Doubtful Atmosphere

FYI people I did reply to all Phoebe orders and that was days ago.

It seems some of you didn’t get my confirmation email and as far as I can tell this is only affects accounts – it probably landed in a spam folder as nothing was bounced back to me. Do note that “free” emails with automatic spam filtering usually don’t deliver spam (as opposed to a proper way to do it – mark and deliver anyway) but keep it in internal folder that’s only accessible via web/browser interface. And that folder is pruned after some time passes as to not waste space.

So, rather than bother me, please check your email accounts and do it properly this time, don’t just assume I didn’t reply.

Card Shark

There is a new FW for both Rhea and Phoebe devices that fixes some minor problems.

Phoebe orders are now accepted, including devices for Type-4 Saturns which should work for everybody now. However, if 130 Euros is a lot of money for you then please consider it well before you order – just in case something else comes up.

The devices will start shipping no sooner than 2nd week of March and I expect to finish assembly by 2nd week of April, or so. Also:

  • I don’t sell Saturns, and I don’t do installations or mods, I only provide my ODE devices
  • Please make double sure you’ve picked the right Saturn type before you order, you can always change it later but it will require some soldering
  • No, I will not identify your Saturn for you, if you’re unable to do that on your own with the photos provided you’re probably not skilled enough to perform the installation anyway
  • I will not accept returns or provide refunds for people who confused Rhea and Phoebe, or the model/type, it’s your responsibility to pick and order the right device
  • I’m imposing a limit of one device per customer. I may make execeptions to that rule but only if there are unsold devices left. Attempts to place multiple orders will be silently ignored.
  • This is meant to be a rather short run so don’t blame me if I need to close the ordering page soon, it all depends on how much interest there is.
  • As usual allow a few days for a reply to your order in case my inbox gets flooded.

UPDATE: Aaand closed. The list is full.


I will be taking orders for next Phoebe batch soon, but it won’t be big and whether or not it’ll work with Type-4 Saturns is still up in the air – recent improvements are promising though. The production is scheduled for March as to not collide with current Rhea run.

All remaining GDEMU orders should ship next week. This means I can start thinking about next batch as well, April sounds like a good time for that so orders will probably open late March or so. I’ll give you more details once these are actually known.