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Rhea orders are now closed. How the hell did you people manage to fill up the list in less than 48 hours?! This is a new record for Saturn devices.

I should be able to process all remaining Rhea orders in few hours and then I’ll start building GDEMU list. Every time I see the mess Google made out of it I want to just delete the whole thread – I can only work on it for an hour or so at a time before I rage. So the plan is to process the redirected emails first, then Google, and reject any duplicates. And never used gmail again for collecting orders.

This means the list order will be somewhat random but I should be able to fit everyone in. One GDEMU per customer – no exceptions to this rule at this time, or otherwise I would never be able to tell duplicates apart from multiple orders.

Lastly, and this is important, once I’m done with gmail side I will try to send a bulk email answer (with recipients hidden from each other) from my other email – this wil most likely cause that message to be marked as spam on your end. To help you not miss it I will update this post when I send it, so you can be more vigilant.

EDIT: I’ve finally processed all the gmail orders and sent the bulk reply – so please monitor your inbox closely.

The good news is I have accepted all orders, the bad is there was only about 10% overlap between the early orders and the later ones. With the huge gmail delivery delay I ended up with about two times more orders than I had planned on taking before I closed. Very sorry but some of you will have to wait many weeks for your GDEMU . This might also affect Rhea deliveries a bit so consider all the projected wait times to be very inaccurate.

And finally, apparently some of you have entered incorrect emails into the ordering form because I got a few bounces. If your email contains any of these words: bumblejmper, caspermurks, mikesharp – your order will be cancelled if I don’t hear from you in the next few days.

EDIT2: If you haven’t heard from me at all, and especially if your email is in the or domains, you can use comments system here to ask about your order status. Put your email only in the email field and not the text box, and in the text box simply write “Order check GDEMU” and I will answer when I see it.

Keep it simple and DO NOT abuse this or I will ignore such comments.

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    • Sorry, This may have been posted by me as a mistake when I was trying to see why my comments were not showing up. I don’t even have a Saturn.

      • Thanks, let me know when you’d like me to pay, I guess the mail bounced from

        Thanks again for the reply, really appreciate it and all the good work! Best, Luke.

      • Received the invoice and paid – thank you very much! 🙂

        Just wanted to post a note for others waiting – be patient guys, trust that the invoice will come through for you as soon as it’s ready.

  1. Will you contact those again who are on your List but
    have not received an email?
    That would be great.

  2. Order check Rhea and GDEMU

    I know you personally responded to my email but I did not get a bulk email. Thank you.

  3. Inquiry about my Rhea order. I never saw a response about my order. Can you email me? I checked my bulk/spam and didn’t see anything. I don’t want to miss out on the order!!

  4. Order check GDEMU
    (Not sure if my first comment went thru a few hours ago)

  5. Sorry to post again but you’ve skipped over me above twice, did my order not go through? 😦 It’s for GDEMU

  6. Regarding your PCE work in progress – is this likely to be device attaching to the rear extension bus? If so how about using ‘tennokoe 2’ back up units as hosts? They are relatively cheap & easily available? I can donate one to you if any use?

  7. hi Deunan, just received the paypal invoice and paid with our business paypal account, so email on the receipt is different to the one on your list, hope it won’t be a issue, thanks.

    • Are we supposed to be looking for an invoice at this point? I have not received any such thing and just want to make sure I’m not leaving you hanging – thanks!

      • He’ll send your invoice when your specific device is ready to ship, he doesn’t do them all at once. I’m waiting too 🙂

  8. Hi! I know it’s 2016 and 4k… But i’ve been trying to put some Video CD image on my Rhea but ran out of ideas. Got half lucky with one i made with a short clip but it skipped tens of seconds at a time with almost no video frame update. I’ve also tested Lunar MPEG and videos were flawless.

    VCD is CDXA in mode2 (2336 bytes instead of 2048 bytes per sector). And 2 tracks iirc.. Is it supported by Rhea?

    I had so much fun encoding VCDs back then i’d love to downgrade HD movies to Mpeg1!!! Ok i should get a better hobby 😉

    • Should work, did you try to burn it and check if the real drive has issuses with it as well? Could be something about the stream.
      If it does work burned then make me a short encode to test – I have an MPEG card but 50Hz/PAL one. Not sure if it’ll work properly with 60Hz stream.

      • So i’ve tested my isos with real drive… Epic fail… Nero 12 and other tools didn’t seem to output a decent VideoCD image for Saturn even with all settings standard… European VideoCD card demo disc worked flawlessly with Rhea.. Should have tried that first before annoying you but i’ve tried WinXP virtualized with TMPEGENC and VCDeasy. Success on first try with video encoded at 2000kb/s in stead of 1150.

        Thanks a lot for your answer 🙂
        Now i’ll try to make a demo with 99mn image, so the people can witness the power of Rhea and the Saturn 😉

  9. Me again.
    Sorry for asking again but do you know yet when
    The persons who did not receive an email by ow will get an invoice or something like that?
    Thanks very much

  10. Order check gdemu (not positive whether I gave you hotmail or gmail and first comment didn’t seem to post?…)

  11. I seem to have missed another gdemu run (I check every few months). Is there an estimate when the next possibility for ordering will be?

  12. Good morning sir,

    I note that pre orders are now closed. I desperately won’t to play my DC again (disc drive failed) and glad I did not throw it out. When do you think the next batch will be and what is the best way to keep informed so I don’t miss out.

    Kind regards

    Kim Herbert

  13. Good afternoon Sir,

    I would also like to be added to the list if there are any left overs after the current run has been for filled.

    Thanks in advance.

    Paul Herbert

  14. I think ive just missed out on the GDEMU again!!! If theres a waiting list please please please add me to it, ive missed out by a day or 2 twice now!!!! Really want one of these as my drive is on the way out.

  15. Hi i seem to have missed out on the orders for GDEMU again….. Is there any left or is there a waiting list for the next run? If so please can i get on that list, my drive is failing so i really want one to keep my DC alive.



  16. Received my Rhea, just want to say thank you, can’t wait to get also gdemu

    I really appreciate the work you’re doing with your current and future projects

  17. hello. i did get an email sayin im on the gdemu list. i replied about wantin a black version but didnt get a respond. just wanted to verify status. thanks

  18. rhea receipt
    easy to install
    works great
    thank you

    j’ai bien reçu le rhea, j’ai mis une carte 32 gigas , il ne fonctionnait pas au début parce que je mettais la nappe à l’envers. Ensuite l’utilisation est facile.Merci

  19. Got the Rhea today and it was easy to install and it worked great. Thanks so much for making this it’s an amazing device.

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