Two Years

It’s been 2 years since I’ve started making GDEMU – the project itself is much older but there were a lot of trials and errors before I got something small and cheap enough to consider making it available.

The plan was to finally show the PCE CD-ROM replacement prototype at this point but that got delayed, again. It took way more time to figure out the problem with Type-4 Saturns than I expected, and the reason why it didn’t work in the first place actually threw a huge wrench into PCE project. Plus, kinda by accident, I discovered that AVRs are pretty lousy at being SPI slaves and that pretty much killed my lastest idea. But I’m not giving up on that yet, looking for some workaround. I might actually order the PCB anyway just to test some other stuff. Next target is end of summer or so. Let’s see what happens to make me miss that one too 🙂

Phoebe assembly and testing is going slower than Rhea, I started doing it in smaller batches that target specific Saturn type rather than configure and test each board last minute. That means I will be shipping them a bit out of order, plus there might be longer delay between your payment and the actual shipping taking place but no more than a few days. Hopefully I won’t mix up the orders. I expect to have 2/3 of the list done (though maybe not shipped) by the end of this week and the rest should be ready before April.

You might have noticed I’ve stopped responding to all the “when’s the next batch of …” questions. Frankly there’s no point, I answer one person and three other turn up and ask the very same qustion a day later. Plus if I actually had a specific date in mind I would’ve posted about it, so obviously I don’t know myself (yet). I’d say next Rhea/GDEMU runs will happen around April/May but possibly not at the same time and this is all guesswork at this point. So please be patient.

Lastly, a reminder that Phoebe flat cable connector is not ZIF (neither on the ODE nor on Saturn motherboard) and you should take extra care when installing the device. Actually the cable insertion is rather easy, removal can be a bitch though. Unless you really need to move the device between Saturns (not recommended in the long run) please install it once and leave it there. There haven’t been any accidents yet but I’ve managed to kill one connector already by not being careful enough during testing.