More Australian Winter

GDEMU list is finally done. Not everything is shipped yet but I have all devices ready. I will now go through the backup list with any leftovers, that shouldn’t take more than a week.

As for the next odering window – it’s still way too hot to do any serious assembly so I can’t quite give you any dates right now but as soon as the weather gets more reasonable I’ll make a new post here. In the meantime I have a few unsold Rheas it seems so I’ll briefly open ordering this weekend to find them a new home.

Don’t be surprised to see a newer FW in your device than what’s available on the download page. There isn’t any new functionality (well, officially :P) but there was a considerable code refactoring/cleanup done. I also moved to CMSIS 5.0 and will now try gcc-arm 5.4 so there might be another “empty” version bump or two. I’m only saying this in case there are regressions, otherwise there’s nothing you need to worry about.

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  1. Hi – Can you post here when you open the window please for the Rheas? This way, we’ll know when it has been opened? Thanks either way!

  2. Thank you for the update, I hope to see the new firmware on the download section!

  3. Thank you for the update, and for your dedication to sweet classic gaming. πŸ™‚

  4. I don’t see an email to harass so I’ll just put this here:

    Could the ODE capabilities of this device be adapted to work for other DVD based systems, say NUON?

    I’m working on a rotary encoder for Tempest 3000 and booting these old beasts is unreliable and slow.

    No hardware copy protection to worry about, the Samsung N501 player uses the same DVD mech as other Samsung DVD players in the vintage.

    Rotary input is actually supported in the Nuon BIOS even though no official spinner controller was ever released, believe it or not; perhaps to satisfy Jeff Minter (YaK), who through rumor has the only physical prototype in existence, being hacked up by Logitech hardware guys from a Logitech Wingman Warrior and Logitech Nuon gamepad.

    Probably be a much easier task if there wasn’t a custom ‘Polyface’ interface chip in each controller. Thank you overzealous hardware engineers with some serious VMU envy.

    It’s about as niche as these things get, but since the NUON consoles are pretty much impossible to find, the games are even harder to obtain; and when they are, they rarely boot reliably.

    • Never heard of the NUON before πŸ™‚
      ODEs are typically never “adapted” so much as completly customized for each machine type. That’s becuase there’s as many “standards” to connect an optical drive as there are consoles…
      Anyway, a question that starts with “Is it possible” has, mostly likely, a “Yes” answer but to actually do it you need tons of free time to investigate. TONS. Also, storage space, something I’m also just about to run out of…

      • “Also, storage space, something I’m also just about to run out of…”
        Tell me about it…I just closed shop on my 2000sqft warehouse/workshop unfortunately. 😦 Luckily all the good stuff went into storage until I can find the next HQ. πŸ™‚

        The *good* news on the Nuon platform is it was truly a 128-bit game console chipset bolted onto a standard DVD player, same HW developers as Jaguar and indeed an updated version of Jeff Minter’s ‘Visual Light Machine’ present on Jaguar CD is also present in the ROM on the NUON DVD players.

        In fact there were 2 (maybe 3) Nuon enhanced DVD movie releases, Bedazzled and the Planet of the Apes remake from the early 2000’s.

        Funny thing is all that work created an actually a superb DVD playback chipset, it can do freeze frame and smooth zooming better than anything I’ve seen.

  5. gdemu, I’m a huge fan of your work and already own the great “gdemu”, I got on the last “Phoebe” pre-order list and have been waiting for my item to arrive, ever since. I lately found out that something went wrong with the paypal transaction, can you please email me so we could discuss this matter in private? I would highly appreciate it. Thank you.

    • I still didn’t receive any e-mail, please let me know how can we communicate to resolve this issue. Thank you.

      • Like I said in my first comment, I just found out, well a few days ago, that something went wrong with my Phoebe order and the paypal payment got canceled. Since I can’t find any email address on the website, I figured you could email me to discuss this issue in private, if possible. Or in any case, please let me know what I did wrong so I could avoid it in my next purchase. Thank you.

      • Well in general I expect people to pay within a reasonable timeframe – 7 days from the moment I asked. So checking your PayPal at least once a week, when you’re on the list, is a good idea in case the PayPal notification doesn’t come.

        However I tried to look up your email in my spreadsheet and I can’t find it? When did you order that Phoebe?

      • Yes, I’m sorry, I was using another email in my previous comments, can you please check now? Thanks.

      • Hm, it says you didn’t pay. I don’t have any Type-2 Phoebes left at the moment but I will assemble some leftovers PCBs next week.

      • Would you please notify me when the Type-2 Phoebes are done, or should I check back here? And yes, it’s weird how my payment got canceled, I’m sure it’s not your fault as my previous gdemu purchase went smoothly.

        By the way, that gdemu is a piece of art, I absolutely love it.

  6. Hello it is possible to have support peg length V0A + VA1 with my order rhea

  7. Could I get both peg lengths with my order as well? I’m gonna have to order another Saturn for my rhea all of mine are round button ones

  8. Hi Deunan!

    With all the late troubles, i guess you didn’t have much time to put thought into your other ODE projects, though i expect good news on PC Engine front in a near future as you have a good habit to make it a reality πŸ™‚

    And thanks for your work!

  9. When the GDEMU works, it’s great. But I keep having issues with mine. Very often and randomly while playing any game I will get a black screen and then it will pop back into the main Dreamcast menu. I’d like to think I’m doing something wrong and it’s not a faulty unit. Any help would be appreciated.

      • Firstly, I did not know there was an led on the board. Now that I am aware of this I do notice a strange behavior. Sometimes when starting the console up the led will randomly sputter on and off. When this happens none of the roms/discs are viewable in the music player. This random sputtering of the led is the same thing that happens when the screen turns black before sending me back to the main Dreamcast menu. Once back in the menu, the led stops flickering.

      • Well, so far things seem to be working like they should. I just pulled the power unit off and wiped down the contact pins and threw it back on. Just like you said. It seemed to do the trick. Thanks for the help.

  10. You’re doing some extremely commendable work here man, much thanks. I got my finger on that trigger for a spot on the next GDemu batch so Ill be on the lookout.

  11. I was busy so I didn’t have time to mention it, but I received mine a couple weeks ago and finally installed it today. Works perfectly, and I’m off to playing some PSO! Thanks a lot, this is a great project!

  12. Hi.. I’m very excited with GDemu…. πŸ™‚
    When is going the next windows open?

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