I will be taking orders for next Phoebe batch soon, but it won’t be big and whether or not it’ll work with Type-4 Saturns is still up in the air – recent improvements are promising though. The production is scheduled for March as to not collide with current Rhea run.

All remaining GDEMU orders should ship next week. This means I can start thinking about next batch as well, April sounds like a good time for that so orders will probably open late March or so. I’ll give you more details once these are actually known.

46 thoughts on “Reincarnation

  1. I would like to show interest and kindly request to be put on the pre-order list for a Phoebe, payment is guaranteed, cheers.

  2. Thank you as well for your efforts. Seems like the next round of Rhea production or pre-orders may not be until April/May timeline then?

  3. Sounds great. It seems like you have a pretty decent regular schedule with these things. Keep up the great work. These devices really pump extra live into the old consoles.

  4. Congratulations; I’m happy to have been one of your earlier customers. I’ve been following you since your old blog where you first previewed the GDEMU, amazing how far you’ve come! Looking forward to pre-orders re-opening so I can grab a second GDEMU πŸ™‚

  5. Glad to hear production is chugging along. Thanks again for making these wonderful devices! Can’t wait to get on the next GDEMU list.

  6. Hey there!
    I have my GDemu for almost 2 month now and its working flawless so far!
    You are doing a great job!

  7. I am interested in the Phoebe for my type 2 White Saturn. Will there be a list for pre order if it comes out or will it be a first come first serve frenzy?

    • The preorder list _is_ exactly first come first serve frenzy you speak of πŸ™‚
      It’s really not my fault these devices got so popular.

  8. Thanks again for making these devices. I’m ready to order…

  9. Hello, me too i’m ready to buy a RHEA ( Paypal ready too πŸ˜‰ )

  10. I’m too have been waiting for the GDemu to come back on order, I’m ready to order when it comes round πŸ™‚

  11. I’m ready to place a GDemu order, just give the nod and I’m paypal ready! πŸ™‚

  12. Hi. I just installed Rhea in my Japanese Saturn and I’m having some odd issues. All the games I’ve tried are from the TruRip set. I’ve tried five, and two of them don’t work: It says “Cartridge unsuitable for this system.” I had an official Japanese Memory Backup Cartridge inserted, so I turned off the system and removed it. Now the same two games say, “Game disc unsuitable for this system” instead. They’re U.S. games (Clockwork Knight and Daytona USA), but Baku Baku (U.S.) works fine. I tried adding a Rhea.ini file to the root, with auto_region = 0, but I still get the same results. Can anyone help? Thanks.

  13. UPDATE: I’ve tried 16 games, and 11 of them don’t work. However, all four Japanese (J) games I’ve tried work. All the ones that don’t work are either (EU) or (U), with the exception of Baku Baku (U), which works. It seems likely that I’m doing something wrong with the Rhea.ini file. Since I have an unmodded Japanese system, what should be in the INI file? I put it in the root of the SD card, right? Thanks.

    • It does look like your INI file is not being parsed. What did you use to make it? Are you sure it hasn’t resulted in something like Rhea.ini.txt?

      • Yes, initially I made the INI on a PC and tried it with the Rhea, but it didn’t work. When I looked at the file on my Mac, I noticed it was Rhea.ini.txt. I then removed the “.txt,” but it still didn’t work. I then tried creating the INI on my Mac, but the Rhea was still not working correctly. Finally, I created the file CORRECTLY on a PC, and now everything seems to work fine. (The Mac is my personal computer, and the PC is a family member’s, so I try to do everything on mine, when possible.) So hopefully all my messages weren’t in vain here, as perhaps there’s a lesson: If you’ve created your INI on a Mac and the problem persists, try creating it on a PC.

        Thanks for your help, and thanks for your awesome device.

  14. FIXED: Got it. The correct INI file fixed it. First I created the file on a Mac, but that didn’t work. When I created it on a PC, it worked. Thanks.

    • Haha, definitely! After I got it working, I played different games on the Rhea for a couple hours last night. It works PERFECTLY. Amazing!!!

  15. How’s the PC-Engine CD ODE coming along? That’s my most wanted ODE, even if it requires me soldering a ridiculous amount of wires.

  16. How’s the PC-Engine CD ODE coming along? That’s my most wanted ODE, even if it requires me soldering a ridiculous amount of wires πŸ˜›

    • I thought the plan for this was for it to connect to the IFU or to go inside the CD unit?

      • No idea what his final plan is. I’m just willing to do whatever is necessary, even if it’s a pain.

  17. I’d like to pre order if possible, I can pay the cash upfront. Email if you’d like. Thanks

  18. Thanks for the update, I’ll do my best to pay close attention and get in on this.

  19. GDemu awesome. Just got my hands on a V0 Saturn and now I want the Rhea. Can’t wait for orders to reopen. Keep up the awesome stuff, man.

  20. I like to buy a GDEMU my GD-rom disc drive just died in my Dreamcast. I checked the code it says 1 on the backside it’s USA ntsc unit. I have mostly Capcom 2D fighting games (street fighter, marvel, etc). Are you no longer accepting orders? Love to get one if somebody cancels. Thank you!

  21. Hi, i did the order for Phoebe saturn type 2 (21 pin), but mine is the type 3 (21 pin), is there a way to change it? email removed

  22. I went through the order process for the phoebe “message was sent” only I haven’t received any confirmation email, i understand not to post questions here but i can’t submit my query through the order confirmation email as i didn’t get one, so i don’t know now if I’ve managed to order one. i have checked my spam and nothing. aplogoies for posting this here…..

    Tony (Mrchip)

    • I have you on the list (Type-2, UK) and I did reply to your order. My answer did not bounce so please check with your email provider if they have any overly aggressive spam filters on their side.

  23. the same to me , I made the request but did not receive any confirmation on my email

    • I have you on the list (Type-2, Brazil) and I did reply to your order. My answer did not bounce so please check with your email provider if they have any overly aggressive spam filters on their side.

  24. Hi there, I’d like to order you a gd emu, but do I have to check your website every day to know if I can order ?


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