Don’t Leave Me Now

The good news: All remaining Phoebes have been shipped and I’ve started making GDEMUs again. I plan to start accepting orders sometime next week.

The bad: I need to raise the price of GDEMU by 5 Euro to 115. The USD has slowly crept up vs Euro lately and while this process was slow and the difference is not very big it has affected the prices of components I buy. Mostly it’s about FPGAs, though a little bit here and there added up as well.

Luckily my primary supplier is still able to source these FPGAs pretty cheap compared to outlets like Farnell or Mouser, especially for a guy like me who doesn’t order a thousand each month. It’ll be a very sad day when they run out – for everybody. Though quite frankly GDEMU is going to saturate the market eventually, right? I mean how many Dreamcast users are still out there? So I’m planning on having one more batch after this one and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was the last one. I’d really rather have a slow trickle of orders I can take care of during evenings than these big batches because that really consumes pretty much all of my free time. Time will tell I guess, you people keep surprising me.

Anyway, stay tuned next week.

The Top

All Phoebes are done, I’m now assembling the remaining leftover PCBs. I will open orders for those during the weekend but keep in mind there aren’t all that many devices for sale – I will plan for next batch though if there is enough interest.

I actually have some PCBs ready, configured and tested, so the leftovers will be shipped out somewhat randomly depending on what type you want. This should be wrapped up in about 2 weeks and then I’ll be taking GDEMU orders again. I also have a fresh batch of Rhea PCBs and will try to somehow squeeze the making of those alongside GDEMU. We’ll see.

I might actually not be able to keep up that ‘summer’ delivery date for PCE photos but those shouldn’t be too badly delayed. I meant it when I said ‘in working state’. The problem is the analog audio amplifier part, I might choose to cut it out of the PCB and redo later, and just focus on the digital part and more testing now.

EDIT: Phoebe leftovers – orders open. 50% left. Sold out.

EDIT2: I won’t be sending out notifications this time, I’ll just ask for payment now and you will get your Phoebes shipped right away or have to wait up to a week if I need to configure more of that type. If you do have any urgent questions feel free to ask before you pay though.