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GDEMU orders are open. Again, the idea is to have smaller batches but more frequently. This completly failed the last time thanks to Google and I ended up doing nothing else but GDEMUs for 3 months. I’m not keen on repeating that. So I might have to close in just few hours but if you miss your opportunity this time, there will be another batch.

I’d like to remind you of the recent price increase, the one device per customer rule, and to be patient about your order confirmation – that might take a few days. Make double sure the email addresses you give me are correct.

EDIT: Closed. One hour is all it took. While I realize not everybody got lucky please keep in mind I do try to vary the days and hours I open orders to give people living in differnt time zones a chance.

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  1. Any idea when you will open Rhea orders? I dread the rush, but I’ll try to get an order in.

      • So its not possible to order a Dreamcast and a Saturn model at the same time to simplify shipping and save you money?

      • Oh I can do combined shipping. Provided you can pay extra for the considerably higher postage on boxes vs envelopes. I can do EMS too is you can splurge 50 Euro on shipping costs alone.

      • So its actually cheaper to ship each separately in envelopes than together, lol?
        I didn’t get either ordered, so right now its just a pipe dream anyways.

      • I’m willing to pay extra for a Rhea in the US to compensate you for your time and shift of focus. If you let me know a price, maybe we can work it out. I’ll check back here for now if you’re interested. Thanks!!

      • @gdemu
        Iriez of here. I was wondering if you could contact me about your products? I’ve been a long time (14+ years) contributor to the hacking/modding/emulation scene and was wondering if you could allow me to place a preorder. Im in no rush, but definitely want to grab that gdemu and phoebe/rhea on the next batch.

  2. If you happen to have any cancellations or duplicates that need filled please contact me! I will be able to pay almost instantly!

  3. I think I managed to place the order but got no email in return or any confirmation. Might take you a while considering the list ? Great if you can just confirm – thanks

  4. Been watching this site like crazy 24/7. Had to go to meeting for one hour, when off course they were put up & sold out. I hope the next batch will be at least 230 Euro a piece.
    If anyone wants to sell me one for $300 let me know.

    • I saw a few on ebay recently. They go pretty quick there too though.

  5. Totally missed this one… sucks having 2 jobs and being gone all day… maybe there will be leftovers I can try to grab… or next time orders are open I will get lucky! Thanks for the awesome products you provide us…

  6. Wow, I just happened to be awake. It was like 3am here in the US. And I swooped in and got my pre-order in. So excited! The Dreamcast is my all-time favorite console and I will be using this to interface to an arcade 15khz monitor. Time to relive all those fun days during the pinnacle of the arcade era.

  7. I’m willing to pay 250EUR to anyone that doesn’t want their one.
    My email username is eggsome and the domain is

  8. I have ordered one unit through Iphone but since I have challenges just to post one comment on the forum, am really wondering if my order went through ? great if you can confirm (py paypal adress is the same)

    • This time it won’t take 3 months for the next batch to arrive, although quite frankly December is not a good time to be shipping anything…

  9. i’m happy i have already a rhea and gdemu,because they are now verry popular.
    today received my psu for ifu30 and cdrom2 and its working fine,so could we see the pce emu this year deunan or will it likely be next year?

      • I’m really looking forward! I’ve bought the pce + interface + cdrom2 the first time you said that I’ll need that to run your ode like an year ago!

        Thank you for your work and take your time, I’ll wait patiently the first batch 🙂

      • Take your time no rush I’m sure it will be a quality product. I’m guessing it would also work with the US TG16 cd setup since it’s basically the same as the ifu30 and cdrom2. I replaced my laser recently on my TG16 cd and it was a pain so very much looking forward to this as an alternative.

