Don’t Think Twice

Last 2-3 weeks were quite hectic for me but situation has somewhat improved now. Hopefully it’ll get back to normal in a few days.

So, I’ll open Phoebe orders this weekend. Saturn devices are not in such high demand as GDEMU is – which means I can manage assembly even if I don’t have a lot of free time. I expect to finish that run in about 4 weeks and then I’ll start with GDEMU again.

Note that Phoebes are made in batches by type so your order might get processed out of order if I have (or don’t have) what you need at the moment.

As for Rhea, I will try to make some during GDEMU run, assuming it doesn’t turn into a disaster like the previous one did. I’ll announce when/if I have something for sale.

62 thoughts on “Don’t Think Twice

  1. Thanks for the update !
    I waiting for GDEMU it’s so long to me lol !

  2. Been waiting for this one ๐Ÿ™‚

    But I will not be at home this weekend, you think the pre-orders will last till monday?

    • Hard to say… But I always end up with spares as people tend to change their minds so you might get one even if you miss the main queue.

      • A looking in the blog each month and I always miss the sell for the GDEMU =(
        Any solution to be noticed ? because i really really want a GDEMU device !

  3. Hey! Thanks for the update! I’m really looking forward to GDemu orders opening again, so I’ll be checking the box to receive updates when they appear!

  4. Awesome, I have been waiting for a Phoebe for quite some time. Love my GDEMU so far. Any word on a Sega CD sd card solution yet? I know it’s a small audience but would be cool to have.

  5. I’ll definitely be snagging a Phoebe. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Thanks for the update!
    I waiting for Phoebe and i’m ready for the order.

    My Dreamcast GDEMU awaits her big sister with Pheobe ^^

  7. I sure hope that I can snag one this time around. Also, I would buy a Sega CD solution without a second thought. Just saying…

  8. I was looking at the gd proto v2 back then, and found out to the progress more recently. I am interested about options for the Saturn. You mentioned that load times are faster than with a native drive and disk, so I wanted to know aside from the drive bus experiencing a higher frequency data rate to inputs, how do the pulse times out the ode compare to the real thing (disk drive)? I like the idea of less mechanical wear, but I worry more about electrical wear mostly heat if the throughput is higher, won’t the console buffer memory or disk controller draw more current? And have you noticed any effects of this with any certain software? Was there an obstacle to have the original drive connected with some switch or buffers? I would like it to stay originally operational. Also the link to a external microcontrolled readout + selector, seems not to go anywhere anymore. Btw, thanks for staying on the course! I knew you could find the way all along.

    • Saturn data rates are exactly identical to the real drive – this is required by the chips in the console. The speedup comes from all seek/read commands executing much faster on SD card compared to rather slow optical pickup of the drive. In some games that had poor CD file layout it can be a significant boost. Others, not so much.

      Even if it was faster electrical wear is not an issue unless you were to overvolt something. Which I don’t do either.

  9. A doubt… is Phoebe the same for all the Saturn types? Can it be swapped from different types just changing the jumpers?

  10. This actually comes at the nicest of times, a friend gifted/ordered me a HST-3220, the white Japanese Saturn, a 21-pin model from what I understand (do you happen to know?), do I have to worry about type before I order Phoebe or can I just do it and check type when the Saturn arrives? It’s just jumper configuration changes right? Never had a Saturn back in the day so really want to get a preorder in even if it breaks the bank

    • You should never assume the type from outside apperance. Especially for JP units. While it is possible to reconfigure Phoebe it requires soldering to do so. See my details and installation pages (and all the other ones too).

      • I’ve read them and I think I see what you mean but I won’t have access to the Saturn before preorders end, is it at least safe to assume 21-pin? It’s from 96. I have a friend who can do soldering, he’s taking electrical engineering, so reconfiguring Phoebe shouldn’t be too bad if it comes down to it

      • No, you can’t even assume that. It could very well be a refubrished unit with swapped internals. It should be a 21-pin one but there is no guarantee.

      • Alright I see your point, I’ll probably order anyway, can always get a cheap 21-pin just for Phoebe, you’ll hear no complaints if it happens to be a 20-pin, thanks for the info

  11. Arghhh must have this gd emu. So i have to wait Just a few weeks more, hopefully i can get one in the preorder. Im a big dc collector and the future about the laser an my original discs make me sweat. Tried so many device to make a good backup solution, but nothing was worth it. Love to see the improvement of the device and that they are still new cycles for the production. One question i have so far, what is the maximum capacity of the sd card? Thanks

  12. I have a VA0.5 Saturn with a MECHA PWB JA00292 optical drive (I believe it’s a Hitachi?) with a 20-pin cable. I’m assuming this means that I need a RHEA and not a PHOEBE?


  13. My PayPal address is a fake one, can I supply you with my real address via here or email, if I’m able to secure a preorder?

  14. Hello,

    I’ve been away for work. Has Phoebe pre order already opened or not yet?

    Thank you.

  15. Hello, My paypal address is a fake one (long story), would I be able to provide you the correct address either here or via email if I am able to successfully preorder?

  16. Hi, same here has Phoebe pre order already opened or not yet?
    Is there a waiting list already…?
    I would be willing to buy any leftover…unsold or spare


  17. I checked a few times today, I think (hope ;)) preorders haven’t opened yet.

  18. Been waiting ever so patiently these past 2 days for Phoebe orders to open… hope I don’t miss my chance to order one since I have somewhere to be most of the day tomorrow… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Thanks for all that you do!

    • I need that email to ask for payment so as long as Paypal recognizes it I don’t care if it’s fake. But you won’t get a notification from them, obviously, so you’ll have to check your account often to not miss the request.

  19. Update: I have been checking for the last two days and haven’t seen the preorders open yet…. just what I have seen I have been checking ever few hours since Friday PSD time.

    • Ideally, next time our benevolent leader GDEMU will put “Preorders are closed as of XX/XX/XXXX (the XXs being the date) – that way people won’t be scared into thinking they’ve missed it and won’t send many, many emails saying “OMG HAV I MISS CAN I ALSO HAV 1 BLZ”, as I imagine has happened a lot – just a thought, not trying to be shitty.

      • From the few words between our benevolent leader and myself I can deduce he’s a friendly guy, so if he see’s your comment he’ll probably just do what you suggested. ๐Ÿ™‚ Very good to deal with. And I think the last time they weren’t all gone in a blink anyway, so I wouldn’t be too worried just yet.

  20. The ordering form definitely needs to send an email confirmation.

    I am now super paranoid about if I am going to make the list for this batch or not…

  21. Got lucky there. Just ordered. Just checked right after and saw it closed. Wow.

    • If they indeed are closed again, I’m wiling to get on the waiting list for the leftovers or give ups for a type 3 21 pin phoebe!

  22. Same here, been checking the site every hour for the past few days, but today I had to take a long car trip.
    Pre orders where closed before trip and they have opened up and closed again by the time I got home… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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