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I’m going to open Rhea orders this weekend. Probably on Sunday. There is a problem though.

I was planning on making some devices before opening orders to be able to ship everything quickly, before December. This didn’t work out as I got busy with work-related projects and it’s not looking to improve soon. What it means is I only got a handful of Rheas assembled and really not much free time to do the rest. In fact I even considered postponing the whole thing until January but there is no guarantee I won’t be equally busy after the New Year so…

This is what I’m going to do: Take orders now, ship what little I have and can still make, then leave the rest for January. I will not be shipping anything past first week of December, preferably not even past end of November. It’s a waste of my time since there will be long queues at the post offices everywhere and the shipping time is also longer, and on the top of it the chances of the package getting lost or damaged are considerably higher as well. I should be able to assemble something in that time though.

TL;DR: If you order Rhea assume it won’t even ship before January.

EDIT: Rhea orders are now accepted. Closed.

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  1. Is there any way to have notification enabled or an email list.. Everytime I come to this website orders are closed 😦

  2. For the love of all that is holy, can someone recommend a 256GB SD card that works with GDEMU or Phoebe? I am having no luck.

    • Hello,

      Same for me, I’m very happy ! ^_^
      Thank you for everything @gdemu.

  3. I haven’t received a payment request on my PayPal yet, starting to feel anxious.
    I did receive the Rhea order confirmation on my main email.

    Hopefully I haven’t mistyped my PayPal address.

    I will look forward the PCE tool!

  4. I just checked and I have a VA0 model with PSU mounted to the top. Please ammend my order as I’m pretty sure I checked VA1 initially.

  5. I got the paypal request and paid but never got a order confirmation email. I’m not too worried about it but thought id share. My email is my username @ gmail

    • Your Rhea has already been shipped. You’ll find the tracking number in PayPal transaction details.

  6. @GDEMU, i send you an email about my paid was send, do you received my mail ?

      • On my side it’s ok. It should takes few days (depends on PayPal now) because it’s a bank transfert from PayPal. From my side the payment has been take by paypal.

      • Yep, but PayPal status is still at “processing”, the expected date is 1st of December and there is a warning not to send anything until processing is fully completed, so…

      • I can do a payment by credit card you will receive the instant payment but i can’t cancel the previous payment by bank transfer so you will need to refund me you will get it twice.

      • New Payment done .
        You should get the instant payment now.
        Please don’t forget to refund me the previous payment when you get it.

  7. I got a confirmation of order, but still haven’t received a PayPal invoice.
    I know you said some won’t ship before January, but should I be getting the invoice sooner?

  8. Question for Deunan.

    A new SD Card standard , Class A1.
    Is this standard , fast enough (IOPS) for GDEmu ?

    The A1 Class delivers minimum performance Random Read Input-Output (IOPS) access of 1500 per second, Write IOPS of 500 per second, Sustain Sequential speeds of at least 10 MB/sec.

    Thank you for your time and effort , and your brilliant hardware designs.

    Keep going strong , from strength to strength !!!

    • Once I get my hands on these A1 cards I can test. It looks good on paper but it wouldn’t be the first time something looks good but doesn’t actually work.

  9. Received the rhea yesterday and tried it, it works really good !
    Everything I’ve tried worked after creating a cdi, I’m really happy !

    Thank you again for making such a great product and for shipping it. ^_^

  10. Hi, Does anybody have any tips for creating cdi images for the rhea on the newest version of windows 10?
    Since the new update rolled out, version 4.00 of Daemon tools doesn’t work anymore.
    And Newer versions of daemon tools f***k up the cdi image somehow. making it unreadable for the rhea.
    I also tried Alcohol for mdf/mds files but to no avail.

    I don’t realy want to go back to windows 7
    Any Solution would be appreciated


    • offcourse I use daemon tools to mount the image and discjuggler to create the cdi.
      but only daemon tools 4.*** seems to spit out correct data to discjuggler.

    • Why do you need to create CDIs in the first place? If you’re converting from CUEs chances are these images are broken to begin with.

      • Converting from cue/bin to cdi always worked for me with DT 4.00. I like to try out games before I buy them. And I thought cdi was the best image for rhea?

      • It’s only ‘best’ if done properly and that implies a rip of an original disc. Otherwise it’s just a format like any other. Also, Clone CD format is pretty well supported too, as should be Alcohol but I don’t use this program so it’s not as well tested.

  11. I know this has been discussed before, but I’m looking for a big SD card for my RHEA. If you’ve been using a 128GB card for a long time and haven’t had any problems with it, can you please provide a link to the exact card you have? Preferably an Amazon link. Thanks.

