Australian Winter

GDEMU orders are 50% done and the rest is at least half-assembled. But it’s getting too hot to work in the afternoons as much as I was until now so… still 2-3 weeks, at best, before it’s all moped up. And then I’m probably getting a break.

From now on I will again change the shipping procedures a bit, I have a box of GDEMUs by now that just sit there and wait for payment time-out so that I can sell them to the next person. I’ve said this many times but I will repeat it again: this far in the queue it becomes the number 1 issue that causes further delays. Plus it really kills any motivation to make even more devices. So now I will ask for payment before your device is actually ready (but will be in few days) in order to clear the stock. This approach has a downside – if people actually pay quickly I will end up short until I can catch up so there might be up to a week of waiting between your payment and actual shipping. Keep in mind though that I process the payments in the order of receiving them so if you pay right away chances are you will get next day shipping.

90 thoughts on “Australian Winter

  1. Hi to all,
    Is it possible to purchase one piece please ?
    The website didn’t offer any possibilities to place an order, is it normal ?
    Many thks.

  2. I second that, how can I place myself in the preorder/allocation list please? 😀

  3. I would like to know if I will be notified somehow when the pre-order window is open? And How? I mean… via this this blog or by email? And if possible, I would like to have an idea on “when”, that pre-order window is going to b open? By that I mean… in about 2 weeks, by October 2016 or in about 1 year. I just want to make some planning because this “LIMBO” of not knowing is very frustrating. I’ll appreciate a response. Thanks.

  4. I just want to know… if possible, When the pre-order window will be open.

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