The Catcher in the Rye

Owners of my early GDEMU designs can now 3D-print, for free, a suitable tray for their devices that will replace the felt pads stack and make the whole assembly more secure. Here’s how both the old and new design trays look in 3D (this is just the lower part of the assembly):

GDEMU tray (v4)

GDEMU tray (v5)

All this thanks to Michael Pica, you can download his plans from Thingiverse. There is also a tray for Rhea/Phoebe there – these things not only look neat but also prevent the SD card from falling inside the console during insertion/removal and can offer a small organizer too.

In other news, how many of you have watched AMD presentation yesterday? I didn’t expect Ryzen to actually match 6900K once the clocks are not lowered to 3GHz to keep parity. This is not exactly Athlon days being back but close enough. My PC is over 3 years old now, I just suffered HDD failure (nothing of value was lost, I keep backups), I’m really itching to upgrade. But 4C/8T i7 seems like a sidegrade to my FX, I want 6 decent cores at least but I’m not willing to pay Intel tax for what they call “HEDT platform”, and I certainly don’t need expensive 4-channel memory setup. Considering I don’t use AVX2 (I prefer OpenCL on GPU to do the heavy lifing) and that AMD seems to have matched Intel in Handbrake, I think I just found my new CPU. I know a lot of people would still choose higher-clocked 4-core Skylake but let’s face it, even these i5/i7 are starting to lag behing in new games. Maybe surprisingly but I don’t really use emulators all that much nowdays, I don’t need (or even want) that ultimate single-thread performance if I can have the next best thing but with more physical cores. So unless these demos were really cherry-picked I’m pretty much sold.

The bad news is with this performance it’s probably going to cost 800$ but that’s still well below 1100$ for the 6900K. I can live with that, I don’t upgrade that often.

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  1. Hi the link is broken (at least to me). Can you provide another source?

  2. A friend of mine printed me the saturn version of this project, I’ve asked for that and the CPS2 case too but his printer broke in the meanwhile 😦
    Anyway they are really well done!”

  3. For people without 3D printers, is there a place to order/buy these printed designs?

    • Lots of Public Libraries and Schools have 3D printers now. If yours does not and you can’t find someone to print one for you there is a service that will hook you up with someone local who owns a printer:

  4. I’ve been waiting for AMD to make an affordable but still top performance CPU again ever since the Phenom, and a GPU since the 5850 / 6950.

    Ever since then, they’ve piled disappointment on top of disappointment, and have been only good for low budget stuff. Everything they announced since then have only been great in cherry picked results. In real life, they were mediocre at best. It has gotten so bad that people coined the backronym “Another Massive Disappointment”.

    So I’m highly sceptical right now. Once Zen and Vega is out, then we’ll see if they are actually good.

    • Well, major changes take time. It’s not like they can throw money at the problem like Intel does, and a lot of their problems are tied directly to GloFo – both on financial and technical side. In this business you slip once and you might not get up again due to a death spiral of lack of money and progress. Hell, even IBM is fading into obscurity.

      Why do people expect AMD to somehow outdo both Intel and NV, each of these companies much bigger than AMD? That would mean they employ incompetent idiots – hardly the case I think. And yet Ryzen looks to tie with BDW-E. I bet NV is praying for HBM not to get cheap anytime soon or the next APU might just wipe out every GPU below 480/1060 level from the market…

  5. Message for those whom it may concern , about issues I had with my SDHC cards.

    Deunan , A long while I asked you about issues I had with the game Pen Pen Trilcelon.
    Audio issues , background music not starting at stage changes.

    Well that problem is over for me , It was a memory card issue.
    Verbatim 32 GB micro SDHC class 10 card with full size converter will not work on GDEmu
    Model number Y32GE25 MDS2062183 (made in Taiwan)

    I moved the files to a Transcend 64GB Class 10 SDHC card (full-size)
    Model number TS64GSDU1 (back side of packaging) 9181AA 64G 01QS2 (on card)

    So it was a “hardware” issue , your firmware and hardware works flawless , THANK YOU !!!
    Also a THANK YOU for Neuroacid , GDMenu Version 0.6 works very good.

    Both of you , keep going strong , best wishes for 2017 and far beyond !!!

  6. I ordered one (Phoebe). I found a 3d printer site here in Brazil at an reasonable price (R$ 35 Brazilian reais – around USD 9) and near my work! He invite me to knew the printers and he have more than ten 3d printers in his office. I ws impressed that I have all this resource very near me. 3 Months ago I ordered in US a 3d printed everdrive case (Turbo everdrive) and paid a lot in shipping….

    Talking about the 3d piece, my first color option was pink like the eject button (also start and L+R on controller – japanese), but what he had closest was red and pale pink. So I take lime green (flourescent) to match power led. See the result:

  7. Really sorry if this is kinda unrelated, but I don’t find a section where I can ask questions.

    I bought a second hand GDEMU (never used), it’s a 2015 model (black), the only thing is that the screw and the nylon strut (I hope this is the right word, I’m not a fluent Enlish speaker) to stabilize the card are missing.

    Could you please give me the precise specifications of both of them ? Or simply a link to purchase them ?

    Thank you in advance for your answer, and even if you don’t, thanks a lot for making Dreamcast (and Saturn) preservation possible 🙂

    • The nylon sleeve is 12mm long. The screw is 2.9×19 but a metric 3×20 will also fit (with some difficulty). But it’s very important that the screw is 20mm or shorter. Anything longer will damage your Dreamcast motherboard.

  8. I had both the GDEMU and the PHOEBE printed from the site. Both turned out great.

  9. happy new year to everyone. any updates to d2 and alone in the dark swap issues??

  10. I just ran in to a load error with my GDemu. The diagnostic light on the GDemu would display three flashes of light followed by a pause and then repeat. Any idea what I should be looking at as the culprit?

      • I’m playing through the fan made Shenmue undub, specifically disc 3, haven’t experienced it with any other game or the other discs of the undub (and gave the card it’s on Crazy Taxi stress testing and it did fine running for hours), mind you I haven’t done tons of testing this is really the first game I’ve dug in to with the GDemu. Kind of seemed to happen at random as it was on a loading screen which it usually handles fine. I’ll play more today and see if I can repeat the specific loading screen error.

      • So, just played through the same section of the game and it didn’t hang on the same loading screen and let me get all the way to the save at the end of the night. So it seems pretty random.

      • How long was the console on before the problem occured? More or less, just turned on, half an hour, several hours?

      • Okay, will do. So far so good though, no repeat freezes, and I’m almost at the end of the game.

  11. Apologies for leaving this question on an unrelated post (I could not find your contact information), and perhaps missing this information on your website, but:

    Are you planning to make any more GDemu units in the future, and if so, is there a waiting list?
    I’m worried about missing the ordering window if I have to refresh your ordering page every day 🙂

    I use a Dreamcast inside an arcade cab at my office, and due to heavy usage the GDrom drive fails often. I would be so happy to have a solid state option.


  12. Just paid for Rhea via paypal, about how long will it take to ship? email removed is my paypal address and I am located in Kentucky, US

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