Double Cross

You won’t like this but unfortunately I can already tell there will be delays, especially on GDEMU orders. Basically there’s so many that shipping takes a lot more of my free time. So much in fact that I can’t do any assembly on the same day I’m readying the envelopes – which means I’m going to fall behind. Also, very sorry but the one-week-to-pay rule is now very ruthlessly enforced, and I won’t be making any exceptions this time unless you email me first and explain your situation properly. It’s your job to check your email/PayPal to make sure you won’t miss my payment request.

In other news, I got a couple of FPGAs from a different supplier that offered a better price:


Those were supposed to be Cyclone II devices, except as you can see the marking clearly says Cyclone III. Except the chip name is EP2C5. Also, and this is not so obvious unless you take a hi-res photo at a certain angle, the laser-made markings are not very uniform and look like were done in two different steps. The cyclone logo is off too, twice to thick compared to original, although again you can’t tell unless you have the real Cyclone next to it to compare.

So, clearly a counterfeit chip. I do wonder if it’s even actual “chip” or just a piece of plastic – I’m going to experiment a bit on those. Well, so much for sourcing cheaper parts πŸ™‚

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  1. tough one. wish you goodluck and hope it s just a logo printing issue and not just pieces of plain plastic.
    i m pretty sure most people on the list are open minded and patiently awaiting your “dinner’s ready” paypal request πŸ˜‰
    have a nice evening πŸ˜‰

    • Totally agree with this comment, i would be patient and on the lookout of the payment request. Good luck for your chips problem, keep us updated.

  2. I should still be good with the 1 week to pay; I am planning on Holiday later this month and next; but should still have Internet Access to pay ya!

  3. Thank you for the update, hopefully the chips will still be able to serve their purpose but if not I am sure everyone can understand. I for one am being ever so patient so I can get on the next list of gdemu orders and the rhea too. Cheers.

  4. I just wanted to say that I received my GDEMU today and I’m very impressed so far. Thank you!

  5. If you aren’t getting payments for any Rhea units on time. I would happily buy one straight away πŸ™‚ I have money ready anytime for one.

    Thank you
    email removed

  6. No prob with the delays I’m just stoked I’m actually on the waiting list this time, also thanks for actually taking the time to make these for us.

  7. If a slot opens up for a GDEMU, will there be a list? One week pay will not be a problem for me.

  8. You are clearly in a ‘dead by success’ situation. Have you thought about getting more people involved in your project to make it easier? I’m pretty sure you’re losing money because you can’t deal properly with the huge demand.

  9. Made a wordpress account, followed this site, and set it to email me when new posts were made to the blog. It NEVER emailed me but I checked today and seen this post. Why am I not getting proper notification?

    • I’m interested in a Rhea and will remit payment immediately.

      • Sorry for the multiple posts, it must take a day to get registered before your see a post.

  10. Sorry to hear about delays. I have been checking my email but haven’t seen a payment request. Can you make sure I’m on you list. Address below:

  11. I’ve just received my GDEMU order. All working great. Had some problem with microsd card in an adapter, but changed to regular SD and now is all right.

  12. Hey Deunan,
    you surely know about widescreen hacks on our beloved console. Do you think it is possible to inject Codebreaker functions into the gdemu firmware or maybe GDMenu? Using Codebreaker with GDemu isn’t so user friendly.

    • How so? Boot Codebreaker, select the game, load the game?
      Or if you change the games often, use a separate SD card for the codebreaker?

      • That is what I mean. The mankind is lazy – me too πŸ™‚

        It would be simply comfortable to have an option (I think its more GDmenu related) in GDmenu so we can skip the hole “codebreaker process.

        ItΒ΄s just a thought but I think it’s worth to think about it and maybe others find this useful/helpful too. Is someone close to the coder of gdmenu? Mention it πŸ˜‰

    • Then you’ll be happy to know, that in the next update of the menu, it will detect when you are attempting to booting the codebreaker disc and prompt you to select which game you want to load with it.
      I think that should be enough as a stop gap solution, the only downside is that the CB disc only works with GD-ROMs as it stands, so right now I’m looking into having it patched on-the-fly to read MIL-CDs. Besides I’m also working on adding built-in support for cheat codes to the menu, at the moment most of the low level stuff is complete but the interface is still not quite done, but that will be for a later update anyway.

      • Outstanding great news πŸ™‚

        By the way is custom covers in the menu would be nice also πŸ™‚

  13. @gdemu

    I received the payment request and replied via Email about the payment being made this Friday 20th. Just informing you here in case you didn’t receive it.

