You might have noticed there was no April Fools event this year. The short version is I had something prepared but last year some people raged hard so I’ve changed my mind. Thanks to that though I actually came up with some alternatives so hopefully next April will be more fun πŸ˜›

Anyway, I’ll be opening Rhea and GDEMU orders next weekend. I hate to combine those but that’s the best solution – I’ll try to make the batches smaller, like with Phoebe, I was actually able to wrap it in a month starting from zero. There’s probably going to be more angry people that couldn’t get on the list but on the bright side the next batch will come sooner. Even with that you’ll have to wait perhaps up to 6 weeks to get your device.

Oh, and this apparently needs to be repeated each and every time: I do not take money up front. No, I will not put you on the list before I open it for everybody, and no, I will not email you to let you know it’s time to order.

EDIT: Orders are open.

EDIT2: There was some sort of problem with GDEMU ordering form (or maybe with gmail again), I haven’t gotten a single order and decided to investigate. It’s rerouted to my other email now but orders placed before 19:30 Central European Summer Time are probably lost. Very sorry but please try again now. Also, as usual, my inbox is overflowing so I’ll need some time to process all of it, be patient.

EDIT3: GDEMU orders are temporarily closed due to flood of emails. Gmail finally delivered but dumped everything into one thread (because of identical message subject) and it will take me days to sort it out.

Also, do note you’re getting an inferior device:

92 thoughts on “Synchronised

  1. Hi Placed my order for the gdemu this afternoon but so far had no confirmation, anyone else had confirmation?, I’m worried mine hasn’t gone through 😦

  2. Thank you for the pre-order! I just put in for a Rhea. No confirmation but I don’t recall getting one last go-round when I got my Gdemu.

  3. Hey Deunan, You’re doing a great service to the community and I love what you do, but if you don’t want to make and sell these anymore, why not open source the hardware and software and stop selling them? Let the community take over.
    It seems to me that this has stopped being enjoyable for you.
    If that’s not the case, then I am mistaken and I apologize.

    Also, Regarding the russian USB-GDROM, I have been trying to purchase one for almost a year now and MNEMO won’t sell me one because he is “too busy”. Yours came up for order, and an available unit that is “inferior” is still better than a completely unavailable unit that claims to be superior. Take that as you will.
    I just want my Dreamcast to work again, and after 4 failed laser units in as many years, i’d be happy with anything at this point.

    I put in my order as soon as the preorder page went live. I have not received any confirmation, but I will patiently wait for it.

  4. What seems to be the problem? What confirmation are you talking about?

    I’m also a gmail user and ordered gemu, is everything ok? 😦

  5. Boo to gmail. I ordered mine and hope it got through. If not I can wait but it would suck more. Anyways I can help you build a better ordering system if you want. I build those things all the time using WP sites. Best wishes on your next batch to a very devoted community of SEGA fans.

  6. hey, no one is going to die if you take a day off or two……. we are all very happy you are providing this unique service. we all can wait, even till the next batch if we have to.

    take some reste, have a great sunday.

  7. i’m happy with both my devices from deunan.
    why is mnemo having problems with stoneagegamer??
    i’m glad i did the good choice to go for deunans device.
    he is unreliable and the only thing i need is an ode for 3do.
    i know he sells them,but i dont need it from him.
    maybe in the future deunan or someone else make 1.
    keep up the good work deunan.

  8. Hey there

    I ordered GDEMU yesterday morning about 10:10am GMT, shortly after they opened. I didn’t see Edit2 until now when pre-orders are closed so I’m unable to send through another order and now very worried my order didn’t go through. Could you please check it for me?

    • check edit 3. gmail finally delivered all the ”morning” mails, so i think our “early” first orders will be taken into consideration. crossing fingers πŸ™‚

      • Yup I also created my order early and did not make it in time to redo the order so hopefully after reading edit 3 we still have a chance.

  9. Had this site plugged into an rss feeder app and it never notified me that pre-orders were open. FML

    • Likewise – because he edited this post to say they were open instead of making a new post, everyone who wasn’t flooding the site with F5’s missed out, which was a bit sucky.

      I’m pretty relaxed about it, though, since there’s such a massive demand and Deunan can only make so many at a time. I’ll just have to spam F5 next time.

  10. Yesterday morning placing the order for a GDEMU and did not receive order confirmation.
    Please confirm me that my order was successful.
    Thank you.

  11. Yesterday morning around ten placing the order for a GDEMU and did not receive order confirmation.
    Please confirm me that my order was successful.
    Thank you.

  12. I love that you linked Mnemo’s comparison chart. You guys aren’t selling a product lined on up on a grocery aisle, you’re both going to sell as many as you want without Mnemo having to attack your product. XD

  13. Already have a GDEMU and just put I an order for the Rhea for the Saturn. I love the comparison for the GDEMU. Funny how some people just cannot be content with choices. I love the GDEMU and it solved the need that I have. The Rhea will do the same. Keep up the great work, your fans certainly appreciate it!!

  14. Is the expectation that we should have received an email back from you if you got the GDEMU pre-order, or we don’t expect to hear back from you until you’re ready to take our money? My PayPal is under a different account than what I use to post on here; I’ll wait it out and see what happens.

  15. Well, I placed an order originally, so I haven’t a clue if I’m counted or not. Hopefully yes. πŸ˜‰

  16. Hi Boss,
    I have been ordering the GDEMU in weekend. However, I did not receive any confirmation so far. Would you let me know I was succeed to make the order or not.

  17. Sigh. I just learned of this existence. Gdemu. That I could dust off my dream cast. Finally. After all these years. But hot damn I apparently just missed the boat in ordering. Looks like a check back every day kind of thing. For my DC library its worth it.

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