Don’t Leave Me Now

The good news: All remaining Phoebes have been shipped and I’ve started making GDEMUs again. I plan to start accepting orders sometime next week.

The bad: I need to raise the price of GDEMU by 5 Euro to 115. The USD has slowly crept up vs Euro lately and while this process was slow and the difference is not very big it has affected the prices of components I buy. Mostly it’s about FPGAs, though a little bit here and there added up as well.

Luckily my primary supplier is still able to source these FPGAs pretty cheap compared to outlets like Farnell or Mouser, especially for a guy like me who doesn’t order a thousand each month. It’ll be a very sad day when they run out – for everybody. Though quite frankly GDEMU is going to saturate the market eventually, right? I mean how many Dreamcast users are still out there? So I’m planning on having one more batch after this one and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was the last one. I’d really rather have a slow trickle of orders I can take care of during evenings than these big batches because that really consumes pretty much all of my free time. Time will tell I guess, you people keep surprising me.

Anyway, stay tuned next week.

63 thoughts on “Don’t Leave Me Now

  1. I think you’re doing OK. At this point, by the way, I have at least one of each PCB you make – are you still working on something new? XD

  2. I have all your products and I understand your point, but it’s sad anyway to hear that.
    Anyway thank you for your work

  3. I’m gonna be checking everyday every 10 mins for the preorders to open. I can’t miss out again!!!!!! My DC is already opened up and drive removed waiting for some GDEMU goodness!!!

  4. Do the Rheas/Phoebes run on similar FPGAs? Are those getting any other batches? I think I can safely say the market for those is NOT saturated yet as second-hand prices are still over $500 for one installed.

    Signed, A user who has been patiently waiting for a Rhea or Phoebe for over a year now.

    • No, Saturn ODEs are unaffected. Althouh that might change once I run out of the connectors I’m using for Phoebe, it’s difficult to find the correct ones at all.

      More Rheas are coming soon BTW.

  5. 5 Euro more is nothing, I’ll be happy to buy one when they’re available. I’ve started a new job which doesn’t let me use my phone often and am afraid I’ll miss the ordering window while sleeping or something; I understand if you don’t take preorders, so I’ll just try my best to catch the next batch.

    Thanks for your awesome work!

  6. Hello, China has a lot of Dreamcast users, we are very much looking forward to be able to get GDEMU! Many of my friends need to GDEMU, I hope you can continue to produce gdemu.

    • I’m surprised there isn’t a GDEmu clone yet, I mean, most of the Everdrive boards have been copied in China.

      • So am I actually. Probably too niche of a product plus the overall complexity really doesn’t let you reduce the cost (and thus price) much. There are more profitable devices out there to clone I guess?

  7. 5 euros is nothing really. but again please open the order at sunday if you can. saturdays im working so i may loose it if happen in saturdays

      • Oh wow, thats sad to hear. That will be a big loss for all the DC users out there.

        What does this mean for your PCE project? Is it like the Saturn where a different FPGA is used???

      • you are boss about making these things and is your decision when the order will open. but again please consider a sunday opening if you can.

  8. if you care to know how many people want your product (most likely in the thousands) why not open a kickstarter and outsource the build? You’ve spent years developing so why not take the next step and make the money this development deserves?!

  9. Serious? You think the market for DC is saturated after you run out of components? What numbers are we talking 100’s, 1000’s? I guess you’ll donate all your hard work to the community by then? Once your done?

      • Because no other human being has ever donated anything to the gaming community before? Are you retarded?

    • An alternative may be to find a PCB manufacturer who will manufacture and sell the PCBs on your behalf – you’d get a little money, and die hard fans could solder their own?

  10. hey there mr magician
    just to say…. been listening to supertramp in loop since you posted
    i guess supertramp does ring a bell to quite a few people here
    for the others

    and, well, thanks for that. thanks also for the fantastic gdemu u sent me last summer

    i just wish i could stop crying for a couple minutes. that will pass.

    goodluck and keep up the good work

  11. I, for one, have wanted a Gdemu and Rhea for a couple years. Every time it comes up for ordering I have either missed them or didnt have money for them at the time. This time im watching closely and I have money ready. Im staying hopeful.

  12. I’m waiting over a year to get one GDEMU and no luck, maybe the next week I will get it.

      • I’ve actually been picking this apart in eagle. It looks entirely promising. I have slimmed the board down to a standalone size, about the size of a GDEMU, without the pinheaders or the dev board. I have the board coming back from OSHPARK soon. If it works out well enough, I was going to see if I can’t get the avrcore to handle parsing .gdi/.bin/.raw without the proprietary single image. If it can’t ill see if I can’t use a secondary avr to handle folder selection then pipe it into the FPGA natively. Need to bring in a buddy of mine for that, my software talents aren’t the greatest.

  13. I hope you don’t consider stopping production on any of your products 😦 It would be a sad day in the Sega Fan World 😦

  14. I just need an ODE for PCE and MCD and my life will be complete!


  15. Sure hope they is a large supply to keep this project going. And D can work comfortably.

  16. Hi, please say a precise date and a precise hour (few days before).
    To make sure that people how really need GDEmu to be ready.


  17. Hey, any chance you can make a new blog post when you have the date and time set? I’m on the email list and edits don’t fire an email… 😦


  18. I am lucky enough to own a GDEMU, however I think you may be underestimating the potential market for this. If I were you I would license out the manufacturing and make a nice income from the revenue. Why wouldn’t you? You obviously have a fantastic talent and a fantastic product…just not the time, so outsource 🙂

    • I totally agree. People still play dreamcast games competitively using burned games and this is a better method. Was it difficult for you to get yours? I hope I can get one this time around.

  19. I am in need of a RHEA… I will be unveiling a console wall featuring all major consoles released – including some modded consoles with links to the mod suppliers. This will include a USB loader 3DO, RGB modded consoles, Everdrives, all run thru a Framemeister and 2 GScartSw Scart switches. Hoping you can help me out. Send me an email please.

    • We all have console collections. Some of us (me) even have Sony BVMs lying around. Guess what? I waited for the orders to open and got 2 devices here. Just keep trying but we are all in the same boat…

  20. I look forward to placing an order with you, I’ll watch this site like a hawk until I can.

  21. I’m definitely interested in getting a Rhea or Phoebe (should be getting a mark 2 soon). Just got all my Sega stuff out of storage and looking for an alternative to the Saturn ridiculously high games prices 🙂

  22. I’d like to be able to order a GDEMU. I’ve been trying to catch the ordering window, but there’s no warning. Perhaps you can say a specific time it’ll open up?

  23. I wish this would happen 😦 Last time i got the Pheobe registration, but i need Rhea / GDemu :(( Also try to catch it, but bad luck 😦

  24. Do you keep the ordering window up for a predetermined amount of time, or do you close it when you’ve received a predetermined number of orders?

  25. I just found out about this. I hope I can get one. I don’t want to mess with burned discs anymore! Thanks for all your work!

  26. Hello. I’m interested in purchasing your GDemu product. I unfortunately do not have access to PayPal but I have a relative that does. He is also interested in one after I explained what I want him to purchase for me. That said, would he be able to order 2 units?
    Thank you for your time.

      • Thank you for taking the time to reply.

        I certainly appreciate you taking into consideration my situation.
        I hope we can make it in time to purchase your product.

  27. Honestly I agree it should be one per person. There has been a lot of scalpers.

    • I’m not a scalper nor am I looking to get another for personal gain.

      My situation stands as stated. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • I’m not saying you are I was just talking in general not you personally.

      • didn’t mean you personally either man! damn i think my friend ordered but i missed out ! Better luck next time.

  28. I would be willing to order a dreamcast and saturn chip at the same time, and just simply wait until you are ready to produce each one. I am very patient.

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