  10. D , i really admire your work talent and products. I like the way you go about it no bs , btw i got my Phoebe about 6 days ago and loving it. Bridging of the pads for my Type 4 Saturn was a nice touch.

    thank you for creating Phoebe’s , i also own a GDEMU which is fantastic

  11. I did Not receive any email confirmation. I registered for the order and double check my email like you suggested. Hopefully you haven’t sent all confirmation email yet and I will receive it soon. (if that’s the case no worries I will be patient)

  12. Found your confirmation in my Hotmail junk box. The Paypal invoice is coming in 3 weeks or so? Please let me know.

    On a side note, there is this great project out there called HyperSpin. It is easily the best front-end for video game emulation. It was developed by one single person. Some pieces of it were farmed out to others. But for the most part, the core code never had eyes on it other than the creator himself. Some time after the project got going and version 2.0 was promised, the creator abandoned it. He mentioned his weariness of looking at the same code day after day. It consumed him. Some greater than 5+ years later, there is no version 2.0 in sight. Operating systems have come on gone since. As a matter of fact, I met someone in real life that works at Nvidia that wrote the Andriod version of HyperSpin. He told me that the HyperSpin creator didn’t support him one bit. Not even with a single line of code. Then there is the example of Darksoft and his efforts with the ST-V multi, the CPS2 multi, the CPS3 reproductions, the upcoming Neo-Geo multi. He farmed out the manufacturing and is able to keep his mind on solutioning additional efforts where his talents are best served. As of yet, there are no clones of any of his projects on the market. His works are secure as far as I know. And all of his works have been labours of love. The CPS3 works are largely produced at cost; the first runs were produced at a loss. I don’t know how he manages to do this, but he is more than willing to lend guidance as I frequent his forums quite often. I just think that your skills and talents are best served in solutioning new projects. Would never want this to consume you. There is passion in there, coupled with your skill, makes a small niche in this world just that much better. The Dreamcast was the fastest selling console of its time. By this, I don’t know how you could ever supply enough for the demand if you are the sole supplier. I fear that some guilt would consume you while attempting to meet that demand. Then there are you other viable projects to consider tool. Would never want to see your passion burnt out soldering IC’s on the tip of an iron.

    • You should expect Paypal request around the time I’ve said your device will be ready – but keep in mind these are all more or less guesstimates.
      As for burning out, that could happen I guess but I’d reconsider all other options first before just giving up.

      • Burn out is really subtle. I play poker. We call it “Being on Tilt”. Sometimes it is hard to recognize. Before you know it, it sucks up all of your passion. Anyways, thanks for what you do. Greatly, appreciated.

    • Hi,

      I think maybe you’ve misunderstood the utility of Hyperspin.
      Hyperspin is just a front over emulator/App/Games and nothing more.
      it’s only purpose is to present you all available games or apps with preview and such, nothing more.
      So technicaly no real link with what’s done here.
      I’m not saying this is less or more but just not the same.

      • I know full well what HyperSpin is. I am not speaking of application. The mention of HyperSpin and its fate is just used as a device to exemplify the required investment in effort. These retro gaming efforts/projects, whether they be software front ends, or hardware emulators like GDemu, don’t grow on trees. They all require passion first, skill, then tremendous effort. I am thinking GDemu’s creator value is best served doing other things other than visiting the post office and mailing out orders. If he could farm out some of the efforts, he can apply his passion elsewhere where there is more value is all. Don’t want his passion being used up is all. Seen many projects lose momentum and are ultimately abandoned because of logistics. In any case, I am happy he is here doing this and thankful I am on the short list. Can’t help but to feel bad for the others still waiting for GDemu and then of course Rhea and son.

    • Hi,

      I think maybe you’ve misunderstood the utility of Hyperspin. Hyperspin is just a front over emulator/App/Games and nothing more.
      it’s only purpose is to present you all available games or apps with preview and such, nothing more.
      So technicaly no real link with what’s done here.

  13. I would like to sign up for your waiting list!
    Just “revived” my DC I had in my basement, and I couldn’t stop smiling 💙
    Keep up the good work!

  14. I would like to know when this opens up again as im in the market for a GDEMU. Is there an signup list to get notified when preorders open up again?

  15. are the board flashed with latest firmware or they need to update them??

  16. well I used a 64gb genuine sandisk card with my Rhea. It works flawlessly. its a 48mb/sec card. I had to format it to fat 32 first though with a program called guiformat. i wouldnt use a faster card though because it probably wont work right.

    • The speed of the card only matters if the gdemu/rhea supports it. Which is a question I have. What is the highest supported speed of the sd card slot?

      • The most important ‘speed’ is random read/write speed, which many modern cards neglect in favour of linear read and write speeds. I have an old Class 6 card that has better random I/O speeds than any of my newer Sandisks. Only my Samsung Evo is comparable.

      • This. My ODEs need cards with low latency (random access) not fast streaming. Though obviously the second one doesn’t hurt as long as it’s not at the expense of latency.

  17. Hot damn, when are you reopening for the next round please? In between work and timezones these seem quite hard to catch.

    • Also is it possible to put my email forward in case there are any cancellations or drop outs please?

  18. Hi
    I time zone is GMT-6:00, so it was early morning when the orders opened. It’s the second time I missed it… 😦 Could you try the next time open the order requests in the night so we, here in the other side of the world, have an oportunity? 🙂
    If somebody cancels an order… could you please add me to the list?

  19. I just received my GDEmu today. The shipment took only one day, since I live in Poland as well. The installation is extra easy, every single game I tested worked like a charm, the load times are seriously reduced (Rayman 2, for example, loads a level, before even properly fading the screen!), and GDMenu is very easy and intuitive to use.

    No, seriously, if you’re a Dreamcast fan, or your GD-ROM laser is failing, this damn thing is worth your every single penny. Thank you for this marvelous piece of hardware, my dude!

  20. Payment sent! Thank you so much for making these and putting so much work into it!

  21. about the sd speeds i think in future fw update you can limit the read speed to (x) mb/sec so even the card is 100mb/sec the gdemu will read only the specified read spead (x) mb/sec i beleave this will make any card compatible

    • Not really. If the card takes over 5ms to respond to a read command it’s FUBAR, nothing will change that.

  22. Hello my friend, could you add me to the back-up list please if anyone cancels their order? would love one of these, I have a broken dreamcast ready to give one a good home and my all time favourite console. Best wishes.

  23. I received my GDEMU today (Germany) and can’t describe how happy I am. Works great with a SanDisk Ultra 128Gb Card. The best thing that can happen to your Dreamcast.

    Dziękuje za szybką przesyłkę.

  24. Hey Gdemu,

    A friend and I have been trying for nearly six months to snag Rhea and Gedmu, and we are always foiled by how quickly you sell out. We would really like to purchase these and are willing to pay an extra 15 Euros per item just so we can finally get them. With you talking about potentially shutting down operations, we are more concerned than ever about getting the items. I’d be happy to email you my email address directly to discuss this more. We would pay via Paypal immediately.

    • I’m sorry but I don’t really do those kind of deals. That’s because everybody would be asking for one and what’s the point of a preorder queue then?
      But good news, another Rhea batch will be here soon.

      • I really hope that that Rhea batch comes soon! I just bought a hst-3200 Japanese Saturn specifically for the Rhea! I’ve been trying to get one of these for 3-4 months, so I’m truly hoping I can get one this time around!!!

    • If you want a gedmu then you’re out of luck because apparently they don’t exist…but if it’s a gdemu that you’re after then hopefully in about one or two months time.
      Fingers cross!

  25. ive got my gdemu today a week is all it took to arrive. i could have it quikier but the post offices here in greece tiik their time

  26. Hey, guys i was lucky to got one. here is my tip ” Set your Web Browser with this awesome homepage as your STARTing favorite site” that mean every time you turn-on your computer and searching for something then that remain us to check for any update over here first.

    Now i just waiting for the Pc Engine project to be completed.

    Thanks GDEMU for bring us these great products. Now the retro-gaming experience is better than ever before.


  27. I hope some clever fellow out there is also working on a Sega CD replacement. My old unit is really starting to struggle

  28. gdemu help my console freeze after an hour of playing… my dc is a stock one i have moded the psu (remove the regulator and the small resistor as many recomend for dealing with heat issues) the sd card one is genuine kingston 32gb formated as fat32 64kb clusters also the board is flased with latest fw. could be a gdemu or sd card probem??

      • yes it works after power cycle for 1 hour again. the gdemu led is blinking when freeze.