    • You know, I said previously that I didn’t mind receiving mine late if it kept other people happy, but I was pretty clear that I expected mine before Krisk. I believe my exact words were “I’ll accept mine whenever you can get it, unless its later than that Krisk person, I simply cannot accept that.”

      I guess he missed that somehow. πŸ˜‰

      • You referring to me? and choose better words that “that Krisk person”, as it can be deemed offensive.

        Also, how is it a priority for you? it’s always been a first come, first serve basis and a queue system, sourcing parts and assembly manufacturing hours.

        Be thankful you’re on the list and be less butt hurt, as there are some who missed the boat completely.

      • I was purely kidding, hence the wink emoji. I was happy to see these are shipping. πŸ™‚

  14. Were the payment requests all sent out? I didn’t receive a payment request? Sorry if they were not sent out yet this post makes it seem like they were.

  15. As with the above member,I’m terrified of missing the payment request also. Is there a email address we can white list or something? Been checking my junk email multiple times a day.

    • All you have to do is check your PayPal at least once a week to make sure you won’t miss it (in case the PayPal notification doesn’t come).

  16. I was just wondering if we get any sort of notification when it ships. I paid last week but not sure if you’ve sent it yet.

  17. Got my Rhea on Friday and my GDEmu will be here today! Thank you for the hard work.

    Btw – I know you’re ordering page says that once a package leaves Poland and enters the US tracking is unavailable on the USPS website side which is true, BUT you can call your local USPS and give them the Polish tracking number, they can track it for you.

  18. Yes, it’s quite ridiculous as the reason I received my Rhea before my GDEmu is because they’ve had it out for delivery TWICE and sent it to Tampa because the mail carrier said it was the wrong address……… So my local USPS said yesterday when I called that it was out for delivery which it was, but now it’s on it’s way back to Tampa and back here again.

    Could’ve had it in my hands had the online tracking service worked since I would’ve noticed it going back to Tampa the first time…

  19. I was placed on the waiting during the g mail mishap and made a comment to make sure I got in, you said my order was put on the waiting list. I just want to make sure as I have still not got an e-mail for a payment request or any other e mail.


  20. received GDEmu yesterday. right now my 4 years old kid is playing Bust a Move 4 on our 40″ TV.

    I LOVE YOU πŸ™‚

  21. I really can’t wait to get one of these, been holding off using my DC. It’s difficult seeing all the replies here of people with their new GDEMUs :-p

  22. Hey D, It sounds like you are super busy with admin and orders, but have there been an developments on the PCE after the last setback?

    • See, problem is this “business” could dry up any moment, without any warning – and what then? There’s just no way to plan ahead.

    • I’m actually a bit mixed on that. Yes there is more demand than he can supply as a lone operator, but part of that demand stems from limited production runs and a slowly decaying supply of functioning GD-ROM units. An actual business able to supply at will would run out of the bulk of its potential customers in just a few months, and that would raise the cost to supply the trickle of ongoing customers in the future.

      The only way to build a sustainable long term business would be to continually expand into future consoles and other related products, but that requires him to focus on engineering rather than production, and I don’t know if that is where his passion lies.

  23. @ all users here name dropping me on selling my GDEMU. You don’t get anywhere in life doing such things and it’s none of your business of what others do or don’t do.

    Plus making accusations against me with regards of my intentions of selling when you clearly have no idea why im selling or know the person to make such a comment is low down in my book.

    I already own 1 gdemu, 1 Rhea and 1 Phoebe in my personal collection and D would know this from purchase history. My 2nd Gdemu was for a project I’m doing but real life is in the way and I need the funds. If my intentions of selling was true I would have sold my other devices, so before bad mouthing me on a public forum/blog, think about what your doing before you speak morons and have respect for others.

    @Gdemu sorry to post this, yet stuff like that really pisses me off.


    • No offence meant mate and of course we cannot know what your circumstances are so we shouldn’t judge. My apologies.

      • I’ll judge. πŸ™‚

        It’s not like this was paid for months ago and then real life crept in.

        But w/e, it’s a free market, just don’t like about trying to flip it.

  24. Hi I am in Australia and would love to buy a gdemu can you please contact me for payment email removed thanks!

  25. Had a Great for a while now (lucky purchase from a Facebook friend) got my Rhea last week from here and I must say it’s just fantastic. Guys when yours arrives you will just love it. Top work Mr. Gdemu sir.

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