Card Shark

There is a new FW for both Rhea and Phoebe devices that fixes some minor problems.

Phoebe orders are now accepted, including devices for Type-4 Saturns which should work for everybody now. However, if 130 Euros is a lot of money for you then please consider it well before you order – just in case something else comes up.

The devices will start shipping no sooner than 2nd week of March and I expect to finish assembly by 2nd week of April, or so. Also:

  • I don’t sell Saturns, and I don’t do installations or mods, I only provide my ODE devices
  • Please make double sure you’ve picked the right Saturn type before you order, you can always change it later but it will require some soldering
  • No, I will not identify your Saturn for you, if you’re unable to do that on your own with the photos provided you’re probably not skilled enough to perform the installation anyway
  • I will not accept returns or provide refunds for people who confused Rhea and Phoebe, or the model/type, it’s your responsibility to pick and order the right device
  • I’m imposing a limit of one device per customer. I may make execeptions to that rule but only if there are unsold devices left. Attempts to place multiple orders will be silently ignored.
  • This is meant to be a rather short run so don’t blame me if I need to close the ordering page soon, it all depends on how much interest there is.
  • As usual allow a few days for a reply to your order in case my inbox gets flooded.

UPDATE: Aaand closed. The list is full.

48 thoughts on “Card Shark

  1. I’m eager to order a Rhea after ordering Phoebe and GDEMU, but will wait until the next batch. Too many consoles, so few money.

    I had no idea that the firmware was upgradeable on the Saturn ODEs too, nice touch!

  2. thx deunan,really great support for your devices.
    keep up the good work.

    • Sorry i’m so confuse…it’s 21 pins ribbon drive and 32 pins MCU.

      • That will be a Type 3 version. It’s all explained on this site and is what I have just ordered.

  3. Is there there more than 1 version of Phoebe?
    I have both Type 2 and Type 3 Saturns, and I am curious as to if both work with the same Phoebe or if each would need to have a different version of Phoebe?

    • In this particular case you might be able to use just one. Especially if your Type-2 doesn’t have ACCESS LED.

      • I just ordered a Type-3.
        Perhaps we could exchange a few emails when you have some free time, perhaps after you take care of all the phoebe orders =)
        I can always put my hands on some soldering but I would prefer to discuss it with you first.

  4. @gdemu.

    Is it safe to still leave a mod chip connected to the 5V once the ODE is installed? I ask in case for whatever reason it being in the future (testing purposes, etc) and I decide put back in the disc drive, it would save me having to re solder the 5v again from the PSU to the Chip and all I would need to do is just put back in the ribbon cables.

    So just wondered if this is possible without causing any detrimental affect to the ODE in the long run.

  5. I hope Im not too late to order before I have had the chance to check whar type my japanese white Saturn is later tonight. It does have a trap board but thats all I can remember from last time I looked.

  6. just tested bug on rhea 3.6 firmware,still not working,hope youll find what it breaks deunan.
    for the rest,more then 160 games on 128gb sdcard,and only 1 game is not working(Bug)
    and i have 41gb left over.

  7. Bug has some different timing issues on boot-up apparently. Tbh, if 99% of the Saturn catalogue is currently working, bar one game, it’s not really a problem and a priority IMO.

    • @carlos.

      I think we messaged one another here some before the new year about Gradius. I’ll test mine on the new fw in a day or so this week after work

  8. We did. As I told Deunan, regarding Gradius II — it seems the music stops playing at the beginning of the stage 2 whether if you get too far from the foreground’s center when entering the alien base, no matter if it’s downwards or upwards. If you keep a close distance to the stage’s horizontal “axis” at that point, the music will never stop.

    Regarding Tokkae-Dama, in case — just let the intro and title screen end, and when the how-to demo starts, you’ll notice the girl’s speech will suddenly stop, whereas the sound effects will be working. This happens with all the how-to demonstrations (there’re more than one with different speech, if you let them appear).

  9. You have to b e quick to get on the list I see. Better luck next time. ๐Ÿ™‚
    If someone flakes out will there be a chance for others to jump on?

  10. Just too late…
    When an order falls through I would be happy to take that slot ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I was in vacations and unfortunatly missed preorders…

    I will check for another time. Thank you for your great work.

  12. Hi, interested in a Phoebe as well, had still to wait for the device to arrive to check its type. Please clear msg as soon as a new batch is planned. Thanks a lot – great job!

  13. Hey – interested, money not a problem. Could you message or update when/if your doing another batch? Will check back – but great work. I need to take a look inside my Saturns to see which versions I have. (Grey V.1, Cool + White all JP).

  14. I placed an order but no email confirmation yet – how to check I got in please?

  15. Hi,
    Did I make the preorder list? I haven’t received any confirmation email :s

      • Great thanks for the confirmation, glad I got in =]
        I double checked my Hotmail account including via web browser junk/deleted, I haven’t received any email :s
        My paypal account is the same as the address given, ready to pay anytime – thanks!

  16. Any chance to hear more about what the issue was with some Type-4 Saturn’s? and was it fixed in software or hardware?

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