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All Phoebes are done, I’m now assembling the remaining leftover PCBs. I will open orders for those during the weekend but keep in mind there aren’t all that many devices for sale – I will plan for next batch though if there is enough interest.

I actually have some PCBs ready, configured and tested, so the leftovers will be shipped out somewhat randomly depending on what type you want. This should be wrapped up in about 2 weeks and then I’ll be taking GDEMU orders again. I also have a fresh batch of Rhea PCBs and will try to somehow squeeze the making of those alongside GDEMU. We’ll see.

I might actually not be able to keep up that ‘summer’ delivery date for PCE photos but those shouldn’t be too badly delayed. I meant it when I said ‘in working state’. The problem is the analog audio amplifier part, I might choose to cut it out of the PCB and redo later, and just focus on the digital part and more testing now.

EDIT: Phoebe leftovers – orders open. 50% left. Sold out.

EDIT2: I won’t be sending out notifications this time, I’ll just ask for payment now and you will get your Phoebes shipped right away or have to wait up to a week if I need to configure more of that type. If you do have any urgent questions feel free to ask before you pay though.

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  1. I’m interested in a Phoebe – whether I get in on the leftovers or the next batch. Many thanks.

  2. Nice – just confirming I’ll be hoping to snag a leftover or put my cash in for the next batch of Phoebes as soon as possible. Many thanks.

  3. Looking forward to the PCE ODE the Rhea I got a couple months back has performed perfectly. With the PCE I am really curious how it’s going to plug into system. I would guess it would be for the TG16 cd or PCE CD and attach to the expansion slots but either way I’m sure it will be great. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks for the update. Would love to get a Phoebe from the next batch.

  5. Can’t wait to get my hand on a pce ode, for phoebe and rhea I was lucky enough to get the first models buying “the cat in a bag” I’d like to do the same thing with the pce ode!

  6. Will we be getting another heads-up before you start taking GDEMU orders?

  7. I am so excited to hear this news! I hope to get a GDEMU and a RHEA. Please let me know if you will post when exactly you will be opening orders as I just may have to call off of work haha. Thanks again

  8. How do I get notified when GDEMU orders open again? Would love to get my hands on one from the next batch.

  9. Thanks for the update, will be watching the site this weekend 😉

  10. I would love one of these in this batch or the next!

    Any plans on renewing the GDEmu for another batch?

  11. Really excited for the PCE ODE. Replacement lasers for the CDROM2 are a thing of the past. Your ODE will help keep the PCE Briefcase setups like mine from going the way of the dodo.
    My laser is still kicking, and I hope it still continues to kick until I get my hands on a PCE ODE 🙂

    Thanks for keeping the Engine running!

  12. Would you be kind enough to send out notification when orders go up? It’s not much fun having to constantly check a webpage when you are trying enjoy your weekend off from work.

    • Oh? You mean it’s enjoyable fun spending the entire weekend writing emails because people are too lazy to click?

      • If everyone just followed the page (blue tab lower right) and GDEMU made a new post (not add to a previous one). Then everyone would be notified by email of the update.


        People could get the page monitor add-on for their browsers and direct it at the pre-order page.

  13. Can you please send out notification when the orders are opened? Its no fun spending your entire weekend off of work refreshing a website.

  14. I have a question. My current Saturn has a mod chip, I bought the Saturn with it already installed, so I know very little about it. Anyway, with the Phoebe there is no need for a mod chip anymore right? Would you recommend removing it, just getting a different Saturn to put a Phoebe/Rhea in, or is there some benefit of having both and just leaving it in?

    • Remove it, or at the very least bypass it by plugging the flat cable directly into Phoebe and the motherboard. Otherwise you might have issues detecting and loading games.

  15. Great work! looking forward to the next batch of GDEmu and Rhea. Thanks!

  16. just bought rgb modded ifu30 and recapped-refurbished laser cdrom2 for your pceemu deunan.
    its only waiting now till itsfinished.
    hope you will do someday sega cd

  17. Is there a way to be notified when these orders open? I am hoping to snag a phoebe and have been waiting as soon as I heard about this! This is amazing work you’re doing here keep it up!

  18. hope i will catch gdemu. also is there a possibility for ps1-ps2 ode.

    • You don’t need ode for ps2, there’s already open ps2 loader software, which can be run from free memory card boot. psx – scene forums, is the source.

  19. Looking forward to the PCE ODE. Will we still need the Super System Card 3.0 when using it?

  20. So are you planning to continue making theses ad infinitum, or is it sort of sufficient interest = viable to order batches of parts? I may have misread, but I got the impression this could be a last batch for some of these, pending demand. S’pose it’s time I best take a look inside my “Model1” Saturn anyhow.

  21. Thanks so much for making the leftover Phoebes available. The work you put in on this project is much appreciated!

  22. :(((( Bad luck! I miss again the opportunity to get a Phoebe. I hope that you make a new batch of it before the next year. Thank you!

  23. I saw the preorder window this time and I have been tempted to buy one but I already have the RHEA (maybe next batch who knows ^^). Enjoy it guys!!

  24. I missed the Phoebe extras order please make sure you have enough for the next standard order. I love my GDEMU and can’t wait for a Phoebe. Hope you have a good weekend.

  25. Please please when you open gd emu again make it during Sunday I’m working on Saturdays and I don’t want to lose it

  26. Hello, I filled in the order for a Phoebe Type-2 yesterday, what should I do now? Will I receive an email with the payment info?

  27. hi,i need a phoebe and a gdremu,but ordering are closed all days a see,……..snif…..still i m wait and see.

  28. Hello! I just filled the Phoebe order form yesterday, what’s the next step? Should I receive the payment info now?

  29. Hello, I’m very interested in buying both a GDEMU and a Phoebe. If there’s any stock available I’d like to place an order. Otherwise I’d like to support motive to make your next batch. Thanks 🙂

  30. I’m looking forward to getting the GDEMU and the Rhea. I received the Phoebe, from this latest batch, and I absolutely love. I can’t wait for the PCE one. Great work, man.

  31. Just posting in the hopes that notifications will start working again after checking the boxes with this comment.

  32. Just to mention, looking forward to the PCE ODE, was glad to find out you were working on this project.

  33. I’ll be watching the GDEMU order page like a hawk. Good things come to those who diligently wait.

  34. quick question , my Phoebe should come next week so im preparing a SD Card. I was wondering if the Phoebe menu software auto sorts the games A-Z ?

    Regardless where i have the games in folders , for example Cotton 2 in folder 03 and Street Fighter 3 in folder 02.

  35. i should get my Phoebe next week so im preparing a SD Card in advance. I was wondering if the Phoebe menu auto sorts the games A-Z ?

    for example i can have a Cotton in folder 03 and Street Fighter 3 in folder 02 , i’m hoping the menu will auto sort A-Z

    • AFAIR it won’t sort it but you can use external programs to populate the card in the order you want.

  36. Nope it does Not auto sort.

    If you want to sort you have to start 02 folder with a number, then make 03 folder an A game, 04 folder a B game 05 C, etc.

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