From Yesterday

Rhea orders are now closed. How the hell did you people manage to fill up the list in less than 48 hours?! This is a new record for Saturn devices.

I should be able to process all remaining Rhea orders in few hours and then I’ll start building GDEMU list. Every time I see the mess Google made out of it I want to just delete the whole thread – I can only work on it for an hour or so at a time before I rage. So the plan is to process the redirected emails first, then Google, and reject any duplicates. And never used gmail again for collecting orders.

This means the list order will be somewhat random but I should be able to fit everyone in. One GDEMU per customer – no exceptions to this rule at this time, or otherwise I would never be able to tell duplicates apart from multiple orders.

Lastly, and this is important, once I’m done with gmail side I will try to send a bulk email answer (with recipients hidden from each other) from my other email – this wil most likely cause that message to be marked as spam on your end. To help you not miss it I will update this post when I send it, so you can be more vigilant.

EDIT: I’ve finally processed all the gmail orders and sent the bulk reply – so please monitor your inbox closely.

The good news is I have accepted all orders, the bad is there was only about 10% overlap between the early orders and the later ones. With the huge gmail delivery delay I ended up with about two times more orders than I had planned on taking before I closed. Very sorry but some of you will have to wait many weeks for your GDEMU . This might also affect Rhea deliveries a bit so consider all the projected wait times to be very inaccurate.

And finally, apparently some of you have entered incorrect emails into the ordering form because I got a few bounces. If your email contains any of these words: bumblejmper, caspermurks, mikesharp – your order will be cancelled if I don’t hear from you in the next few days.

EDIT2: If you haven’t heard from me at all, and especially if your email is in the or domains, you can use comments system here to ask about your order status. Put your email only in the email field and not the text box, and in the text box simply write “Order check GDEMU” and I will answer when I see it.

Keep it simple and DO NOT abuse this or I will ignore such comments.


You might have noticed there was no April Fools event this year. The short version is I had something prepared but last year some people raged hard so I’ve changed my mind. Thanks to that though I actually came up with some alternatives so hopefully next April will be more fun 😛

Anyway, I’ll be opening Rhea and GDEMU orders next weekend. I hate to combine those but that’s the best solution – I’ll try to make the batches smaller, like with Phoebe, I was actually able to wrap it in a month starting from zero. There’s probably going to be more angry people that couldn’t get on the list but on the bright side the next batch will come sooner. Even with that you’ll have to wait perhaps up to 6 weeks to get your device.

Oh, and this apparently needs to be repeated each and every time: I do not take money up front. No, I will not put you on the list before I open it for everybody, and no, I will not email you to let you know it’s time to order.

EDIT: Orders are open.

EDIT2: There was some sort of problem with GDEMU ordering form (or maybe with gmail again), I haven’t gotten a single order and decided to investigate. It’s rerouted to my other email now but orders placed before 19:30 Central European Summer Time are probably lost. Very sorry but please try again now. Also, as usual, my inbox is overflowing so I’ll need some time to process all of it, be patient.

EDIT3: GDEMU orders are temporarily closed due to flood of emails. Gmail finally delivered but dumped everything into one thread (because of identical message subject) and it will take me days to sort it out.

Also, do note you’re getting an inferior device: