Too Quiet

The good news: I’m going to finish assembly of all the outstanding Rheas this week, though actual shipping might happen after Sunday. Testing, packing, processing payments – these things take time too. Quite a lot actually.

The bad news: GDEMUs are only about 25% done. It’ll take weeks to wrap it up – and this is exactly why I dislike doing long runs, but the whole gmail blunder left me with little choice. I patiently await the next disaster to strike, this would be the most opportune moment to make this mess even worse.

Also, as of now I’m going to silently ignore any questions about the devices being ready yet, next planned batches, and your order status. If it feels like me being a passive-aggressive jerk here then it’s probably the case but I’m tired of having to answer those same questions again and again on top of all the work I have to do. If you want to respond in kind and rage quit / cancel your order, please do. This will actually shorten the queue and speed things up so you’re welcome.

One more thing, since a few months ago some PayPal payments are coming without shipping address and I have to ask for it via email. Seems like it happens mostly when you use the mobile app so if possible please try the usual web interface instead. It’s not a big deal now but if your PP email is on hotmail I might not have an easy way of contacting you if that happens.

47 thoughts on “Too Quiet

  1. Just got my payment request for the GDEMU. I’m super excited now. I can’t wait to see that package come in.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Thank you the updates. I appreciate your quality over quantity approach. In any case, thanks and hopeful I get your device(s) sometime in 2016 (when I can get on the list)…

    • I second this, once I discovered autohotkey my life was changed forever. Just being able to hotkey a rearrangement of the windows on my desktop so that when I go docked/undocked I can arrange my workflow with a key combo was huge.

  3. Rhea received. Fast delivery as usual. Thank you very much. Hope to install it this week-end.

  4. Next time, please sell them on eBay, and post a link when the auction starts. Thanks!

  5. Hi there, I just recently stumbled over this awesome project. Do you have any kind of Facebook page and/or newsletter to sign up for infos about updates and preorders of new batches?

    Thank you for doing this awesome project!

    • Officially it’s 32GB SDHC. Anything else you will need to test yourself (and reformat to FAT32). People on ASG forums could probalby give you a list of known working cards.

  6. Hey I wanted to make sure you send the item to he right house. Can you I send you an email to confirm my address? Currently I think it’s wrong.

  7. Of course I’m one of the people waiting for the GDEMU, but I received the Rhea, and it seems to work great! Thank you very much for your services!

  8. No worries dude.
    I’m just patiently waiting for my gdemu since I was in the later group.
    Maybe just throw a periodic update on the site highlighting the current status, like every 2 weeks or so? doesn’t have to be long or in depth. Might be good to get some of the stupid questions off your back, i dunno.

  9. Any plan for the next batch of GDEMU? I will keep coming back to the blog. If you are getting too many requests up the price make it worth your time. Seriously. or make a special release for a hundred dollars more. Like concert tickets have a pricing tier. First 20 are less than the last 40 etc.

  10. I don’t want to overstep my bounds, but I’d be happy to pay for a Phoebe or Rhea if someone canceled theirs and you had already ordered the materials.

  11. I don’t know about anyone else I but can be more than patient but I am not interested doubling, tripling the price.

  12. I can be patient too but just paranoid I have missed the payment request!

    If the price was doubled or tripled I would have to reconsider as that would take it out of my budget unfortunately.

  13. Patience is a virtue as I now have both my Rhea and GDEmu from the last open order. Everything works awesome! Thank you so much for the hard work.

  14. If some people are impatient, and i can understand that, i’m not. Feel free to put my GDemu order at the end of the line.

    Could someone have a run on the shmup time bokan doronbo with Rhea? I don’t know if it’s a trouble with redump iso or something. Most of the time, once i get at the end of a level at yattaman pics before boss, no text and it stands still… :/ As it’s random, it’s quite annoying… Maybe some Sat V1 incompatibility… Thanks!

  15. Off topic, but do you alert us/send an email when our order has been sent? Or is it just sent after payment?

    Thanks for all the hard work.

    • I update PP transaction status with the tracking number. This isn’t possible if PP didn’t give me the shipping address but in such cases I send an email myself.

  16. Anyone have a good recommendation for mounting bin and cue images virtually? It seems like most of my game library won’t play right or rip properly even though they play great and are immaculate with no disc rot. Also I’ve tried daemon tools and a couple others but it does not seem to work well with disc juggler? Thank you. Keep up the great work.

    • DT Lite 4.49 – this is a version I tested and found working. I know that there are various problems with earlier/laters ones, it’s a lottery. One more reason to avoid CUEs.

      • Thank you so much this work perfectly for me this solved many issues

  17. I received my GDEMU yesterday and it looks fine. Thanks again for doing this!
    I will install and test it this weekend.

  18. I got mine today, just installed and all working fine. Thanks again for making these, they are fantastic!

  19. Wish I found about this mod sooner. Whenever you decide to reopen preorders, I’ll be ready.

  20. Ditto! Definitely will be ordering a GDEMU when you open up orders again!

  21. Any idea when another run of GDEMU will happen? I just learned that this existed and would buy a few!

  22. got today a 256 gb sdcard from kingston,hope it works fine.
    so i can use the 128gb sdcard for my psio psx.
    filled up 128gb card for that,its going fast with those gigabytes.
    will let a sign here if its working with brand and photo.

    • I believe the creator referenced that only 32GB SDHC cards are supported at the moment. Your 256GB card is an SDXC card (eXtended Capacity), and would need to be re-formatted to FAT32 versus its standard exFAT out of the box. Even then, there’s no guarantee as to its compatibility, and the GDEMU may only “find” 32GB of readable area on the card if it does recognize it.

    • just copied more games on it,5gb free.
      no problems at all,so it works fine with 256gb sdcard.
      so i can use my old 128gb card for psio,

  23. Got my Rhea yesterday and had it installed and running Deep Fear in the time it took me to rip the game to cdi.

    Love it and thanks for all your hard work. Worth every penny.


  24. 256 gb sdcard is fully filled,65mb free space,and its still working fine.
    i think i have almost 200 games on it,incl some 4 disc games and 2disc games.

  25. A lot of people are “complaining” that they don’t hear about new GDEMU runs in time. One solution might be to start an email list to let people know when orders are being accepted?

    Just an idea.

    • Then people will complain they didn’t get on the email list and missed the order list. Seems… counterproductive. Not to mention a waste of my time.

  26. Good afternoon I from Russia and badly understand English. How to order this device? And how many it will cost at the moment with delivery? Thanks in advance

  27. Hi, Just found out about your device and interested in getting a gdemu. Looks like you are between runs at the moment but any chance of being added to a waitlist, newsletter, or what is the recommended way to hear about a new run? Just want to make sure I snag one in the next batch but not in a rush. I just started upgrading my retro game systems for rgb scart, x-rgb, toro, cables, system mods, and flash carts. Costly process but definitely want to get a gdemu to go with the toro on my dreamcast. If you have anyone drop out or can squeeze me in let me know. email removed. Thanks.

    • Follow the blog I guess?
      It’s not smart to leave your email out in the open and hotmail tends to filter out my messages (as spam?).

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