The Light Before We Land

I will be shipping all remaining Phoebes this week. Provided you pay of course πŸ™‚

GDEMU orders will open this Saturday. I got the pegs so crisis averted, for now anyway. However I am very busy lately, including weekends, and I’ve yet to receive the parts and put together my new PC – and in my case it’s not just “Install Windows, slap Steam client on it”, it takes days to get everything installed, configured and tested. Point here is I’ve got quite a stack of half-assembled PCBs but I’m not sure how fast I can actually finish anything, might take 1-2 weeks more.

So, apparently there is still interest in current ODEs and if I’m to keep making those and come up with new ones, something has to change. And it will, soon. I will be getting some help with the PCB assembly – if this works out I should have more time for actual R&D and firmware work. Obviously nobody works for free and I don’t want to change the price, so time will tell if it works out in the end or not. It’s not exactly a mass production but perhaps will allow to keep the orders open long enough for every time zone. This is still 1-2 months away, I’ll let you know more in few weeks.


48 thoughts on “The Light Before We Land

    • Anyone know what part of Europe or the world he is in, wondering what time I should be checking?

      • I would guess that it was the tone zone that the site is in. I’m posting this at 1:45 am gmt.

      • He is in Poland, not sure of the time zone,Poland is 6 hours ahead of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.good luck

      • Thanks guys I’m in Ireland so that’s great. I’ll check the site starting Friday night.

  1. This will be my last try to get a GDEMU, I’m really tired to check your website everyday.

  2. This is awesome news. I hope to get my hands on a Rhea sometime in the future. You have a great talent and I hope your work finds a way to reach more people.

  3. Just paid for my Phoebe today! Can’t wait to try my luck with the GDEMU!

  4. Every day I return to this site, hopefully I can get one this time! πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

  5. That’s good to hear you are moving forward with a more efficient way to manufacture the GDEMU and RHEA/PHOEBE! I’m really looking forward to the PC Engine solution. Keep up the hard work.

  6. Looks like I won’t be sleeping Friday night πŸ˜‰
    Hopefully it won’t be for nothing!

  7. Here at we’d be glad to help too πŸ˜€ Drop me a message if there’s anything you need.

  8. What time Saturday? Midnight UTC+1? I need to know when to set my alarm.

  9. Is there really no way to install GDEMU on a VA0?
    What kind of damage are we talking about?

  10. Looking forward to this! Been waiting a while for orders to open. How fast do these usually sell out?

    • Did you ever figure out this? What is the best way to follow to see when pre-orders open? I just learned about this device or would have supported/bought one sooner.

  11. Hi. Gongrats. I guess this a good post to talk about this. Regarding this issue:

    /Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou (Gradius Deluxe Pack): the music stops playing at the beginning of the stage 2 whether if you get too far from the foreground’s center when entering the alien base, no matter if it’s downwards or upwards. If you keep a close distance to the stage’s horizontal “axis” at that point, the music will never stop./

    I haven’t been able to replicate it since the last Phoebe firmware update, so thanks for the fix, even if it’s just a side effect. Strangely enough, though, Tokimeki Memorial Taisen Tokkae-Dama’s similar issue is still present:

    /Another Konami game where the background sound stops playing — just let the intro and title screen end, and when the how-to demo starts, you’ll notice the girl’s speech will suddenly stop, whereas the sound effects will be working. This happens with all the how-to demonstrations (there’re more than one with different speech, if you let them appear)./

    Just in case it’s useful.

    (Elevator Action Returns and Time Bokan Series – Doronboo Kapeki Ban are said to have loading issues, and Minnesota Fats – Pool Legend and Brain Dead 13, sound issues, though never checked them personally and they may well be unrelated to the ODE; if anyone can confirm.)

    • You are pretending the moon from Deunan.Ah, ok, I take advantage of this me too .Listen, Deunan, I have noticed a that a single pixel of the game, etc, etc..
      Please, you all, be serious and leave him to work in peace.

      • Hi, Caius. Please, stay away from this subject. You don’t even know what you’re talking about. Thanks.

      • Me?You are wrong.Perhaps you, who doesn’have the minimum electronics knowledge.I have all the Deunan ODEs and I can say that I assembled my Phoebe myself (Deunan can confim this).Are you able to assemble it yourself?
        I wanted only to say that he is not obliged to care of all your complains only due the fact you have put your money to buy his device.That’s all.

    • Sounds like dodgy (non-reference quality) roms than actual issues with the hardware.

  12. Come on, guys, smallify the egos. Deunan may enjoy troubleshooting software quirks, nothing intrinsically wrong with Carlos reporting his findings. Refinements make for a better product, ultimately. And no-one’s electronic skills or lack thereof need be used as fuel for an argument. There’s just no point.

  13. I had sound issues with my gdemu , on the latest firmware.
    Background music in Pen Pen Trilcelon would dissapear after the levels / stages started
    I copied the gdi’s to another brand sdhc and my audio problems where over.
    So in my case it was neither a hardware nor firmware issue.
    It was a compatibility issue of the sdhc card , to high random access latency issues.

  14. Before more people feel like replying just because — Gradius 2’s and Tokkae-Dama’s issues (‘non-issue’ now in the case of G2) are well known by Deunan, have been well discussed with him before and more users have confirmed them with different ROM images quite well too, even in this blog.

    I was letting Deunan know that G2’s issue is not there anymore with the last firmware (which was indeed released to fix another game, if I recall) since he can’t get to that point in the game in order to check it out. At the same time, I was encouraging people to check some other games which you hear out there to behave improperly, precisely to make of that an official matter and not wasting Deunan’s time if they aren’t.

    So please, if you don’t have anything constructive nor are willing to make some tests to help out, keep the shitposting away, thanks. It’s already difficult enough to discuss the subject without having a permanent message board/topic for it.

  15. Coffee at the ready! It’s nearly midnight here in California. Man, I wish there was a bit more specifics on timing of preorders. While I really want this thing (no, really…I DO), waiting up all night is kinda mad. Knowing my luck, orders will open and then close, and I’ll be snoring at my desk (or on my couch). LOL! πŸ™‚

  16. Rad, got both the GDEMU & Phoebe up and running. Thanks a lot!

    For those getting the ‘disc not suitable’ message on the Saturn – I made two rookie errors:

    1. Don’t use the latest Daemon Tools – hit up v4.49.1.0356 for mounting.
    2. Create the .ini file w notepad and not some other text editor like I foolishly did.

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