found this video on the internet , with a “solution”

    Does this solution also apply to the GDemu ?
    Does the GDemu make use of the 12 V power rail ?
    What is your opinion on using a 300 Ohm , 1/2 Watt resistor on 12 Volt and ground?
    What could be the “perfect” load ?
    Could it solve the power supply issue ?
    Thanks for your effort.

    • GDEMU doesn’t use 12V rail at all. If this causes your PSU to run hotter (usually the difference is not really noticable) you can try the resistor approach. Obviously it’ll draw power and hence become hot itself, some people forget that detail. And it’s neither a perfect solution nor there is one with such a simple PSU design. So first, make sure it’s a problem before you attempt a fix, second make sure the fix actually makes the situation better and not worse.

      A better solution in general is adding a bigger 12V fan to both draw some power and cool the DC – but that mod usually takes more space and/or prevents easy access to GDEMU card slot.

      • I did the 12v fan mod! Drilled a few vent holes on the PSU side, then got an sd card extension cable and mounted the sd card reader at the back of the Dreamcast. I also have a switch mounted on the side to go forwards/backwards through the games on the sd card (never use this, really. Have no real interest in having a GUI menu to choose games, either, so I’m still on the original firmware. If I want to play a different game, I just delete the one on the card and move a new game onto the card – currently playing Shenmue, driving the forklift with DC steering wheel and pedals. For the realism, you understand ;))

        The 12v fan has its own on/off switch, mounted in the hole where the open lid button used to be. With a 12v fan sitting over the space where the Gd-rom drive once was, things are positively chilly 😉

        In terms of heat dissipation, even just adding vent holes on the PSU side is probably enough.

      • @moonblue , I’m interested to see pics of your 12v fan mod. Can you provide a link?

    • Other option is to remove the 12v resistor and transistor from the PSU itself. Only downside is you cannot use the original GD-ROM afterwards, if you ever wanted too.

    • is anyone making a 3d printed plastic insert for saturn yet? Id love to have one because sd cards are easy to drop.

      • oops this was supposed to be a reply to the post below about the dreamcast insert.

  15. Check out this little thing I just stumbled upon on YouTube:

    Will compment the GDEMU in your dreamcast nicely if it gains enough traction for production.

    Dreamcast GDEMU CD trey mount

    • I’ll second that, just discovered GDEMU through Adam Koralik’s YouTube Video. I’m willing to shell out for one immediately!

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