Coming Back To Life

Phoebe orders are open. There is also a new and improved 3D printed tray that you can buy at – see my Links section for other interesting stuff as well.

As usual allow a few days for the confirmation, I do need time to process all that mail. There is a one-per-person limit and the shipping will be mostly done out of turn, grouped by Saturn type.

EDIT: Orders closed. Initial inrush was both impressive and scary, thankfully it calmed down.

Electric Mantra

I will open Phoebe orders this weekend, probably on Saturday. I expect to start shipping those next week and finish, hopefully, around the first week of March.

GDEMUs are still being made – I will most likely open orders near the end of February, though if you want one please think about the peg issue I mentioned earlier. Your options will be (once those run out) not to have it at all and make your own 3D printed tray instead, or get a 1mm too long peg and cut it down to size yourself. Or wait for the next batch.

Also, there haven’t been any new photos around here lately so I’m going to start with some teasers. No, this is not the ODE just yet, rather what it takes to get there.

PCE testbed