      • ahh you got me there i think its clean pattern im testing now with another psu

      • after i put another psu the dc going strong 2 hours of continues use. possibly the other psu have dirty or bent clips (the ones the motherboard pins are go in

      • ok i start again with the crazy taxim stress test (let the intro video play it loops and start again) after 1.30 hour its freeze the led blink 3 times pause 3 times pause all over

      • That shouldn’t happen but it could be SD card related. Can you get a cheap 4GB card and try with that?

      • i dug up the dead dc i had i swap fan the (new) fan blow more air out. could an overheat issue?? or its sure sd issue

      • Other than people worried about PSU temperature there never were any actual problems related to heat. There are pretty much only two issues that pop up and that’s PSU having bad contact (or being bad) or SD card problems. Since the blinks are regular and you even tried a different PSU that leaves the SD card. Do try a different one. Cheap, small. The big ones tend to have a lot of weird issues. Also, try a full size SD rather than micro + adapter.

      • i found one is 8 gb really old one. but is micro with adapter im testing now

      • i was home for 3 hours the dc was working with the old sd i leave for 6 hours when i back the led was blinking. anyway i dont thing is a gdemu motherboard or sd issue (new-old) the place the psu conecting with motherboard is the place with all the heat, maybe the heat made the contacts bad with the hours of play. i come to this from the 1st psu where the console freeze in a hour a max

      • i make beter conection between psu and mobo still have a freeze after 3 hours any ideas

      • Does it happen with other games as well? Are you using the menu software and if so have you tried booting the game directly?

      • i had try everything when play it freezes after 3 hours if cold and if i restart it imidietly it freeze after 30 min . but if let it in cd player to play the track 2 in loop it didnt freeze.

      • But does it happen only with Crazy Taxi or other games as well?
        And I want too make sure: it is 3 blinks when it hangs?

      • yes and with other games 3 blinks pause 3 blinks im now testing with stock gdrom.

      • And are you using the menu or not?
        This is why I dislike to use comments for resolving issues – it’s difficult to get the details. Please use my email instead.

      • send me an email when you can i lost it. thanks for your time. about if im using menu i have from assembler games the madsheep menu. the forum members there using it without issues. i also try without menu having in all 01-23 folder only gdis the console freeze after 3 hours and if i power cyrcle leaving it off for few secs it freezes no more that 30 minutes. the 2 ics on gdemu are little hot too. also just to be sure that is not a console problem i put back the gdrom and let a game to play over night, that was seven hours and the console was playing ok.

      • send me an email when you can (i lost it) im using the madsheep menu from assembler games, the forum people using it without issues. but i also use gdemu without menu, having in 01-23 folders only gdis the game freeze after 3 hours and if i power circle leaving it of for few sec it freeze no more than an 30 mins. just to make sure that is not console problem i was put the gdrom and let it play overnight when i go back to dc it was playing ok that was 7 hours of play. also when i use gdemu the 2 black ics on it are little hot. thanks for your time though

    • Did this get resolved? I’ve started having the same issue.
      I’m using the latest GDMenu and latest fw.

      I was testing some games and left the Crazy Taxi 2 intro running for a few minutes froze.
      Then I powered off and loaded Daytona and the same thing happened. I’m using .gdi images.

      Keep in mind I completed Shenmue using this setup a couple of years ago without any issues at all.

      • The status light was off.
        It’s weird I loaded Daytona froze at the intro after about 1 second, then I tried again and it froze at exactly the same spot. Then I tried again and it was fine. I was able to play it for a couple of hours without issue. Then I played some more games for a couple more hours and it was still all fine. Never had any issues before. Hopefully it was just a temporary glitch 🙂

  29. Thanks, got my GDEmu today, everything’s fine!
    I’ve noticed that metal cover under GDEmu is getting pretty hot, do I need to place some kind of heatsink on it or it will be just fine without one?

    • It acts as a heat sink for the DC CPU and GPU so it does get pretty warm. Shouldn’t be a problem as long as your fan is not not (almost) dead.

      • Thanks for the response.
        I’ve tested my Dreamcast for around 2 hours and there were no issues whatsoever, so I guess it’ll be fine.

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