  12. Man, I missed my window again 😞. Well anyway thank you for all your work gdemu. Gonna try and catch the next window. I got 3 dead dreamcasts meaning all gd roms are dead and all are version 1. I’ll buy a gdemu for one of them. Have you considered having someone manufacturing your units? I believe krikzz at the everdrive store does the same with ikari’s sd2snes, just a thought. Don’t wanna get banned. But it could alleviate your work load.

  13. Bit of a random question but I got mixed up on which of my Dreamcasts was working/broken and was wondering if moving the V0 power board into the V1 with the busted board could damage the GDEMU? Both systems are from the same region (NSTC).


    • Just the PSU? Those should be identical AFAIR. The mainboards are different (5V Flash and BIOS chips in VA0) .

      • Thanks for the confirmation, but unfortunately it was the fuse on the controller port board and not the PSU like I had thought. With those fans, boards, and shells being different enough between the consoles to make the switch more of a hassle I’ll just wait for a new fuse in the mail. Thanks again!

  14. I got RHEA. Thanks very much.
    But saturn does not recognize some disc(darius gaiden ,etc…) as a saturn disc.
    RMENU is recognized as saturn disc, but saturn is recognized as cd+g disc.
    I used disc juggler6 and 4 – advanced option Scan gaps/indexes , R-W(CD+G),PQ and RAW read was checked.
    I tried CloneCD, change saturn VA1 to VA0 and change SD Card, but same result.
    I ripped CD from LG DVD drive and PLEXTOR CD drive, but same.
    RHEA farmware is 3.8.1
    Please give advice.
    Thank you.

      • Thanks for your reply.
        I tried auto_region = -1 and auto_region = 0(J) in rhea.ini
        But it is same.

        Luckly, I have some saturn. So I can play darius gaiden for other saturn.
        Many discs can play RHEA. It’s a great tool.

      • -1 turns the region patching off, not what you want. Also, you are supposed to use either zero or upper case J, not 0(J) – that’s just an example of alternative.

  15. You dont need to do the 50/60hz wiring to the Rhea to play imports. when you turn region patching on that takes care of it. all of your games will load in 60hz automatically, or if you have a pal console, 50hz.

    the 50/60 switching is only if you want your console to switch standards to match what the original game played in. I dont know why you would want to do this, but still its there.

  16. I am a Korean who loves Saturn.

    I recently bought phoebe.

    I was really happy.

    But … I have a problem with my Saturn.

    When I play a game, sometimes the power turns off or reboots.

    What’s the problem?

    Saturn? Or phoebe?

    Is there a solution?

    • If your Saturn randomly turns off then I would suspect the PSU is faulty. Or it could be a bad connection on the power plug or even damaged cable. Try replacing it.

      • those psu are old,you can get a pico psu in it.

        also there are links what to buy

  17. Tested on JAP VA1 Saturn works perfectly.
    Very happy with my Rhea 😀 !

  18. Hey, I have a problem with my Rhea, it launches the Saturn menu but only plays the soundtracks of the game in 01 (Street Fighter Alpha (U).mdf)

    I have a v1 Japanese Saturn with a Rhea v3.3

    The SD card is empty with a INI at the root.
    The content is very simple: auto_region = 2

    When I empty the 01 folder and send it to the 02 folder, it refuses to let me select any tracks and everything is gray.

    How do I fix this?

    • I managed to get the (U) mdf games running on 01 with auto_region = 0 (JP).

      But the menu is still borked and won’t let me select anything no matter how I place my folders.

      • Try to backup an original with Clone CD.
        Then use the backup with Rhea.
        Also you can use RMENU v0.1.3 from
        If the game works fine, it was a bad ISO downloaded.
        You can also try to make a Clone CD backup of a ISO from the web by Deamon Tool + Clone CD.
        Rhea seems to like a lot Clone CD backups.

      • Also i personnaly use SRP3.0GE (Saturn Region Patch Gold).
        I’m not use the auto region from Rhea.
        I prefer to patch my backup myself.
        You can try also this software.

      • Okay, first: Use email and not comments for help. Or go to ASG forums. Second, for JP console you need to have “auto_region = 0” in your INI file. Third, did you actually run the menu executable to scan your card and add games to the list?

      • I’m using the Rhea Menu mod and it works okay now
        DiscJuggler crashes on startup with both of my computer (32bit and 64bit) so I can’t convert my .bin files into .cdi
        I made it work with UltraISO in .mdf

  19. Have you still not sent out some of the invoices? I’m starting to get worried mine got lost in the shuffle or something.

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