Iceberg Ahead

Just a small update to tell you that I’ve messed up and ordered wrong pegs for GDEMU. More specifically I’ve ordered Rhea pegs twice instead and only realized that a few days ago when I run out. And now the ones I need are out of stock and earliest I can get them is March…

Well, I found a replacement that should be good enough although not a perfect match (~0.5mm difference in height) so I’m going to use that until I have the ones I prefer – there won’t be a huge delay. That however also means I won’t start taking more GDEMU orders until I have the correct pegs on my desk as I want to be sure I have all the parts.

Since I now have a bag of pegs I probably won’t ever use I’m thinking about adding one of those to each GDEMUs shipped with the substitute. If any of you are unhappy with the different peg you can cut that Rhea one down to size (12mm) on your own if you wish.

26 thoughts on “Iceberg Ahead

  1. I don´t understand you. What are you saying? You send me a functional GDEMU or not? it haven´t arrived and i don´t know if it will work.

    • Dude chill out, breath slowly and take your time to read and understand what was written. Im surprised you didnt write that in caps lock

  2. I assume my order that already shipped about 10 days ago is the regular, normal one. Frankly, as long as everything lines up properly and works, I don’t care what pegs are used. I’m just looking forward to modding one of my Dreamcasts into using this wonderful device (whenever it arrives). 🙂


    • Two white plastic plug-in parts.Make GDEMU sit in Dreamcast more stable.

  3. The peg that he refers to is just a stand off that supports the GDEMU. I figured someone would panic. LOL

  4. Sad. As I uderstand pre-order delayed till March? Ordering without pegs is possible?

    • You don’t want GDEMU without pegs. I mean the earliest V4 didn’t have them as I used stacked felt pads back then – it works but pegs are easier and nicer.

  5. A while back you mentioned potentially checking into the compatibility issues with the retail versions of Bleemcast if you had the time. Did you ever get a chance to look into it?

    It would be pretty awesome to be able to play Gran Turismo 2 on the DC with shorter loadtimes.

    • I would have to build a more advanced sniffing rig for that and I simply don’t have time. Hopefully someday…

      • Makes sense. It’s weird that the beta/hacked versions seem to work, but the retail ones do not.

        Hopefully if you can get to it it ends up being something simple, but considering the multiple layers of emulation involved between both the GDEMU and Bleemcast itself who knows.

      • Beta works, yes, but hacks of the retail version don’t. Beta disc isn’t nearly as protected though.

      • I have Gran Tourismo 2 and the Bleemcast! disc for it. Much better experience than even playing it on the PS2. I didn’t even think about trying it out with the GDEMU. I assume it would need to have both images (Bleemcast and GT2) on the SD card? I don’t want to sidetrack the discussion too much as I’m sure I could try to search for this on some forum. But if it’s just that simple, that’s awesome. I’m still anxiously awaiting my GDEMU’s arrival.

  6. Still waiting for my payment request, so whichever pegs.. I don’t care so long as I eventually get my GDEMU and haven’t been forgotten about 😀

  7. Is the Rhea open for pre-orders, i wouldn’t mind getting one, cheers

    • Ignore that request as i have a 21 pin Saturn so it’s the Phoebe I’m interested in…

    • I agree, Phoebe news would be great. I have been waiting a while to order. If I wait much longer, I will just go the modchip route.

      • I agree, if there’s no news soon regarding the Phoebe I’ll go the modchip route too.

  8. Hello everyone.

    I’ve been having trouble with one particular game, others run fine, not sure where to ask the questions.

    Its Power Stone, it just freezes after a while. Seems audio related as sometimes there is no music and a couple times it came back sans music after a few of minutes, only to hang for good about a minute later

    I’m using a 32Gb Sandisk card.

    Deunan warns against using images captured using the swap method, so I’m wondering if that may be the issue. Is it possible to identify those?

  9. @ the gremlin,go to,if you have there an account,i can help you further.
    if not,make an account(costs nothing)
    after that give me your username,i can search you up and help you further
    cant give my email or yours here.

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