Doubtful Atmosphere

FYI people I did reply to all Phoebe orders and that was days ago.

It seems some of you didn’t get my confirmation email and as far as I can tell this is only affects accounts – it probably landed in a spam folder as nothing was bounced back to me. Do note that “free” emails with automatic spam filtering usually don’t deliver spam (as opposed to a proper way to do it – mark and deliver anyway) but keep it in internal folder that’s only accessible via web/browser interface. And that folder is pruned after some time passes as to not waste space.

So, rather than bother me, please check your email accounts and do it properly this time, don’t just assume I didn’t reply.

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  1. I didn’t receive it, and nothing in my spam folder too.
    A friend exactly the same….

  2. Hi,

    Have hou mailed me as I did not receive any mail…



    > Op 28 feb. 2016 om 14:22 heeft GDEMU het volgende geschreven: > > >

  3. I not received a confirmation email, i check my spam folder, i have nothing

  4. Sorry to immediately bring up this same problem (I had assumed the confirmation emails were just late coming) but I hadn’t received any confirmation in either my spam or inbox folders since ordering on the 20th. It’s probably just an issue on my end and figure that since you’re sending the payment request via Paypal everything should show up fine if I actually had my order submit correctly. Just thought I should mention it.


  5. Hey there

    I’m a hotmail address as well, didn’t receive any confirmation or email (I do check my SPAM as well and nothing in there except viagra emails, joy)

    Any chance you could check for me? I put in for Phoebe a few days ago

  6. Hey there

    I’m another hotmail user but didn’t get any email or confirmation, nor in my SPAM folder

    Any chance you could check for me? Many thanks!

  7. Would love to get on the list or even the pre-list- for a Rhea.

    Thank you good sir.

  8. Hi, sorry for disturb , I got some question about ur Naomi emulator , please help me, my email is : email removed

    • Wait for a payment request email and check the Paypal account. I have ordered a Rhea and GDemu in the past and that is what I did.

  9. @GDemu Yeah, double checked my Hotmail account and spam, yet nothing there. I did receive your reply to a separate email I sent about the pre-order, which you confirmed my Type 3 (UK) is on the list.

    I have bought a Rhea and GDemu in the past, so there should not be any issues when the payment request is sent.

  10. Could you check it for me too? Im hotmail user but check it and paypal everyday but nothing until now

  11. Hi, I received the order confirmation email but haven’t received a Paypal payment request yet (I don’t know if you’ve sent PayPal requests out yet). Can you check that I’m still on the list? Many thanks.

  12. Hi

    I pre-ordered but I didn’t get a confirmation email. My email account is @msn (same as hotmail). Would you mind checking if you got my pre order? thanks!

  13. Hi, sorry for disturb. I have some question about ur Makaron Naomi emulator , please help me. Check ur Deunan blog PM/ pm me via my facebook or my email bcause I donno what is ur email.
    Thank you.

  14. Hello,

    A Hotmail user here, did not receive a confirmation. If I did make the list, I was too anxious when I saw the order list open. Can you switch it to a type 3(?) I opened and verified too late.

    Thanks and apologies

  15. Hey, just wanted to publicly thank you for your hard work. My Rhea arrived overseas much faster than I anticipated after getting the shipping notice. Install was super easy and works like a charm. Thanks, again.

  16. Like 1saturnfan, just a quick public feedback: my Phoebe has arrived superfast and it works perfectly (with optional frequency change). An invaluable piece of hardware and software (RMenu). Thanks!!!

  17. Hi. I tried the most recent TruRip version of Symphony of the Night on my Rhea today, and it had a problem. I started a new game, and it played through the intro video. After the screen went to black (2:44 in the video below), it froze and there was no sound or video, so I had to restart the system. Has anyone else encountered an issue with this game? (Please note that I didn’t make the video, I’m just using it to show you where it froze.) Thanks for your help.

    • UPDATE: I removed my backup memory cartridge, and cleaned the slot, which is very finicky. Now Symphony of the night seems to work correctly. No idea if the cartridge slot caused the problem or if it was just some weird glitch.

  18. Any idea on when new Rhea orders may start again? Been very happy with my GDEMU and just got my hands on a VA0 Saturn with a dead disc reader. If there are any cancelled Rhea’s from this last patch, I would me more than happy to fill one of them. =P Keep kicking ass, D! Thanks for everything you’ve done.

  19. Hi, interested in a GDEMU as well. Please: When will be the next opportunity to purchase one of a new batch? For when is it planned? And: Is there currently any chance to fill a gap in a former queue? Thanks for an answer.

    • I’m also Waiting for a paypal invoice for the Phoebe, nothing as yet…..

  20. My question again: I am interested in a GDEMU as well. Please: When will be the next opportunity to purchase one of a new batch? For when is it planned? And: Is there currently any chance to fill a gap in a former queue? Thanks for an answer.

    • @Gdemu

      If you get time could you look into the issue with the dreamcast D2 regarding the disk swapping . I remember you mentioned it could be a possible bug when i reported it to you last year. However, i started a bug test on assemblergames and another user has reported it too along with another user who mentioned Shenmue does the same. I thought it might have been an isolated case, yet it appears it may not be. Any feedback will be great. Thanks

      • I did look at it and frankly I have no idea why it happens. The first disk change works, after all. I still haven’t (re)built the (upgraded) sniffer I need to run more tests.

  21. Hi!
    What a pity that I missed the last preorder of your PHOEBE ODE. I’m so bussy in those days, and when I saw that post it had no chance to enter the order page.
    I know you’ve closed PHOEBE’s order page, but as a loyal customer of ur product(I’ve bought GDEMU), could you add me to the list of PHOEBE orders?
    Thanks anyway.

  22. @GDEMU:
    I am interested in a GDEMU. Please: When will be the next opportunity to purchase one of a new batch? For when is it planned? And: Is there currently any chance to fill a gap in a former queue? Thanks for an answer.

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